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Dr. Jamuna N


Psychologist, Bangalore

16 Years Experience  ·  at clinic
Dr. Jamuna N ph.D Psychologist, Bangalore
16 Years Experience  ·  at clinic  ·  ₹ online
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Personal Statement

To provide my patients with the highest quality dental care, I’m dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality dental care, I’m dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
More about Dr. Jamuna N
Dr. Jamuna N is a trusted Psychologist in Hosur Road, Bangalore. She has had many happy patients in her 16 years of journey as a Psychologist. She has completed ph.D. You can consult Dr. Jamuna N at Nimhans Hospital in Hosur Road, Bangalore. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Jamuna N on has a nexus of the most experienced Psychologists in India. You will find Psychologists with more than 36 years of experience on You can find Psychologists online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


ph.D - National Institute of Mental Health,London - 2000
Languages spoken


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I got addicted to smoking since last three years. I can't resist it. What should I do get off of it? Please suggest me.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
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The urge to discontinue is hampered by many factors but the worst of them is the conditioning. In fact these conditions can exist all through the day unlike other addictions. But your desire to want to stop is the most important factor. It is important to find out about the ill-effects of smoking to have a reason that alarms you about continuing in the habit. The information is really scary but true. The nicotine in tobacco smoke stimulates the heart beat to raise the blood pressure in no time at all. So you must avoid it like the plague: it is just very bad medicine for you. In fact it is highly toxic too. You will need to stop smoking or consuming any tobacco related items with immediate effect. You should start vigorous exercises, gradually increasing it over a period of time. Do deep breathing exercises every time you feel like smoking (try Yoga), and replace the oral urge with some healthy food substitute to satiate the need. You may also take hard candy or chewing gum. If the urge is too strong, then use nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patches, for a little while until the smoking drive reduces, substantially. You may also join Smokers Anonymous in your city where the support is really extraordinary for like-minded people who are also in the same situation. Keep yourself occupied or engaged with interesting activities during the times when it is most tempting. Keep the company of non-smokers for some time i.e. at least for the first 21 days. Above all announce it to everyone that you have quit smoking. Here’s a piece of very good advice: even if you accidentally/willfully take a cigarette, it is not the end of the world – you can start the cessation all over again. You must persevere with the best support until you defeat this addiction. Counseling is very useful in the initial stages and when temptations are at their highest.

I am 19 years old, from last two years am not able to concentrate on my studies. Am become nervous at every situation. Then what is God I have to do?

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
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Dear Nagarjun. Welcome to lybrate. If your concentration is less towards your studies, you should address your interest level and positive attitude level. Your concentration level will be higher when you are passionate and interested in your studies. Also search Google for "effective learning methods" and use some of those methods. Consult a psychologist online for counselling. Take care.

I am 25 old man before 4 years I was affected by schrizopheria a mental disease. Still I am using 300mg medicine. What will have effect on my mind after completion of medicine. Does it reduces the capability or it will increase please guide me.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
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Dear, your doctors must have told you these things. Schizophrenia is manageable with the medicines. The depth of your schizophrenia is to be analyzed before I make any comments here. According to the depth and type of schizophrenia, you may have to take these medicines throughout so that you can manage your problem. Please work with your psychiatrist for further knowledge and management. Take care.

I am 19 years old. I am obsessed with female breast. My mind always look at them. I want to get rid of my mind habit. I do not know how it has developed over the years. Twice in week I have an irresistible urge to check net about females breast. I know its a milk feeding organ which woman develop during stages of puberty. My obsession has become a distraction. And I am unable to concentrate. What would happen if I get married and gave birth to a female child. What will the child think of his dad. How to treat it, please tell.

MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon
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I am 19 years old. I am obsessed with female breast. My mind always look at them. I want to get rid of my mind habit....
Attraction to female breasts is inherently built into male psychology so its not much of a wrong thing. But you should concentrate on your work and do not watch porn. Its more like addiction although there is nothing wrong in watching porn stuff. Once you get married and as your age increases with responsibilities coming in most of these urges will go away.

