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Dr. Janardhan


ENT Specialist, Bangalore

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Dr. Janardhan MBBS ENT Specialist, Bangalore
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Janardhan is a trusted ENT Specialist in HAL, Bangalore. He is a MBBS . He is currently associated with Cloud 7 Healthcare Multi Speciality and Diagonstics in HAL, Bangalore. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Janardhan on has a number of highly qualified ENT Specialists in India. You will find ENT Specialists with more than 39 years of experience on You can find ENT Specialists online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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What should a person take if he has throat infection, cough, nose bleeding, kidney stones and loose motion?

M.B.B.S, D.L.O, M.S. (ENT)
Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist,
Nose bleed at your age needs evaluation. If you are asking first aid. Apply ice compress and go to nearest emergency.
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Hi I have cold and nose is blocked for past 2 days, have throat pain and light fever also since last night.

Critical Care Training, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Most likely viral infection. Take tab. Solvin cold and betadine gargle for sore throat. If doesn't get relief in next 2 days and fever spike again, revert back, I will prescribe antibiotic later.
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Hi Good Evening! How to control snoring? Does pranayam help on it? Thanks and Regards Smit.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Lifestyle changes to stop snoring Lose weight. If you’re overweight, dropping even a few pounds can reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and decrease or even stop snoring. Exercise can also help to stop snoring. As well aiding weight loss, exercising your arms, legs, and abs, for example, also leads to toning the muscles in your throat, which in turn can lead to less snoring. There are also specific exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in your throat (see below). Quit smoking. Quitting is easier said than done, but smoking irritates the membranes in the nose and throat which can block the airways and cause snoring. Get help with quitting here. Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives because they relax the muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing. Talk to your doctor about any prescription medications you’re taking, as some encourage a deeper level of sleep which can make snoring worse. Establish regular sleep patterns. Create a healthy bedtime ritual with your partner and stick to it. Hitting the sack in a routine way together can help you sleep better and often minimize snoring. Bedtime remedies to help you stop snoring Clear nasal passages. If you have a stuffy nose, rinse sinuses with saline before bed. Using a Neti pot, nasal decongestant, or nasal strips can also help you breathe more easily while sleeping. If you have allergies, reduce dust mites and pet dander in your bedroom or use an allergy medication. Keep bedroom air moist. Dry air can irritate membranes in the nose and throat, so if swollen nasal tissues are the problem, a humidifier may help. Change your sleeping position. Elevating your head four inches may ease breathing and encourage your tongue and jaw to move forward. There are specially designed pillows available to help prevent snoring by making sure your neck muscles are not crimped. Sleep on your side instead of your back. Try attaching a tennis ball to the back of a pajama top or T-shirt. (You can sew a sock to the back of your top then put a tennis ball inside.) If you roll over onto your back, the discomfort of the tennis ball will cause you to turn back onto your side. Alternatively, wedge a pillow stuffed with tennis balls behind your back. After a while, sleeping on your side will become a habit and you can dispense with the tennis balls. Try an anti-snoring mouth appliance. These devices often resemble an athlete’s mouth guard and help open your airway by bringing your lower jaw and/or your tongue forward during sleep. While a dentist-made appliance can be expensive, cheaper do-it-yourself kits are also available. Throat exercises to stop snoring
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I had snoring because hevy fat in my throat. How can I reduce fat without operation. So many doctors told if can take operation. It is not success.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S), PGDHHM
General Physician, Ganderbal
Hello I can understand your problem.. Take honey 1tsf warm water 1glass lemon 1/2 zeera 1 pinch add all together and take it early in the morning before breakfast. Hope you follow this regular upto 3 months. Thanks.
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Nose blooding problem. Every 7th or 8th day come blood last two month. I consulted to many Doctor and also admit in medico hospital in Ranchi. To many test report but no result found. Tell me the suggestions.

