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Dr. Mahendra Jain

Urologist, Bangalore

300 at clinic
Dr. Mahendra Jain Urologist, Bangalore
300 at clinic
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Mahendra Jain is a popular Urologist in HAL, Bangalore. You can meet Dr. Mahendra Jain personally at Fortis Hospital - Bannerghatta Road in HAL, Bangalore. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Mahendra Jain on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi Just after having sex its just burning during urination I am new to intercourse just after s ex its just burning like hell and I am unable to have any pleasure also what is the solution for this should I always use tablet after intercourse please help.

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB - Urology/Genito - Urinary Surgery
Urologist, Bangalore
The main issue with the symptoms you brought forward is probably lack of adequate lubrication. Please use vegetable oils, Vaseline etc. Inert lubricants during intercourse and he back if the problem persists.
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Suffering with anal pain from last one year. Whenever I had non-veg getting this problem. Please let me know the solution for this.

M.Ch - Urology
Urologist, Dehradun
Must be fissure. Avoid spicy foods. Eat lots of vegetables fresh cleaned salads. Sit in tub of warm water daily for 10 min for pain.
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Frequent urination with a feeling of not draining out fully. Burning in urethra while passing urine. Flow is not as before & there is dribbling at the end. Feeling very uncomfortable. Please advise.

It may be due uti or bep. Do usg a+p n urine r& m if there is pus cells <10 go for culture n sensitivity. Take tab levofloxacin 500 mg odx 5 days.
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CBC. 4900 neutrophil 61.0 Lymphocytes 35.0 eosinophil 3.0 monocyte 1.0 Basiphils 0.0 Haemoglobin 12.9 PCV. 35.1 Total RBC. 3.97 RDW CV. 13.7 MCV. 88.4 MCH. 32.5 MCHC 36.8 Platelet 2.15 ESR. 10 Blood GLUCOSE 111 UREA 23.5 CREATININE 1.00 T3 84, T4 9.00, TSH 0.76 HbA1c. 6.5.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Magji, I have gone through the details, every thing looks fine. RBC number is low (3.97 million/cc) Rest of the parameters look normal. But glucose (if fasting) then it is in the pre-diabetes range, similarly HbA1c% 6.5 shows there may be diabetes. So it is better if you get a OGTT done in you local pthology lab. Thanks.
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I have a stone size 3.7 mm in left ureter and my urine is smell odour and something yellow in colour. A mild pain is there in lower abdomen. .what is best remedy..

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Khagaria
You may increase your water intake. And may take neeri/stonedab syp/ tablet for a month or more. If there is no improvement or problem increases then immediately consult a urologist.
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Feeling burning sensation in urine, does it a urinal infection or its due to heat, there is no itching, I am drinking lots of water but when I drink lesser water I am feeling burning sensation in urine.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Drinking lot of water is good. Avoid masalas and hot foods. Don't expose to direct sun. Homoeopathy has good treatment for your problem, without causing adverse effects. Take homoeopathic medicine can notharis 30 daily in the morning and in the evening and give feedback after 6 days.
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Hello, I am 22, male had some burning sensation while urinating, I thought it was because of body heat, so I had tender coconut today morning. Now when I went to urinate I found traces of blood in urine. Burning sensation is also there, second time I found some semi solid blood in urine. What may be the problem? How to deal with it?

General Physician, Delhi
Blood in urine could be due to- urinary tract infection urinary stone or some injury. Foods or medicines also lead to red colored urine eg beetroot. I would suggest you to - drink plenty of liquids orally. Take alkaliser 2tsf in water twice daily. Get your urine routine and urine culture test done. If required, consult with the reports.
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He goes for Peeing (loo) many times. When he is outside on job its all normal. But in room he goes in every 10-15 mins. He doesn't have Diabetes also. What are possible cases? Or is it normal? (He doesn't drink too much water too).

General Physician, Cuttack
For your age excessive Urination could be due to 1.Drinking lot of water/ excess tea/ coffee/alcohol 2.Urinary Tract/bladder Infection 3. Bladder stone causing a blockage in ureter/bladder, stone in urinary tract, cystitis, interstitial nephritis 5.Diabetes mellitus/Diabetes inspidus, Hypertension, , 6. Do urine Re/Me , Take USG KUB and consult urologist for advice
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Hi. My wife had conceived normally and she is 4 months pregnant now. Yesterday night she saw some bleeding while urinating. Is it something serious problem or it can happen while pregnancy.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, Fellowship in Laparoscopy, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Delhi
No. It sud not happen. Get her checked by some gynecologist and get one ultrasound also done to confirm if everything is fine or not.
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I have itching near my butt hole all the day and always feel some kind of moisture there. I have also noticed blood on tissue paper sometimes. While cleaning I feel a lump of flesh protruding out of butt hole.

Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), MS - Urology, MBBS
Urologist, Ahmedabad
Dear lybrate-user, it may be that you have anal fissure with external sentinel pile. Cause is constipation so keep avoid constipation at all cost.
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This is sort of an embarrassing question. Recently I found out that there is something unusual just on my anus. It has grown like a pea. When I touch it, it is sort of hard but smooth, and it hurts a bit. What should I do?

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Respected lybrate-user hi it seems ext hemo or may be sebaceous cyst. Avoid oily spicy stuffs avoid to get hard stools have more liquids green leafy veg fiber fruits curd for better digestion. Apply xylocaine (5) jelly over anal part after passing stool & sitz bath (sitting in tub filled with leuk warm water for 10-10 min mor & eve) for 5 days. Consult later dear if problem thanks regards.
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I am 65 years old. On medical check up, doctors diagnosed prostate enlargement (55 /58) and prescribed some medicines such as Deutas and prolif which still I continue. Should I continue the medicines or go for surgery?

MD - Oncology
Oncologist, Hubli-Dharwad
if your symptoms are controlled with medicines then you can continue and delay surgery but if not controlled then opt for surgery and do check if its a benign enlargement or cancerous. if cancerous then either surgery or radiotherapy has to be done urgently.
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From past 2 years I am suffering from kidney pain. I have consulted specialist but till now I didn't get any solution. What kind of medicines should be taken in savior pain times.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Take spasmo proxyvon 1 on sever pain but this is not the remedy, what is the cause of pain it is due to stone or some other reason go for usg of kub immediately take plenty of water.
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I'm am facing some kidney stone problem and diabetes problem how can it manage diet give some tips.

Ex Sen.V.Surgeon/Research Scientist, M.D.(Alternative Medicine/tibetan/chinese/acupuncture), Vaida/ Unani, Homeopath
Unani Specialist, Moga
Hi dear, welcome to lybrate. Stones remedy/ diet/ and for diabetes ------------ you should take care of diet. Do not take non veg, meat, fish, eggs and fried foods, fast foods, leafy vegetables/ spinach etc.-- sweets, sweet fruits -add plenty of fresh clean and healthy water -add sufficient vegetables/ fruits to daily diet. -avoid excessive semen/ raj- loss - best way -u can purchase -- tibetan/vaidic- pathrihar course- - remedy--1-months- for complete cure- and get rid off stones in a short period- if you want to avoid surgery/ lithotripsy etc.
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Are there any effects of glutathione on kidney or liver? And are there any side effects of it?

General Physician, Mumbai
Glutathione is an antioxidant and if taken in right dosage it would not have any adverse effects on kidney and liver.
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Hi sir My wife is 28 yrs. She is having pus in urine with rythmic fever and vomiting She is also taking medicines for conceiving please Suggest how can this problem overcome of pus.

Master in Psychology, MD - Ayurveda, Dems, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Pus in urine is not the good sign. You may suffering from uti. Please take antibiotics and alkskizer to cure uti. Otherwise it will affect you in infertility treatment. Drink more n more water. Avoid spicy n fried food.
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New to Kidney Disease? Nine Things You Should Do

DNB (Nephrology), MD, MBBS
Nephrologist, Delhi
New to Kidney Disease? Nine Things You Should Do

The medical term used for kidney disease is Nephrosis and it is seldom also known as the nephritic syndrome. There are a lot of likely causes for this condition and it is detected by carrying out urine test. The treatment for Nephrosis is a long term treatment and done mainly to prevent kidney failure. The kidney disease is very painful and occurs in people of all age groups. It is very important for people who are new to kidney disease that they know about the nine things they should do to stay strong.

Important information on kidney disease:

  1. The feeling of helplessness on occurrence of kidney disease can be overcome by educating yourself. Individuals should learn everything about kidney disease and can gain vital information even from the Internet.
  2. It is very obligatory that the advice of the doctor be followed by an individual suffering from Kidney disease. It is not indispensable that the kidney disease always leads to failure of kidney and to keep your kidney healthy and stay away from any damage, it is necessary to comply with the orders of the Doctor.
  3. It is very important that you stick to a diet, which would keep you healthy and protect your kidneys from any further damage. You should be mindful on everything you eat and you can gain assistance on your diet from a renal dietitian.
  4. When you suffer from chronic kidney disease, the blood values become very important to gauge the condition of your disease and whether it is getting worse or stable. From time to time, the healthcare provider would check your urine and blood regularly and he would also monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar.
  5. You can ask help from the support group and accept their assistance. Your family is your best support system in times of need and so involving them is very important.
  6. You must make sure that you are getting the proper care you need and you need to educate yourself by communicating as well as asking questions.
  7. You can feel much better by being active, so do things that make you happy. You can exercise regularly, but after taking advice from your doctor. Your main focus must be to keep your heart healthy.
  8. A positive attitude is anytime helpful in healing a disease. You can listen to music that entertains your mind and helps you stay positive.
  9. It is not difficult to stay healthy even with kidney disease, as a positive feeling would eventually help face the kidney disease. You must plan ahead and be ready for kidney transplant without getting worried.