Hi doctors. I'm 28 yr old male, i'm facing a lot of problems at this age. My head is paining all the day and i'm getting angry on everyone who is around me, I feel alone, I do masturbate a lot almost everyday, i'm a chain smoker. At Least 20 to 25 cigarettes per day, i'm having problems with my parents. End up with arguments and I'm going to loss my family business too, i'm elder son in my family and I don't have any respect in my family life, many people told me that i'm definitely facing some psychic problems, I do get angry everytime on everyone, my girlfriend thinks i'm psycho, i'm takin everything for granted, which leads me to live an easy life, i'm running from hard work, i'm really very tensed about my future, so I please request you to give me a right path and if you can then please consult me. I'll b thankful to you all.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Ask Free Question
Hi doctors. I'm 28 yr old male, i'm facing a lot of problems at this age. My head is paining all the day and i'm gett...
Not only is everyone else against you but it sounds like you are also against yourself! The key to your resolution is the anger you talk about: it can give you headaches, make you aggressive, make you abuse yourself, make you lethargic and non-functional, and you are close to losing your business too. You need to quickly meet with a counselor and discuss these problems. I am sure that that person will want more information about this anger. Something may have happened in your childhood and your parents could be very helpful to identify the cause. In time this anger when turned inwards will lead to depression and make you feel listless. I also recommend that you go for vigorous exercise everyday and keep with it forever. You need to get a good night?s rest and eat healthy food. You need to become responsible, respectful, and functional anyway. By this trend you may loose your family, friends, girl friend, and position in society.

I am a decent student and have scored well in my school and college days. But I have a problem that when I give any maths competitive exam, even though how hard I have prepared I am not able to solve the questions in stipulated time as I become nervous and my hands begin to tremble. However the same paper I can solve easily at home. Please suggest how to overcome this exam fear or anxiety as I am underperforming due to fear.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
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I am a decent student and have scored well in my school and college days. But I have a problem that when I give any m...
Hi, you need to practice deep breathing exercise: find a quiet space where you can be alone with no distractions. Close the door, if possible. As you get used to this breathing exercise, you may be able to close out distractions and perform the exercise around others. Sit upright, with your back straight. You can sit in a chair, or sit on the floor with your legs crossed, whatever feels more natural. You can lie down if you must. Keep in mind, however, that sitting upright allows your lungs to fill to maximum capacity, which is best when practicing deep breathing place your arms on the arms of a chair or resting on your thighs. This removes the burden from your shoulders and aids in relaxation. For a count of four seconds, breathe deeply through your nose. Your lower belly should expand with the breath. For one to two seconds, simply hold the breath inside your chest. Now, exhale all of the air out of your lungs through your mouth. You should hear a" whoosh" sound as it leaves your mouth. Notice your belly deflating as you release the breath. To avoid hyperventilating, pause for a few seconds before taking a new breath. Do this entire sequence again for about five minutes. About six to eight cycles of breathing per minutes is considered effective at relieving anxiety. Nonetheless, you should find your own natural breathing rhythm that makes you comfortable. Practice deep breathing at least twice a day for five minutes each session. Note that deep breathing should not be saved for only when you are experiencing anxiety. Practice this exercise daily to manage the symptoms of anxiety and fend off stress don; t worry, do not take so much stress.

Sir. I think I have disease called bipolar concern with mind problems. I am constantly in tension and can not do anything with fresh mind. I constantly keep thinking on silly think and can not stop thanking. I can never concentrate.

M. sc Psychology, BHMS
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Sir. I think I have disease called bipolar concern with mind problems. I am constantly in tension and can not do anyt...
Hi lybrate user, as you r guessing it as bipolar, but may not be too. But certainly its mental stress related. You need to follow few stress releiving methods like yoga, meditation, regular practice of prabayama, breathing exercises will do help much to make you stress free&relaxed. Try to do rwgular exercises, mostly above mentioned, take food wise more healthy, proteinaceous, nutritious, avoid spicy, oily, junk food, packaged, processes food, carbobated drinks, alcohol etc. Consume more water, maintain 7-8 hrs of sleep. If, in honeopathy, with symptoms similarity, you can get suitable remedy which will improve your health in general, including your thought process also. Tc.