General Physician, Gurgaon
TO STOP NASAL BLEEDING: whenever there is bleeding from nose kindly follow given advises: •Lean forward to prevent blood from flowing into your throat. •Do not stuff tissue, cotton •Firmly pinch the nostrils closed by squeezing the soft part of the nose . Hold steady pressure for 10 minutes Health tips to prevent Nasal Bleeding 1.Humidify your home, especially the bedrooms and do not exposed to hot dry air Keep the heat low in the sleeping areas. 2.Avoid injury to the nose lining by forceful blowing, nose picking, or vigorous rubbing. 3 Avoid smoking 4.Get BP checked Consult ENT doctor for further management.
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I have got tonsil and feeling pain little pain in my throat. I don't know how it happened but not getting cured since past three days. I am taking medicine from past 2 days but still not decreased. Please suggest what to do.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Gandhinagar
Tonsillitis: For tonsillitis, Antibiotics added to it anti allegic and Analgesics and Antiseptic gargle helps, If you are having tonsillitis off and on you may require to go for tonsillectomy operation
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Experiencing Dizziness? It Could Be A Sign Of Acoustic Neuroma

ENT Specialist, Gurgaon
Experiencing Dizziness? It Could Be A Sign Of Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuromas are tumors that develop on the nerves connecting the ear to the brain. Being non-cancerous in nature, they do not spread to other parts of the body. However, they are characterized by symptoms such as gradual or sudden hearing loss, more pronounced with either of the ears, a ringing sensation in the affected ear, weakness, facial numbness and dizziness.


Acoustic neuroma can be of two types: one is sporadic in nature and the other is associated with a condition known as neurofibromatosis type II (NF2). NF2 is basically an inherited disorder identified by benign growth in the nervous system. NF2 being a rare disorder, makes the sporadic type the dominant one. Although the causes behind this type of neuroma are still unknown, long term exposure to radiations, especially around the neck and the head, could be one of the most important triggering factors.


Once the diagnosis is done, treatments for acoustic neuroma depend on the growth and size of the tumor.

  1. Diagnosis with the help of monitoring: Small tumors exhibiting no such symptom or slow signs of growth need to be monitored with the use of hearing tests and regular imaging. In case, the MRI scans are able to trace any sort of development on the part of the tumor or if the tumor poses subsequent difficulties, opting for treatment becomes the need of the hour.

  2. Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Also known as Gamma Knife, radiosurgery is a treatment method wherein controlled radiations are used to treat tumors, thus doing away with the need of making any incision.

  3. Surgical Removal: Surgery performed under general anesthesia is directed towards removing the tumor; that helps to preserve the facial nerve and thus inhibit facial paralysis and hearing loss. The tumor is usually removed either through the ear or through the skull. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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General Physician, Nashik
Dizziness is the feeling of being lightheaded, woozy, or unbalanced. It affects the sensory organs, specifically eyes and ears. It can cause fainting. Dizziness is not a disease but a symptom of other disorders.

Vertigo and disequilibrium may cause a feeling of dizziness, but those two terms describe different symptoms. Vertigo is characterized by a feeling of spinning. Disequilibrium is a loss of balance or equilibrium. True dizziness is the feeling of lightheadedness or nearly fainting.

Dizziness is common. The underlying cause of dizziness is usually not serious. Occasional dizziness is nothing to worry about.

Seek medical attention if you have recurring bouts of dizziness with no apparent cause. Also seek immediate help if you experience sudden dizziness along with a head injury, a headache, neck ache, blurred vision, hearing loss, a loss of motor ability, a loss of consciousness, or chest pain. These could indicate serious issues.

What Causes Dizziness? - Common causes of dizziness include inner-ear disorders, medications, and alcohol.

Dizziness is often a result of vertigo. It can also be caused by a problem in the inner ear, where balance is regulated. The most common cause of vertigo and vertigo-related dizziness is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This causes short-term dizziness when a person changes positions quickly?for instance, when sitting up in bed.

Dizziness and vertigo can also be caused by Meniere's disease (which causes fluid buildup in the ear), migraine, or acoustic neuroma, a benign growth on the nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain. Very rarely, vertigo could be caused by a stroke, brain hemorrhage, multiple sclerosis, or another neurological disorder.

Other causes of dizziness include:

- Sudden drop in blood pressure, as may occur upon standing suddenly
heart muscle disease
- Decrease in blood volume
- Neurological conditions
- Side effect from medications
- Anxiety disorders
- Anemia (low iron)
- Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
- Ear infection
- Dehydration
- Heat stroke
- Excessive exercise
- Motion sickness

Symptoms of dizziness include:
- Lightheadedness
- Vertigo (spinning motion)
- Unsteadiness
- Loss of balance
- Sensation of floating or swimming
- Heavy-headedness
- Spaciness

Sometimes dizziness is accompanied by clamminess, nausea, vomiting, paleness, or losing consciousness.

