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Dr. Kapur Kshama

Gynaecologist, Bangalore

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Dr. Kapur Kshama Gynaecologist, Bangalore
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Kapur Kshama is a trusted Gynaecologist in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. You can visit her at Kapur Kshama Clinic in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Kapur Kshama on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 28 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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I have pcod and had last period on 1 January 2017 so a week back started with Ayurvedic medicine (dashmolarisht, ashokarisht, rajahpravartani vati and string rasayan vati) from patanjali. Just took medicine for 7 days. Due to a small rupture in condom during intercourse should I take I-pill or just continue the Ayurvedic course and wait for medicine to show effects and get my periods.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
I have pcod and had last period on 1 January 2017 so a week back started with Ayurvedic medicine (dashmolarisht, asho...
Ayurveda Medicines takes a longer time to treat PCOS, so can't say whether they would be effective in inducing your periods, if you get pregnant. So we advise you to wait for your due date, post which if you miss your due date, you can do a Urine pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy and then take abortion pills if required. As taking ipill will not be useful and would unnecessarily interfere in your normal cycle by inducing a withdrawal bleeding.
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Hi, I just slept naked with my boy friend and I have done hand job on him and he sucked my breast and vagina and inserted finger in mg vagina and anus, so is there any chance I am getting pregnant or HIV.

Gynaecologist, Pune
No chance of getting pregnant if no vaginal penetration by penis. As far as HIV is concerned, get your friend checked for HIV first. If negative, no chance of HIV.
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Hi. I became mother of twins 15 days back. But the problem is my breast milk is not much. What could be the reason for it? Kindly suggest what should I do and what other substitute can be used for breast milk?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
You should give only breast milk for the babies. If you give formula feed do ot give it with bottle and nipple and give with spoon. YOu will get enough milk as you keep on feeding .
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FRHS, Ph.D Neuro , MPT - Neurology Physiotherapy, D.Sp.Med, DPHM (Health Management ), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
Health risks of mercury exposure
An estimated 22%of mercury used worldwide each year goes into electrical and electronic equipment including batteries flat panel display screens and switches and can cause damage to the brain, spinal cord, kidneys, liver and even for developing fetus.
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5 Tips To Stay Healthy If You Sit At A Computer All Day

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
5 Tips To Stay Healthy If You Sit At A Computer All  Day

1. Give your monitor a second look.
If your screen is planted directly on your desktop, it’s time to ask management for a raise — for your computer’s display. According to Dr. Jim sheedy, director of the vision performance institute at pacific university, the top of your the screen should be level with your eyes. The ideas is to get the eyes looking down about 10 degrees. If it’s any lower or higher, computer users will adapt to it by moving their head. If your screen is to low, your head points down, causing neck and back aches. High displays, meanwhile, contribute to dry eye syndrome.

2. Poor posture? Take it on the chin.

Poor posture is something that every office-based employee should consider throughout their day. Most people sitting at a computer get drawn into the screen, which means they crane their necks forward. This imbalance puts strain on the neck and spine. It’s like holding a bowling ball with one hand, says Dr. James bowman, of portland, ore.-based solutions chiropractic. If your arm is vertical underneath, it puts less strain on the muscles, but lean that ball forward and your muscles have to compensate to keep it aloft. Sitting at a desk, that bowling ball is actually our head, so bowman recommends chin retractions, or making a double chin, to keep the neck and spine lined up underneath.
“it’s probably the most effective single exercise you can do for the upper back and neck,” he says.

3. Stand up for yourself.

The modern workplace was built around the concept of sitting, but humans’ ability to stand goes back millions of years. Buck the trend of the office era with a standing desk — or, if that’s too radical, a sit-stand workstation. According to research out of the university of minnesota and the mayo clinic, sit-stand workstations helped workers replace 25 percent of their sitting time with standing up, which can increase their sense of well being and decreased their fatigue and appetite. The jarvis desk can go from 26-inches to 51-inches at the push of a button, lifting up to 350 pounds of whatever's on your desk—including multiple monitors.
" I definitely feel healthier standing while working as it causes me to be more focused on my posture and ‘hold’ myself better in terms of my stomach and shoulders especially" says dan mccormack, who uses a jarvis desk at his home office in austin, texas.

4. Move it or lose it.

But why stand when you could walk? many offices around the country are getting wise to treadmill desks, which can help workers burn 100 calories more per hour over sitting, according to a study by the national institutes of health.
"The most important thing is to switch it up and work in different positions throughout the day,” says emily couey, eventbrite’s vice president of people. The online event ticketing service offers multiple workspace options including traditional sitting desks, standing desks, and treadmill desks, which couey says “people love, because it allows them move while they work — especially those with fitness trackers counting their daily steps.”