What are the things to be considered in order to get good remembering capacity, during your studies?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Ask Free Question
1. Focus of mind towards your target/goal--------------- 2. Competitive nature----------------- 3. Routine and punctuality-------------- 4. Healthy diet and ----------- 5. Proper sleep------------------

Hello, actually my voice is very harsh and. Loud and I want to become a singer and also I don't want to go to speech therapist as I am student so I don't have time. So pizzazz help me and tell me some exercises, home remedy or medicine so that I concave sweet voice and become singer plzzz suggest me exercise and home remedy. please help.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Ask Free Question
Dear Lybrate user. I can understand. Speech therapist uses proven and on sight voice box exercises with the help of modern machines and equipment. Nothing matches their expertise. I request you to consult a speech therapist for once and see what opinion he has. Then we can see how things can be done. Take care.

Sir I am having suffering from my mind problems since last 1 year. Although there is lot of problems in my home my father is threading from his back pain. His treatment is continue but still no relief. I have some worry about him. I am very poor also. Also I think that how would I manage my family. I am the only responsible person in my family. I have 12 members in my family. But income is very low this is also worry problem it my think. I have sleepiness problem also. Mostly my mind stopped to work properly specially in night. Mostly I think in night that I will not be alive & I can die any time. I know that I have lot of tensions. I know that when I will more think & will feel additional pressure my self it would not be in my favour. But I am not able to remove them. So kindly suggest me that would I recovered. & what should I do and how much time I will have to taken for my recovery. If you short out me then whole life I will gratitude for you & wouldn't forget your favour. Good night sir.

M.Sc - Applied Psychology
Ask Free Question
Sir I am having suffering from my mind problems since last 1 year. Although there is lot of problems in my home my fa...
Hi, you are not having any mental issue. It is the situation at home which seems to have overwhelmed and thus you are feeling helplessness. You have been put alot of responsiblities over your shoulders too soon. And to take care of 12 members is not easy. You have said that your father is suffering due to back pain and he has been undergoing treatment but there is no relief. Your father's problem seems to be psycho somatic manifestation, which means, the pain is not due to physiological reasons but due to psychological reasons which here appears to be due to financial instability. He too must have been under the burden of being the single bread winner in the family which must have stressed him out so much that it has appeared in the form of lower back pain. It would be appropriate for you to talk to your family about how you are feeling and suffering. This will help to some extent. Also work with the family to understand how other members too can contribute towards running the family. This way others will also become responsible and you will also feel supported. If you will ignore and keep suffering then it will take a toll over your general mental and physical well being which will again make it difficult to function properly. This will later develop into a vicious cycle from which coming out will become difficult. Hope this was helpful. You can consult me further if required.

I want to quit chewing tobacco. Pls suggest any alternate of tobacco

PhD (Psychology), MSc Psychology, MS
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Dear, quitting chewing tobacco is no child's play and it takes time and courage. Best method is to completely quit today (now) and sustain with the help of your mind power. Mind power building therapy, motivation therapy etc should help you doing so. I think one or two online counseling sessions and these therapies should help you.

I am suffering form SSRIs withdrawal symptoms.

BHARAT JYOTI, MRACGP, INCEPTOR, MD-PhD, FIPS, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), DPM, MBBS
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These symptoms usually are mild, last one to two weeks, and are rapidly extinguished with reinstitution of antidepressant medication.

How can I increase my memory? I forget things after some time. Please suggest me.

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Hello, you can take homoeopathic medicine ancardium orient. 30 (4 drops in little water) twice a day for 15 days and update.

I'm a porn addict. I get seduced even when I see a women's skin or a glamorous wall poster or some normal sexy scenes in a movie. I masturbate 3 times per two days. Ie. More than 10 times a week. I have been doing this for past 5 years. Because of this, the way I look women itself is different. I wanted to get out of this. I'm too much worried. But since masturbation is the only thing that gives me happiness and also reduces my stress, I am not able to stop it. Please give me a solution.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ask Free Question
I'm a porn addict. I get seduced even when I see a women's skin or a glamorous wall poster or some normal sexy scenes...
Maturbation is dangerous for you if you kept continue you will terminate your sexual strength as soon and facing problem in future married life better is be away from keep yourself busy on doing other activity like playing sports reading book involved in better friend circle do yoga exercises daily avoid watching porn or adult chat focus on your brain.

Hello Doctor. I'm working in night shift for Almost 4+years. Is working in night without enough sleep will affect my thinking and decision making capabilities? I also feel many difference in my concentration power. Please help me out.