Feel free to consult further for any assistance.

Dr. Surbhi Agrawal
Consultant Physician, Diabetologist and Wellness Expert
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Morning Dr. Am prone to sinus infections. What can I do to avoid it. I start with sneezing, then I take Montek lc , it subsides . After 2 days it starts again. This time I took Montek and Crocin but ended up with fever, infection and had to go for antibiotics. I have a 4 year old son and rest for me is little. I have to b up and about during the day. Please suggest what I can do to avoid this. Thank-you

Homeopath, Chennai
Sinusitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses. Normally, sinuses are filled with air. But when they become blocked and filled with fluid, germs (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) can grow and cause an infection. Conditions that can cause sinus blockage include the common cold, allergic rhinitis (swelling of the lining of the nose), nasal polyps (small growths in that lining), or a deviated septum (a shift in the nasal cavity). Homoeopathic constitutional treatment will give you permanent cure, your detailed symptomatology will be required.
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Can anyone please explain this report to me in simple words asap. CT PNS: Thin sections of paranasal sinuses were obtained in axial and coronal plane. Bilateral maxillary, sphenoid, frontal and ethmoid sinuses are normal in morphology, outline and pneumatization. Osteo meatal units appear normal bilaterally. Nasal septum is deviated having convexity towards right side causing lateralization of right inferior turbinates. Infratemporal fossas are normal on both sides. Nosopharynx appears normal. No bony erosion seen.

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
it means DNS(deviation of nasal septum) might cause permanent cold condition or nasal stuffiness..or headache or difficulty in breathing..or bleeding from nose..why did u get it done ..what are your symptoms..treatment is surgically correction of DNS
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From yesterday I'm suffering from heavy giddiness and my head seems heavy .I HAVE been fasting from past 16 days I'm doing so . How can I cure this plzzz do help

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, your giddiness is due to dehydration and starvation. To gain energy you need to follow the under noted tips. You should take, 1200-1600 calories through dietary regulation tk, apples, carrots, cheese, mangoes, soya been, rajma, papaya, bananas, milk, pumpkins, spinach, almonds, walnuts, chicken soup, regularly. - tk, banana with hot milk and butter in d breakfast. - add, ghee in lunch with sprouts, salad, & fruits. - - go for aerobics for 30 mnts. - go for meditation, yoga to reduce your stress and to nourish cells, tissues to enshape your body & to restore your energy, lost. - go for cycling, jogging, skipping, hanging on a bar in a garden. - tk, your diet b easily digestible, simple, non - irritant, on time. - tk, homoeo medicine which r gentle in use, acts rapidly without any adverse effect, thereof @ five phos6x-4 tbs, with little lukewarm water, thrice. @ alfalfaq-10 drops, thrice a day with little water. Ensure, sound sleep, for 7 hrs, at least in d night. Tk care.
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I am 39 year old male and I have earache or ear pain is pain in the ear for last 2 months. What should I do ?

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Bangalore
I need more details of your problem. Like any itching and watering from the ear, pain especially after an head bath, early morning pain along with pain during chewing, ear ache associated with head ache etc.
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I am 28 years old since last 8 year's I am suffering from facial paralysis on the left side of the face since then I am not been able to recover fully please tell me what should I do and it is just after my ear operation.

MBBS, MS (ENT & HEAD AND NECK SURGERY), FSIB, Diploma in Allergy and Asthma
Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Delhi
Ear surgery is a very rare cause of iatrogenic facial nerve palsy. If it is due to injury to facial nerve and in your case the history is of 8 years, there is a option of facial reanimation surgery for improving facial symmetry and gold implant in eye for getting complete eye closure, there are few others options also, it is advised to consult a ent surgeon with specialization in these procedures for evaluation and management.
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My husband has snoring problem. Is there any medicine to reduce it. His age is, 32 and weight is 90 kgs height 5" 7. Could you please suggest?

