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Dr. Naveen.k

Pediatrician, Bangalore

Dr. Naveen.k Pediatrician, Bangalore
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Naveen.k is a trusted Pediatrician in New BEL Road, Bangalore. You can visit him at GuruKripa Health care centre in New BEL Road, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Dr. Naveen.k and consult privately on has a number of highly qualified Pediatricians in India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 39 years of experience on You can find Pediatricians online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My son is 1.9 years old. I could find his stomach is bulging and his naval is pointing upwords out. Please do advice me about this symptom. Is it normal or sign of any disease.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Tumkur
It's protuberant abdomen which is normal in this age. If it is progressive you must rule out fluid collection by showing to a good doctor.
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My daughter having pain in legs and knees got backward although she can run walk and also jumps but every time she is crying for stream feet pain only left toe. So please give the solution she is so thin.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Delhi
Its unfortunate that you are dealing with this problem possible causes - vitamin d deficiency - calcium deficiency - decrease weight - anemia advice - do calcium and phosphate levels - complete blood count - x ray wrist ap view for tickets - diet rich in calcium treatment - after seeing reports
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My son about 9 years old is a patient of ADHD.He has no interest about any kind of teaching & learning. He has destructive nature.

M.D.( Pediatrics), DCH
Visit child guidance clinic,where paediatrician,paediatric psychotherapist and psychiatrists are working in close cooperation.
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Diarrhea - How to Treat it in Children?

M.Ch - Paediatric Surgery, MNAMS (Membership of the National Academy) (General Surgery) , DNB (General Surgery), MBBS
Pediatrician, Pune
Diarrhea - How to Treat it in Children?

Diarrhea occurs when the body is expelling germs out of it. An episode of diarrhea can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week. Dehydration, cramps, vomiting, nausea and fever often accompany diarrhea. Usually, children tend to get diarrhoea more than adults.

Diarrhea treatment according to causes behind it

  1. Treating diarrhea due to infection: Some common causes of diarrhea include infection from rotavirus, salmonella (a type of bacteria) and rarely giardia (a type of parasite). In children, virus is a common cause of diarrhea. Besides watery or loose stools, viral gastroenteritis infection symptoms include fever, headache, stomach ache and vomiting. Gastroenteritis diarrhoea can last for 5-14 days. During this time, fluid loss must be prevented. In younger children, oral rehydration solution (ORS) or breast milk is enough. Just feeding them water won’t replenish the potassium, sodium and other nutrients they lose. Older children, to prevent fluid loss, can be given ORS and popsicles to counter dehydration and vomiting.
  2. Treating diarrhea due to medications: Antibiotics or laxatives can cause diarrhea in children. If the diarrhea is mild, make sure your child is hydrated. If the antibiotics are causing diarrhoea, you need to continue medication, but do consult a doctor immediately.
  3. Treating diarrhea due to food poisoning: When it comes to food poisoning induced diarrhea, the same method as countering infection-induced diarrhea should be followed. Keep your child hydrated and call your doctor.

Diarrhea and children - recognising dehydration

The most serious complication of diarrhea is dehydration, especially if the diarrhea is severe. Severe dehydration is critical as it can cause brain damage, seizure, even death. Your child may need immediate medical attention, if you notice the following symptoms:

  1. Light-headedness and dizziness
  2. Sticky, dark mouth
  3. Dark yellow urine
  4. No or few tears when crying
  5. Dry, cool skin
  6. Loss of energy

When should you visit a doctor

Diarrhea resolves within a few days, but it can have serious complications. Call your doctor if you notice signs such as:
1. Looks very sick
2. Diarrhea has persisted for more than 3 days
3. Your child is less than 6 months old
4. Your child is vomiting bloody yellow or green fluid
5. Seems dehydrated
6. The fever reads above 105 degree Fahrenheit
7. Bloody stools
8. Rashes
9. Stomach pain persists for more than 2 hours
10. Infrequent urination

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5 month baby is not given calcium syrup can it cause calcium deficiency and even she is loosing her hairs from her back and even sweats very much from her head while feeding.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lucknow
No it won't happen if she is taking milk properly then she will not have calcium deficiency.. hair fall can be due to dandruff or execessive use of shampoo or oil..avoid this
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My two months old baby s spitting milk a lot after feed. Now a days he s spitting like curd type. Is it normal. After every feed im burping him. But also he s spitting like curd type. Kindly let me know is it normal? How to overcome wth these. Kindly advice.

Pediatrician, Kaithal
As baby is gaining proper weight, it doesn't seem to be a serious issue. Just pat/burp him properly for 10 minutes, then make him lay down in lateral position, means on right side for half an hour. I hope it will be help you. If baby is quite irritable after vomiting and not gaining weight, then you should consult a pediatrician.
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My daughter 2.10 months old getting sick frequently and doctor gives antibiotics every time to cure it. Please advise permanent solution.