Ask Free Question
Hello Doctor. I'm working in night shift for Almost 4+years. Is working in night without enough sleep will affect my ...
Hello lack of enough sleep may affect your concentration power thenafter thinking abilities . So try to take a sound sleep of 7-8 hours. Take Kali phos 6X , 5 tabs twice daily.

Is ED and PE curable. How i M 35 n suffering from both .m do a lot of work out.But somehow I have fear for sex whether I ll be able to perform. What is the best medicine sildenafil or tadalafil. I have performance phobia. As m patient of IBS I don't drink milk and use ssrl drugs peiscibed by doc. What are it's effects on my sex life and how to counter it's side effects. please suggest me the remedy as it's spoiling my self esteem and I am getting dependent on sildenafil and tadalafil. Will I get addicted to them. please help.

M.S. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Ask Free Question
Is ED and PE curable. How  i M 35 n suffering from both .m do a lot of work out.But somehow I have fear for sex wheth...
Dear lybrate user, as far as sex is concerned body and mind act like hardware and software. Ed and pe are mostly software issues. Which means it is more about your mind and your performance anxiety than any actual physical problem. I see two main issues here - first is you are underconfident and second is, probably you are a perfectionist. Have faith in yourself. While having sex don't think about how you will do it, whether your partner will be satisfied or not etc. If you allow yourself to make mistakes then only you will be able to more forward. So instead of thinking about your performance, just enjoy sex. Don't try to give yourself any marks for the performance. Continuous use of any medication is harmful. You can consult a counsellor/sexologist. You need to know more about enjoyable and good enough sex. This will help you to get rid of ed and pe.

I have a memory loss problem please help me toh get over from this problem.

PhD (Psychology), MSc Psychology, MS
Ask Free Question
Dear, at your age, memory problems like amnesia are not common. Many young people are having problems with memory. These problems are either they are too busy or due to anxiety and stress. Busy people use organizers or employ a personal assistant because they can't remember every task. You need to understand this. If you still say, you are having memory problems, we need to check your memory using memory test. If you want more of my help in this regard, please contact me. Take care.

How to quit smoking

Diploma in Family Medicine, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
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Whether you're a teen smoker or a lifetime pack-a-day smoker, quitting can be tough. But the more you learn about your options and prepare for quitting, the easier the process will be. With the right game plan tailored to your needs, you can break the addiction, manage your cravings, and join the millions of people who have kicked the habit for good.

Why quitting smoking can seem so hard

Smoking tobacco is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit. The nicotine from cigarettes provides a temporary, and addictive, high. Eliminating that regular fix of nicotine will cause your body to experience physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Because of nicotine's 'feel good' effect on the brain, you may also have become accustomed to smoking as a way of coping with stress, depression, anxiety, or even boredom.

At the same time, the act of smoking is ingrained as a daily ritual. It may be an automatic response for you to smoke a cigarette with your morning coffee, while taking a break from work or school, or during your commute home at the end of a long day. Perhaps friends, family members, and colleagues smoke, and it has become part of the way you relate with them.

To successfully quit smoking, you'll need to address both the addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it.

Your Personal Stop Smoking Plan

While some smokers successfully quit by going cold turkey, most people do better with a plan to keep themselves on track. A good plan addresses both the short-term challenge of quitting smoking and the long-term challenge of preventing relapse. It should also be tailored to your specific needs and smoking habits.

Questions to ask yourself

Take the time to think of what kind of smoker you are, which moments of your life call for a cigarette, and why. This will help you to identify which tips, techniques or therapies may be most beneficial for you.

Do you feel the need to smoke at every meal?
Are you more of a social smoker?
Is it a very bad addiction (more than a pack a day)? Or would a simple nicotine patch do the job?
Do you reach for cigarettes when you're feeling stressed or down?
Are there certain activities, places, or people you associate with smoking?
Is your cigarette smoking linked to other addictions, such as alcohol or gambling?
Are you open to hypnotherapy and/or acupuncture?
Are you someone who is open to talking about your addiction with a therapist or counselor?
Are you interested in getting into a fitness program?
Start your stop smoking plan with START

S = Set a quit date.