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Kolkata
Hi lybrate-user is the snoring problem recent or from before? his weight is about90kg his ideal weigh 72 kg to 75 kg and definitely less than 80 kg. Two ways of tackling: 1) immediate you have to go to sleep before him. Wear an ear plug when you go to bed. Make the head end of your bed higher using bricks etc. Ask your husband to practice sleeping on oe side with a heavy pillow supporting his back. 2) long term get his bp checked tsh, ft4, ft3, ppbs, lipid profile, lft, cbc use an airfryer if you like fried food exercise/walk atleast 30 minutes every day. Get a ct pns done to rule out local causes. A lot of people stop snoring when they loose weight if no nadal problem. That's because with increasing weight we also tend to have fat deposit in soft palate which narrows airway and causes a snoring sound.
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Ear Pain in Children - Ways You Can Manage It!

ENT Specialist, Delhi
Ear Pain in Children - Ways You Can Manage It!

Physical pain can often be overwhelming especially for children. Ear ache can cause terrible discomfort to children and can give sleepless nights to both children and parents. It is important for new mom and dads to know the basic causes and remedies of an ear ache. That way the little kids can get relief faster. We will help you know more about ear pain in children. Infants and toddlers suffer more, as they can’t express their discomfort. It is crucial to watch out for symptoms like high fever, pulling or tugging ear, white or yellowish discharge coming out of the ear, restlessness, loss of sleep and appetite.


  1. The most common cause for ear pain is Acute Otitis Media (AOM) or middle ear infection. Small children are especially vulnerable to this infection. The infection causes fever and pain in children. Infection occurs when the fluid produced, can’t be drained by the Eustachian tube. It happens mostly after a bout of cold in kids. Because of it, the Eustachian tube gets swollen making it difficult for the fluid to flow out.
  2. Tonsillitis or an infection of the tonsils can also lead to an ear ache.
  3. Too much ear wax can also cause pain in the ear.

Soothing Remedies:

  1. In the case of a mild case of infection, certain home remedies can give immediate relief. So before running to the emergency, try a few of these.
  2. A hot or cold compress can give some relief. Get a heating pad or ice bag/ pack for this treatment. Children and even adults benefit from this remedy. However, it is not advisable to use heating pads on babies.
  3. If the child is old enough to sleep with a pillow keep his/her head elevated.
  4. If the pain is too much to bear, over the counter analgesics like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be given provided the stipulated dose for children and infants are maintained.
  5. If the pain is light, simple distraction method works great among children. They can be engaged with either a storybook, a new toy or some game. Letting them munch on their favourite snack can also help.
  6. Some home remedies recommend putting a few drops of olive oil inside the ear. Though this method does not have any scientific base, it might give relief, however, it is necessary to check with your child’s doctor before applying this.
  7. The most common way to treat this infection is, however, by giving them antibiotics. If the pain persists, visit your child’s doctor, let them examine his/her ears and then if he feels he will prescribe antibiotics.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure:
Says all seasoned parents. Hence know when to be careful to avoid further ear infections. Some point to ponder.

  1. Since ear infections typically start with a common cold, get your child a flu vaccine every year. This will prevent him from catching cold often.
  2. If your child is going to the daycare or school, make sure they do not encourage the sick child to come to school.
  3. Do not let your infant lie down with a bottle before sleeping. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ent specialist.
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I have red eyes red nose, swelling in the throat, and this problem is troubling me since last 3 days so I want to ask you can you help.

PG Hom, London, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai
Hi the description of your condition suggests that you are having an infection. Redness of the eyes can also be because of throat infection. You can take tablet azee 500 mg, one tablet once a day for three days and report after 3 days.
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I'm planning to undergo a rhinoplasty, I have a wide nose, so I have a few queries regarding it. Is it painful process? Is it successful in India? How much does it costs? And how many days it require to recover after the surgery?

ENT Specialist, Sehore
Dear lybrate-user, rhinoplasty is a delicate surgery which requires skills and yes it is quite successful in india depending on where you are getting operated. Regarding cost it may vary from 50000 to 1 lakh again depending on where you are operating. After surgery you will recover within a week but exact results will be seen after 6 months to one year.
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I have a throat infection . I want to know the precautions with which water I should do bath? What should I eat etc.

General Physician, Cuttack
1. Do betadine gargle 2-3 times daily 2. Avoid drinking cold water, have luke warm water, tea, coffee, hot soup 3. Take throat lozenges, 4. Give voice rest 5. Avoid smoking 6. If no relief you have to take antibiotic after consulting doctor.
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