5. Pace yourself.

All work and no play makes jack a bad employee. Whether it's on their phone in the bathroom or on the computer in their cube, everyone takes sanity breaks to check their facebook or read some news. The pomodoro technique even encourages this kind of behavior by breaking tasks into “pomodoros,” intense 25 minute work bursts, followed by five-minute breaks.
Named because they can be measured using little tomato-shaped kitchen timers (pomodoro is italian for tomato), this method lets people work intensely and stave off distraction, yet rewards them with time to goof off, as well. If you don’t have a tomato timer handy, there are a lot of apps online to keep track of your sessions. But francesco cirillo, the technique’s founder, recommends using the real deal.
" you have to be able to actually wind it up,” cirillo says in his book, the comodoro technique" the act of winding up the pomodoro is a declaration of your determination to start working on the activity at hand.”

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What Really Causes Infertility In Men and Women?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
What Really Causes Infertility In Men and Women?

What causes infertility?

It is important to understand what fertility is for a person or couple to know when it is time to seek help. Infertility refers to the inability to conceive after having regular unprotected sex for a period of 12 months or so. The complex process of ovulation and fertilization need to work right in order to become pregnant.

The common disorders that cause infertility in male and female are listed below:

Causes of male infertility

1. Abnormal sperm production

This can be due to various problems like undescended testicles, genetic defects, health problems including diabetes, infections such as mumps, chronic urinary tract infection especially e. Coli or surgeries on the testicles. Enlarged veins in the testes increase blood flow and heat, affecting the number and shape of sperm.

2. Problems with delivery of sperm

This can happen due to sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation (semen entering bladder instead of emerging through the penis during orgasm), genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, structural problems such as blockage of the part of the testicle that contains sperm or injury to reproductive organs.

3. Overexposure to certain chemicals and toxins

These can include radiation, pesticides, tobacco smoke, alcohol, marijuana and steroids. Frequent exposure to heat can also elevate the testicular temperature, impairing sperm production.

4. Damage related to cancer

This includes radiation and chemotherapy. Cancer treatments can impair sperm production. Removal of one testicle due to cancer may also affect male fertility.

Causes of female infertility

1. Ovulation disorders

This prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs. Examples include hormonal disorder (PCOS, hypothyroidism, hyperprolactinemia), excessive exercise, eating disorders, injuries, cysts be it follicular or endometriotic and ovarian tumors.

2. Uterine abnormalities

This includes problems related to the opening of cervix or abnormalities in the shape of the uterus which includes arcuate or septate uterus or any congenital anomalies like bicornuate uterus or uterine didelphys. Fibroids may distort the uterine cavity interfering with implantation of fertilized egg. Adenomyosis or endometriosis of the endometrium is one the common causes of early infertility.

3. Fallopian tube damage

This usually results from infection of the fallopian tube by a pelvic inflammatory disease caused by sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis or adhesions.

4. Thyroid problems

Disorders of the thyroid gland, either too much thyroid hormone or too little can interrupt the menstrual cycle, leading to infertility in the long run.


Related Tip: How Stress and a Sedentary Lifestyle Make You Infertile

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Hello doctors. How to get rid of bloating or gas during second trimester of pregnancy? Does constipation lead to gas? Is there any way out other than having regular medicine for gas ?pls advice.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Hello doctors.
How to get rid of bloating or gas during second trimester of pregnancy? Does constipation lead to gas?...
Dear lybrate-user In pregnancy, You can safely use routine remedies like ENO, buttermilk, decreased amount of spices in food and having small frequent meals to deal with gas problems. If it doesn't settle then do try antacid syrups instead of tablets. They don't have any negative impact on the baby. You can even try home remedies like isaphgol. Good luck.
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My friend is married and she has a 3 years son. Actually post pregnancy her periods are regular, but it is only for 2 days. Is she having any problems as her periods are for only 2 days or this is normal. please suggest.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship in Infertility (IVF Specialist)
Gynaecologist, Aurangabad
My friend is married and she has a 3 years son.
Actually post pregnancy her periods are regular, but it is only for 2...
hi lybrate user, if she is having regular periods and only for 2days with proper flow then it's normal.
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Melasma and it's Management

Dermatology Backed Expert Skin & Hair Care Solution
Dermatologist, Nashik
Melasma and it's Management

Melasma is one of the most common forms of hyperpigmentation .It commonly appears as brow or gray -brown patches on the face . These patches are usually symmetrical and visible on cheeks,forehead,bridges of nose,above the uper lip and chin .