Choose a date within the next 2 weeks, so you have enough time to prepare without losing your motivation to quit. If you mainly smoke at work, quit on the weekend, so you have a few days to adjust to the change.

T = Tell family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit.

Let your friends and family in on your plan to quit smoking and tell them you need their support and encouragement to stop. Look for a quit buddy who wants to stop smoking as well. You can help each other get through the rough times.

A = Anticipate and plan for the challenges you'll face while quitting.

Most people who begin smoking again do so within the first 3 months. You can help yourself make it through by preparing ahead for common challenges, such as nicotine withdrawal and cigarette cravings.

R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work.

Throw away all of your cigarettes (no emergency pack!), lighters, ashtrays, and matches. Wash your clothes and freshen up anything that smells like smoke. Shampoo your car, clean your drapes and carpet, and steam your furniture.

T = Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit.

Your doctor can prescribe medication to help with withdrawal and suggest other alternatives. If you can't see a doctor, you can get many products over the counter at your local pharmacy or grocery store, including the nicotine patch, nicotine lozenges, and nicotine gum.

How to quit smoking: Identify your smoking triggers

One of the best things you can do to help yourself quit is to identify the things that make you want to smoke, including specific situations, activities, feelings, and people.

Keep a craving journal

A craving journal can help you zero in on your patterns and triggers. For a week or so leading up to your quit date, keep a log of your smoking. Note the moments in each day when you crave a cigarette:

What time was it?
How intense was the craving (on a scale of 1-10)?
What were you doing?
Who were you with?
How were you feeling?
How did you feel after smoking?
Do you smoke to relieve unpleasant or overwhelming feelings?

Managing unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common reasons why adults smoke. When you have a bad day, it can seem like cigarettes are your only friend. As much comfort as cigarettes provide, though, it's important to remember that there are healthier (and more effective) ways to keep unpleasant feelings in check. These may include exercising, meditating, using sensory relaxation strategies, and practicing simple breathing exercises.

For many people, an important aspect of quitting smoking is to find alternate ways to handle these difficult feelings without smoking. Even when cigarettes are no longer a part of your life, the painful and unpleasant feelings that may have prompted you to smoke in the past will still remain. So, it's worth spending some time thinking about the different ways you intend to deal with stressful situations and the daily irritations that would normally have you reaching for a cigarette.

Tips for avoiding common smoking triggers

Alcohol. Many people have a habit of smoking when they drink. TIP: switch to non-alcoholic drinks or drink only in places where smoking inside is prohibited. Alternatively, try snacking on nuts and chips, or chewing on a straw or cocktail stick.
Other smokers. When friends, family, and co-workers smoke around you, it is doubly difficult to quit or avoid relapse. TIP: Your social circles need to know that you are changing your habits so talk about your decision to quit. Let them know they won't be able to smoke when you're in the car with them or taking a coffee break together. In your workplace, don't take all your coffee breaks with smokers only, do something else instead, or find non-smokers to have your breaks with.
End of a meal. For some smokers, ending a meal means lighting up, and the prospect of giving that up may appear daunting. TIP: replace that moment after a meal with something such as a piece of fruit, a (healthy) dessert, a square of chocolate, or a stick of gum.
How to quit smoking: Coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Once you stop smoking, you will experience a number of physical symptoms as your body withdraws from nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal begins quickly, usually starting within thirty minutes to an hour of the last cigarette and peaking about 2 to 3 days later. Withdrawal symptoms can last for a few days to several weeks and differ from person to person.

Common nicotine withdrawal symptoms include:

Cigarette cravings
Irritability, frustration, or anger
Anxiety or nervousness
Difficulty concentrating
Increased appetite
Increased coughing
Constipation or upset stomach
Decreased heart rate
Unpleasant as these withdrawal symptoms may be, they are only temporary. They will get better in a few weeks as the toxins are flushed from your body. In the meantime, let your friends and family know that you won't be your usual self and ask for their understanding.

Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms



Craving for cigarette

Most intense during first week but can linger for months

Wait out the urge; distract yourself; take a brisk walk.

Irritability, impatience

Two to four weeks

Exercise; take hot baths; use relaxation techniques; avoid caffeine.


Two to four weeks

Avoid caffeine after 6 p.m.; use relaxation techniques; exercise; plan activities (such as reading) when sleep is difficult.