Pediatrician, Gurgaon
Try n discuss with any paediatrician for other causes like allergy etc and take flu vaccine to avoid possible viral infection too. Tc.
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My nephew is one and a half month old and we recently discovered that he has two small 2 mm holes in his heart. He gets really tired while drinking milk and has not gained much weight which a normal baby should in one and a half month. Our family doctor said these might not need surgery as they are very small and should close on its own. Kindly help.

CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
General Physician, Ghaziabad
Write is it VSD or ASD. This is small hole and should close by the age of one year. Do not be impatience he will start gaining weight. Check he shoild not have any other defect in the heart, you can up load his echo report good luck.
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I have a baby new born. What precaution should I take till 6 month For her bathing and breeding. She also has a pimples little little.

MBBS, MD-Pediatrics
Pediatrician, Faridabad
Keep her on breastfeeds for 6 mths & bathe her with tedibar soap. Do not use oil if she is having pimples.
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Can any doc prescribed me what all foods should I feed to my baby of 8 1/2 mnth as she is not on breast feeding she is on buffalo milk diluted wit some amount of water & please tell me what &which time should I feed her as she is too hungry now n then & she faces digestion problem when needed wit egg jaldi, khichdi, dal water, cerelac. She used to do hard type latrine when needed with such food. Kindly prescribed some digestion syrup also. Thanks. Her weight maybe 5/6 kg.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Early Morning Breakfast Mid-Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Latenight Mon BM/ Formula Apple Suji Kheer BM/ Formula Mashed Khichdi with veggies BM/ Formula Roti soaked in dal BM/ Formula Tue BM/ Formula Stewed Fruits BM/ Formula Idlis soaked in dal BM/ Formula Bottle gourd sabji with rice BM/ Formula Wed BM/ Formula Suji Halwa BM/ Formula Beetroot and Carrot mash BM/ Formula Fresh mashed paneer BM/ Formula Thu BM/ Formula Rice cereal with stewed apple BM/ Formula Mixed veg soup and mashed rice BM/ Formula Suji Upma with veggies BM/ Formula Fri BM/ Formula Banana smoothie BM/ Formula Plain Curd rice BM/ Formula Khichdi mashed BM/ Formula Sat BM/ Formula Atta Halwa BM/ Formula Pumpkin and carrot Mash BM/ Formula Idli soaked in vegetable soup BM/ Formula Sun BM/ Formula Ragi Porridge BM/ Formula Homemade Curd rice BM/ Formula Lentil soup BM/ Formula
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Can any one tell me about the healthy diet for 7-8 years child. Also like to know what are the various types of games, he should play to keep him healthy and strong ?

Pediatrician, Indore
Sprouts. Yoghurt. Pea nuts. Roasted grams. Jaggary chapati. Green vegetables. Pulses. Rice. Seasonal fruuits etc. Out door games.
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Hello sir/mam Dear Dr. Mere son k legs par pimples hai wo Thik nai ho raha hai, wo baar baar khujli kar deta hai jisase blood aa jata hai. So kya blood check karana padega.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
Uchit yah hoga ki aap skin specialist se pramarsh karain. Vo hee is samasya sahee samadhan kar sakenge.
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Meri daughter 6 months ki hai or weight 6 k.g. Hai. Usko constipation ki problem hai last 2 months se. Usko glycerine ki bati laga kr potty karwani padti hai. please suggest.

Pediatrician, Gurgaon
weight is bit low by a kilogram.associated with it is constipation. it indicate now you don't have enough milk and so start with cereal based soup like freshly prepared 1/2 cup of dish.try to feed child by can give two/three times a day .
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What are all the food items to be given for my 19 months girl baby, who is having slightly bow shaped legs. How to make his leg strength?

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
You may all food items you eat prepared in home including milk, fruits etc. Slight bow legs may be normal. Even then you may consult pediatrician or orthopedic surgeon.
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While taking my 5 month old baby from bed she just fall off into the bed .is it any harmful for her head?

M.Sc - Food & Nutrition, PG Diploma In Diabetes Education
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon
HI, Firstly check for any injury, like: blood from mouth or nose. If child is having milk properly. And playing well? If there is any sign of change in her habit, consult child specialist as soon as possible. We need to take special care of young child as the skull is very soft and brain is still developing. Just take care of your child.
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Can we use shampoo for a 3 yrs old child if yes then which brand shampoo can we use.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
No it is safe to avoid. Regarding online consultation there are certain points which all should know and follow the description of the diseases should be complete in all respects, including any tests done and any medicines already taking. Just saying I have diabetes since 10 years and taking metformin or I have thyroid disease, cannot help a discerning doctor give a scientific advice. 2) it is necessary at times to know where you stay to give a good advice. (for example if there the climate is warm or cold and many other factors) 3) it is necessary to keep in regular touch in case of new-born babies and for some diseases like diabetes and hypertension. So make it a point to be in touch by asking private questions. And repeat the essential point of the previous question to give a continuing answer.
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