Melasma is more common in women than men.

1) Sunexposure

2) A change of hormonal level ( pregnancy)


1} Sunprotection -is the key factor for decreasing melasma.

2} Depigmenting agents

a} Hydroquinone- the most common used agent ,works to inhibit a melanin -producing enzyme . It has potent antioxidant abilities.Topical hydroquinone creams comes in 2% and 4% concentrations alone or with tretinoin.Creams containing hydroquinone is intended for short-term use. A dermatologist recommendation is very important .

b} Arbutin -natural source of hydroquinone ,is considered to be much safer . It is dervided from the leaves of bearberry,cranberry,mulberry or blueberry shrubs .It too has the ability to ihibit melanin production.

To enhance skin-lightening ,the following ingredients may also help .

  • Retinoic acid
  • Azelaic acid
  • Kojic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Low mid-potency steroids

Pocedures fr Melasma

Chemical peels - eg. glycolic acid ,tricholroacetic acid )work well in treatment of melasma . These exfoliate the superfical layers of the skin and increase the cell turnover,which triggers the fading of unwanted pigmentation . The number of sessions depend on the level of pigmentation and skin sensitvity.

Lasers- escpecially the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser ,have a positive effect on early melasma . These are also relatively safe o Indian skin.The laser light beam acts on the pigment(melanin) clumps within the skin and fragments them.Once fragmented ,these are easily cleared by body's immune system . It is done in a gap f 15 to 20 days for a minimum of 8 to 10 sessions.

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Optimize Sexual Intercourse in Respect to Frequency in Order to conceive fast?

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MRCOG
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Optimize Sexual Intercourse in Respect to Frequency in Order to conceive fast?

As a start, women should learn more about their fertile and ovulation periods. It is important to exactly know the first day their menstrual bleeding starts. One can even keep a menstrual diary or note the dates on their mobile about when the bleeding started and when is the next one due. If we divide a month into four weeks roughly then the middle one week is the one where ovulation is more likely to happen and the woman would be most fertile. This is the perfect timing for you and your partner to try having a baby.

If you or your partner find it too stressful to count days and have physical relations on those days then it is best to have regular sexual intercourse once every 2-3 days throughout the month.

Another good indicator that a woman is fertile or is ovulating is when the mucus discharge of her cervix is either moist or sticky. The secretion may be white to cream in color, a little cloudy but mostly stretchy and thread like. This is the best period to have sex with your partner because the chance of pregnancy is much higher when compared to those days where you feel rather dry with no discharge at all. During this stage, the recommended frequency of sex is 3 to 4 times, until the discharge disappears.

When it comes to positions, always keep in mind that the semen has to be deposited closest to the cervix in order to conceive fast. Once the semen is there, the chances of them surviving are higher for they'll be sustained by the cervical mucus. There are certain sex positions that can penetrate the woman better than the others. Use them in order to conceive better. It may also help to stay in bed for 5-10 minutes after ejaculation to help sperm climb up into the uterus and a pillow under the hips would probably be a good aid.

There are other ways and methods that are known to initiate conception among women. Some believe that certain yoga practices can help a woman improve her chances of getting pregnant. In other cases, the use of natural herbs, spices, and certain health supplements are recommended. However, the best way to do it is still to consult with your doctor for a more professional conception and pregnancy guidance.

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I hade unprotected sex with my gf on 7th. Her MC's date was 9, 10th. But she had not any. Does that mean she got pregnant. Now what to do. Please help me. Suggest me drug which can b given to her after 1 week. Help fast.

M.D.(Hom.), B.H.M.S.
Homeopath, Kottayam
If the mc date is correct then no problem. Do not be panic just do a pregnancy test - blood hcg first.
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I am pregnant for 3 months how to care please help me my pregnancy is critical so please help me.

Sexologist, Panchkula
I am pregnant for 3 months how to care please help me my pregnancy is critical so please help me.
Do slow and deep breathing relaxation exercises in the morning. Take fruits and vegetables. Avoid garlic and red chilly, non veg and eggs.
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I am now 7 month 4 days pregnant and my By cell counter Hb% is 10.0 gm % Also I have low water level and white water running out from my sex organ So what should I eat to increase it?

MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MNAMS, Training in USG
Gynaecologist, Delhi
I am now 7 month 4 days pregnant and my By cell counter Hb% is 10.0 gm %
Also I have low water level and white water ...
Hi You should increase protein and fluids in your diet. Also need to start some tablets depending upon ultrasound. Take adequate rest.
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Due to miscarriage occurred one year ago on that time I did torch test with consultation of my Doctor My torch test report shows IGG is positive and IGM is negative What does it mean? Is their big problem to me conceive child.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Due to miscarriage occurred one year ago on that time I did torch test with consultation of my Doctor
My torch test r...
IgG +ve denotes past infection and igm+ve denotes recent infection igG+ve means you must have had this infection in the past ,nothing to worry at present.
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I am 35 and my wife is 33, its been 4 years since we are married. We do not have children. She is suffering from vaginismus, and she is so scared. Is it curable, or any suggestions. She was not cooperating for treatment.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
I am 35 and my wife is 33, its been 4 years since we are married. We do not have children. She is suffering from vagi...
Hello, she can be on local anaesthetics before penetration and that can help reduce the pain and some counselling is definitely required regarding vaginal exercises which can reduce vaginismus.
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My mother having 8 m.m.of ghat (cyst ) in her left breast It is a sign of breast cancer please help.

Post Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) (A.M) (Oncology), Integrative Oncology for Physicians (MSKCC, N.Y, USA), Doctor of Natural Medicine (N.D/ N.M.D), Ayurveda (I) Cert., Advanced Strategic Management (APSM), B.E (Computer Sc. & Engg.), Clinically Relevant Herb-Drug Interactions (CME) - (Cine-Med Inc. USA)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Bhubaneswar
Hi lybrate-user, I appreciate you seeking help for your mother. Hormonal changes from monthly menstruation can trigger cysts. However, breast cysts are usually benign. Nevertheless, to be on a safer side, I would advise you to get this clinically examined by her ob/ gyn right away and not delay any further. In general, do follow a streamlined diet (preferably mediterranean) and lifestyle with due emphasis on regular exercise, stress reduction and relaxation. Should she have any pain, she may apply an alternating heat and cold treatment for couple of minutes that may alleviate the same. She needs to stay well hydrated and can take'amla churna' (patanjali) &'bael churna (patanjali- 1/2 tsp each with warm water, preferably before lunch daily for next 1 month. She can also take tomato soup to which fresh herbs like garlic, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, coriander leaves and oregano has been added, once daily. Her ob/ gyn shall be able to advise further on, in particular, once he/ she gets to clinically examine her in person. Hope this helps. Do take care and all the very best. Sincerely,
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My partner have vaginal yeast infection doctor gave her anti fungal kit Inhave given her oral a lot of times and always used to see white cream fungus type thing there Please advice whether I would have got same infection in my mouth? Please advice which test I should perform to check any infection on mouth. We always use condom for intercourse.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Candida (yeast) is a simple fungal infection, which gives foul smell and rashes. If immunity is fine, body takes care of it. You may not have acquired the same unless you are immunocompromised, in which case you might have white patches or ulcers in oral cavity. Till the infection in her clears, avoid oral. All the best
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5 Nutritional Factors Of Almonds & Walnuts

B.Sc.(Hons), P.G.Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon
5 Nutritional Factors Of Almonds & Walnuts

Whenever you peruse through snack options in a store, looking for a fulfilling yet healthy option often turns out to be really challenging. This is where you might consider nuts, such as almonds or walnuts. They are healthy snacking options with rich reserves of protein, fibre, and energy.
However, even in the choice between almonds and walnuts, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind.

  • Energy content: Almonds contain 14 grams worth of fat, and 164 calories whereas walnuts contain approximately 18 grams of fat but give 185 calories. Thus, we find that walnuts contain a slightly higher amount of fat than almonds, but provide more energy in the form of calories.
  • Protein content: Almonds and walnuts are both protein powerhouses - containing 13% and 9% of protein content respectively. Thus, both these nuts are great sources of protein.
  • Mineral content: Both almonds and walnuts are rich in various kinds of minerals. When it comes to Iron, which is essential for muscle health and blood formation, both nuts contain very similar amounts (approx 5%). Almonds pack 19% magnesium - essential for strong bones, compared to the 11% in walnuts. Walnuts, however, have very high amounts of copper (50%) and manganese (54%) which prove to be useful in reducing symptoms of PMS as compared to almonds.
  • Fibre content: Fiber,which plays a vital role in completing the process of digestion, is another component that these nuts pack healthy amounts of. Almonds contain 16% fiber whereas walnuts have 8%.
  • Vitamin content: While walnuts contain 12% Vitamin B6, compared to the 3% in almonds, the real point of difference between these two highly healthy nuts is in their content of Vitamin E - essential for healthy skin and eyes. Almonds contain almost 48% of it, whereas walnuts contain only about 2% of the same.

Thus, we get a fair idea about the high nutritional content for both these nuts. They are both essential, especially if they can be incorporated into our diets in the correct proportions. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dietitian-nutritionist.

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