Two to four weeks

Take naps; do not push yourself.

Lack of concentration

A few weeks

Reduce workload; avoid stress.


Several weeks or longer

Drink water or low-calorie drinks; eat low-calorie snacks.

Coughing, dry throat, nasal drip

Several weeks

Drink plenty of fluids; use cough drops.

Constipation, gas

One to two weeks

Drink plenty of fluids; add fiber to diet; exercise.

Adapted with permission from Overcoming Addiction: Paths Toward Recovery, a special health report from Harvard Health Publications.

How to quit smoking: Manage cigarette cravings

Avoiding smoking triggers will help reduce the urge to smoke, but you can't avoid cravings entirely. But cigarette cravings don't last long, so if you're tempted to light up, remember that the craving will pass and try to wait it out. It also helps to be prepared in advance. Having a plan to cope with cravings will help keep you from giving in.

Distract yourself. Do the dishes, turn on the TV, take a shower, or call a friend. The activity doesn't matter as long as it gets your mind off of smoking.
Remind yourself why you quit. Focus on your reasons for quitting, including the health benefits, improved appearance, money you're saving, and enhanced self-esteem.
Get out of a tempting situation. Where you are or what you're doing may be triggering the craving. If so, a change of scenery can make all the difference.
Reward yourself. Reinforce your victories. Whenever you triumph over a craving, give yourself a reward to keep yourself motivated.
Coping with Cigarette Cravings in the Moment

Find an oral substitute

Keep other things around to pop in your mouth when cravings hit. Good choices include mints, hard candy, carrot or celery sticks, gum, and sunflower seeds.

Keep your mind busy

Read a book or magazine, listen to some music you love, do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, or play an online game.

Keep your hands busy

Squeeze balls, pencils, or paper clips are good substitutes to satisfy that need for tactile stimulation.

Brush your teeth

The just-brushed, clean feeling can help get rid of cigarette cravings.

Drink water

Slowly drink a large, cold glass of water. Not only will it help the craving pass, but staying hydrated helps minimize the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Light something else

Instead of lighting a cigarette, light a candle or some incense.

Get active

Go for a walk, do some jumping jacks or pushups, try some yoga stretches, or run around the block.

Try to relax

Do something that calms you down, such as taking a warm bath, meditating, reading a book, or practicing deep breathing exercises.

Preventing weight gain after you've stopped smoking

Weight gain is a common concern when quitting smoking. Some people even use it as a reason not to quit. While it's true that many smokers put on weight within six months of stopping smoking, the gain is usually small about 5 pounds on average and that initial gain decreases over time. It's also important to remember that carrying a few extra pounds for a few months won't hurt your heart as much as smoking will. Of course, gaining weight is NOT inevitable when you quit smoking.

Smoking acts as an appetite suppressant. It also dampens your sense of smell and taste. So after you quit, your appetite will likely increase and food will seem more appealing. Weight gain can also happen if you replace the oral gratification of smoking with eating, especially if you turn to unhealthy comfort foods. So it's important to find other, healthy ways to deal with stress and other unpleasant feelings rather than mindless, emotional eating.

Nurture yourself. Instead of turning to cigarettes or food when you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed, learn new ways to soothe yourself.
Eat healthy, varied meals. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit your fat intake. Seek out low-fat options that look appetizing to you and you will actually eat. Avoid alcohol, sugary sodas, and other high-calorie drinks.
Drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water at least six to eight 8 oz. glasses will help you feel full and keep you from eating when you're not hungry. Water will also help flush toxins from your body.
Take a walk. Walking is a great form of exercise. Not only will it help you burn calories and keep the weight off, but it will also help alleviate feelings of stress and frustration that accompany smoking withdrawal.
Snack on low-calorie or calorie-free foods. Good choices include sugar-free gum, carrot and celery sticks, sliced bell peppers or jicama, or sugar-free hard candies.
Medication and therapy to help you quit smoking

There are many different methods that have successfully helped people to quit smoking, including:

Quitting smoking cold turkey.
Systematically decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke.
Reducing your intake of nicotine gradually over time.
Using nicotine replacement therapy or non-nicotine medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms.
Utilizing nicotine support groups.
Trying hypnosis, acupuncture, or counseling using cognitive behavioral techniques.
You may be successful with the first method you try. More likely, you'll have to try a number of different methods or a combination of treatments to find the ones that work best for you.