Most importantly, spread awareness and help people tackle the situation without any difficulty.

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I am 21 years old male height is 5 feet 10 inch weight 87 kg yes I am suffering from pain in abdomen ,yes I feel appetite hungry ,there is no any family history, but about 8 years ago my liver slightly increases and it is treated by taking liver 52 at that time ,there is no any mucous or blood in the stool or not, worms in the stool, any heat intolerance or not, palpitation, anxiety I am suffering from asthma while running a some small distance and while walking on stairs upto 4th floor I am overweight. i'm feeling sometimes pain in muscles of leg and in hand also from 1 months there is also blood clot in leg by long hour of sitting i.e. 1 hour about, in hindi language we can called as khun jam ho jana I am suffering from very much sticky stools my stools always sticks in toilet seat from 1 months disorder of whole stomach sometimes watery stools 1 major problem I have to go in toilet for stool at least 4 times in a day which I required only 1 time in early morning is it possible and mostly after eating food I have to go for stool why I do not want this, is it known as constipation or any other thing for toilet I have to go at least 6 times can I control on this on 1 time and many times I feel sometimes not always there is burning sensation in the toilet this time I feel that my stomach is not clear means heavy stomach and there is gas forming in my stomach is eno and aciloc is sufficient for gas or any other thing which is best medicine/treatment for gas trapped in stomach and which cause severe pain to me please tell me best solution for gas formed in stomach what is treatment of loose motion and acidity because many times I suffer from this and what is best treatment for stomachache generally daily I feel in the evening I know it is due to food or gas formation tell the best possible treatment for this is there any test or diagnosis is also required or not is we can refer pudin hara or not for stomachache please tell me that treatment which is overall safe for me and which do not have any side effects please take care of this side effects when I drink water I am felling excess of toilet in evening at 5 to 8 pm daily means at 10 minutes intervals of time from 1 months why this is happening why I have to face excess of toilets in evening time whether I drink water or not at that time it does not matter but I have to go for toilet at that time my whole work is destroyed, spoiled due to this at day time also I have to go for toilet at an intervals of half an hour I have no control on my toilet and on my stool daily I have to go for stool at least 4 times during a day means there is no any time of stool at any time I have to go for stool please tell me that can I control on my toilet and on my stool or not means I have to go for stool only in 1 time at early in the morning and no any other time stool will come out and toilet I have to go hardly at least 2 times during 24 hrs is there any treatment from which I can control on both, below is my whole abdominal ultrasound which is coming normal why this stomachache persist after eating foods after taking gelusil, pantoprazole ,most of the times when I am on empty stomach I face pain in whole stomach sometimes just inside right chest please mention the best treatment ,medicine for stomachache, gas trapping in the stomach or gas formed in the stomach , and acidity which I am facing here 1 of my relatives told me for taking this Tablet Ofloxacin 500 mg two times a day for 10 days 2. Tablet Metronidazole 500 mg three times a day for 10 days 3. Cal4U sachet 1 in a day for 10 days 4. Cal4U tablet 1 two times a day to continue 5. Tablet pantoprazole 40 mg 1 tablet two times a day half an hour before food intake 6. Isabgol husk 3 spoon in lassi two times a day 7. Tablet Supradyn 1 tablet once a day what's your opinion about this medicine is it right or wrong is there any side effects of the medicine.

MD (Panchkarma), PGD Yog Science, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), CPARK (Kerala)
Ayurveda, Haldwani
Complaints you have written are due to improper digestion. Do these things- 1. Do not drink water with food. Drink water after 1 hour of taking food. 2. Avoid eating dahi/lassi. 3. Take amlapitta mishran (dhootpapeshwar) 10 ml 3 times a day 4. Hinguashtaka churna (any reputed brand) 1 tsf with equal amount of ghee in just before taking lunch and dinner 4. Ajmodadi churna 1 tsf two times empty stomach 5. Rohitakarishta 20 ml with equal water.
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