Medications to help you stop smoking

Smoking cessation medications can ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, and are most effective when used as part of a comprehensive stop smoking program monitored by your physician. Talk to your doctor about your options and whether an anti-smoking medication is right for you. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved options are:

Nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine replacement therapy involves 'replacing' cigarettes with other nicotine substitutes, such as nicotine gum or a nicotine patch. It works by delivering small and steady doses of nicotine into the body to relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms without the tars and poisonous gases found in cigarettes. This type of treatment helps smokers focus on breaking their psychological addiction and makes it easier to concentrate on learning new behaviors and coping skills.

Non-nicotine medication. These medications help you stop smoking by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the use of nicotine. Medications such as bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix) are intended for short-term use only.

Alternative therapies to help you stop smoking

There are several things you can do to stop smoking that don't involve nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medications: Ask your doctor for a referral or see Resources and References below for help finding qualified professionals in each area.

Hypnosis A popular option that has produced good results. Forget anything you may have seen from stage hypnotists, hypnosis works by getting you into a deeply relaxed state where you are open to suggestions that strengthen your resolve to quit smoking and increase your negative feelings toward cigarettes.
Acupuncture One of the oldest known medical techniques, acupuncture is believed to work by triggering the release of endorphins (natural pain relievers) that allow the body to relax. As a smoking cessation aid, acupuncture can be helpful in managing smoking withdrawal symptoms.
Behavioral Therapy Nicotine addiction is related to the habitual behaviors (the 'rituals') involved in smoking. Behavior therapy focuses on learning new coping skills and breaking those habits.
Motivational Therapies Self-help books and websites can provide a number of ways to motivate yourself to quit smoking. One well known example is calculating the monetary savings. Some people have been able to find the motivation to quit just by calculating how much money they will save. It may be enough to pay for a summer vacation.
Smokeless or spit tobacco is NOT a healthy alternative to smoking

Smokeless tobacco, otherwise known as spit tobacco, is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. It contains the same addictive chemical, nicotine, contained in cigarettes. In fact, the amount of nicotine absorbed from smokeless tobacco can be 3 to 4 times the amount delivered by a cigarette.

What to do if you slip or relapse

Most people try to quit smoking several times before they kick the habit for good, so don't beat yourself up if you start smoking again. Turn the relapse into a rebound by learning from your mistake. Analyze what happened right before you started smoking again, identify the triggers or trouble spots you ran into, and make a new stop-smoking plan that eliminates them.

It's also important to emphasize the difference between a slip and a relapse. If you slip up and smoke a cigarette, it doesn't mean that you can't get back on the wagon. You can choose to learn from the slip and let it motivate you to try harder or you can use it as an excuse to go back to your smoking habit. But the choice is yours. A slip doesn't have to turn into a full-blown relapse.

I started smoking again, now what?

Having a small setback doesn't mean you're a smoker again. Most people try to quit smoking several times before they kick the habit for good. Identify the triggers or trouble spots you ran into and learn from your mistakes.

You're not a failure if you slip up. It doesn't mean you can't quit for good.
Don't let a slip become a mudslide. Throw out the rest of the pack. It's important to get back on the non-smoking track now.
Look back at your quit log and feel good about the time you went without smoking.
Find the trigger. Exactly what was it that made you smoke again? Decide how you will cope with that issue the next time it comes up.
Learn from your experience. What has been most helpful? What didn't work?
Are you using a medicine to help you quit? Call your doctor if you start smoking again. Some medicines cannot be used if you are smoking at the same time.

I am 28 years old. My weight 48 kg. I have headache problem. When I take a tension. But I do not want to take any type of tension. I get automatic either in normal situation. And I think thats why I am so thin. What can I do.

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I am 28 years old. My weight 48 kg. I have headache problem.
When I take a tension. But I do not want to take any typ...
Eat a lot of good things Protein = building block for your muscles Carbs will help you put on weight, but it won’t be muscle Keep track of everything you eat Compound exercises are your friend Appearance is a consequence of fitness Let your muscles rest Sleep Make it part of your routine Realize you will put on some fat U need to take a high protein high calorie diet.
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