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Dr. Jalil

General Physician, Bangalore

Dr. Jalil General Physician, Bangalore
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Jalil is an experienced General Physician in BTM Layout, Bangalore. He is currently practising at A J Clinic in BTM Layout, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Dr. Jalil on

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Sinus surgery methods, cost 15k, 20k, 30k. Recovery days, hospital stay, what kind of food eat&not eat food, drinks.

General Physician, Cuttack
You have to go for Endoscopic sinus surgery.consult a good ENT specialist for cost,advice and treatment
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I am suffering for itching problem. Location: both the sides of vagina outer part. Pls help me. I have hypothyroidism & type-2 diabetic problem.

DGO, MD, MRCOG, CCST, Accredation in Colposcopy
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Fungal infection is the commonest cause; especially if you are diabetic. So you need to go to a doctor to get a prescription of an anti-fungal cream.
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Hello Sir , I cant Sleep on time and during my sleep if i wake up at any time then i am unable to sleep again ? Kindly Help me.

M.D in Ayurveda, B.A.M.S
Ayurveda, Jalna
Drink one glass of milk with khadishakkar at bed time . Do shavasan ( yoga aasan) at bed time. Just forget your worries , think positive , do nam smaran of your god .
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I am 28 age having masturbation daily I have no bad habits like smoking, drinking and other else. If masturbation is not doing in day I have not sleep at night. If masturbation doing I sleep at night and another thing is that after masturbation I fell so weak. I so fear about my habit. Please give a good solution for my problem and please tell how to come out from this habit. Thanks sir.

General Physician, Chandigarh
Though masturbation is harmless but too much of this can effect your sexual life and performance this habit can be changed with self discipline and self control only develop some goof interesting hobbies and keep yourself busy the whole day also take good diet and regular exercises
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I am 31 years old male. On 22nd Oct I got caught by cough in chest. I took Amoxicillin 500 1 cap and Bro Zedex syrup. But it was not well so I took 1 augmentin 625. I got well on 23 oct. But on 23oct night while I came back from office in midnight I caught by fever. I took carpool. It continues next day. I met with near by mbbs physician who give me some loose packing medicine and ask for blood test. I took blood test. No dengue, no malaria, etc. Was found but he said its bacterial fever. He just gave one antibiotic cipmox 500. I did talk to my family doctor he suggest took zifi 200 regular 5 days two times, carpool three times, I took that but till the time I eat carpool fever is down otherwise its back. During this course he said take sumo tab instead carpool. After two times sumo two days my mouth got full of sores. I was not able to drink or eat anything. I immediately stop sumo and took carpool but my mouth condition is very painful. Than we took third advise from govt. Mbbs physician and she said zifi is fine pls don't discontinue, and carpool is also fine. She give acidity capsule from her and ask to eat one folic acid tablet in a day. So that there is no problem in stomach. Also give capsule rinifol one Morning one night. I too capsule today and my sores in mouth are relieved some how. I am able eat light food. But I am worried my fever is not going permanently. Please help.

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Mean having fever for last 11 days and dengue and malaria is negative. Can be typhoid. Get widal test by tube method and cbcesr, urin routine and culture, xray chest and ultrasound abdomen to know cause.
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I am suffering hairfall from last some month Plez helf And I am suffering dry cough from last 1month plez help.

Homeopath, Thane
Hi, use arnica hair" n" scalp shampoo wash hair with this shampoo twice a week *use arnica hair treatment oil apply this oil previous day on to the scalp and hair and wash with shampoo tab scalptone (sbl) 4tabs to be chewed twice a day 1/2 an hour before meals for dry cough take spongia tosta 200 4pills to be sucked thrice a day for 15days.
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Did any problem occurs in marriage life in doing continuous masturbation at the age of 28?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello. Masturbation drains vital nutrients from the body. If body is in the state of good health to recover, supported by healthy food, regular exercise and calm mind, this practice may cause no impact. Continued drain without enough nutrition reach can lead to weakness (trauma), reflected both in mind (lack of self confidence is the most common) and in the body (digestive disorders, hair fall, frequent urination etc).
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I have neck pain in backside since 3 days and it continues. Previous year in the winter I felt the same. I don't know why it occurs. I want to know the reason for this and also I have pain in right shoulder whenever I walk for long time it starts to feel pain in the right shoulder. Kindly explain me the reasons. Thank you!

MBBS, Diploma In Orthopaedics (D. Ortho)
Orthopedist, Lucknow
Hi it may be cervical spondylosis or shoulder syndrome which requires orthopaedic evaluation. Do hot fomentation, apply Omnigel, and take combiflam twice daily after meals for 3 to 5 days. It will settle. Neck exercises should be done under a physiotherapist best wishes.
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I got married before 4 years but still my wife has not got pregnant and my tonsil r not in same size is there any problem in that.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
The left testes is usually lower than the right testes. That is why you might be complaining that your testes are not of the same size. If your wife has not been able to conceive with unprotected intercourse in last 4 years, then you should consult a doctor for further evaluation of both of u.
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Sir I try to have sex with my gf 4 times. When I insert my penis in her I ejaculate with in 10 seconds. I am so depress. Tell me causes of this n how to solve this problem.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
You have premature ejaculation. It is a sexual disorder with multiple causes, mostly psychological as in your case, probably due to anticipatory and performance anxiety. These can be effectively dealt with using treatments that include some medicines and learning and practicing some exercises that help in delaying ejaculation during sex. Consult online for any further questions and assistance required.
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I am 35 yr old man having type 1 diabetes i am using reclimet 500mg for past 3 yrs.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
1 Holy Basil (tulsi) leaves The leaves of holy basil are packed with antioxidants and essential oils that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene. Collectively these compounds help the pancreatic beta cells (cells that store and release insulin) to function properly and increase sensitivity to insulin. An added advantage is that the antioxidants present in the leaves help beat the ill effects of oxidative stress. Tip: Consume two to three tulsi leaves whole or about one tablespoon full of its juice on an empty stomach to lower the blood sugar levels. Here are top 10 health benefits of tulsi #2 Flax seeds (Alsi) Due to their high fibre content flaxseeds help digestion and aid in the proper absorption of fats and sugars. Consuming flax seed helps reduce a diabetic?s postprandial sugar level by almost 28 per cent. Tip: Consume one tablespoon of ground flaxseed powder every morning on an empty stomach with a glass of warm water. However, do not have more than 2 tablespoons per day, as it can be detrimental to your health. Here are 11 ways to include flaxseeds in your diet. #3 Leaves of bilberry (neelabadari) plant The leaves of bilberry have been used in Ayurveda for many centuries to control diabetes. Recently, the Journal of Nutrition stated that the leaves of the Bilberry plant contain high amounts of anthocyanidin, which enhance the action of various proteins involved in glucose transportation and fat metabolism. Due to this unique property, bilberry leaves are a great way to lower one?s blood sugar levels. Tip: Crush bilberry leaves in a mortar and pestle and consume 100 milligrams of this extract everyday on an empty stomach. #4 Cinnamon (dalchini) Also known as dalchini, it improves insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels. Having as little as � teaspoon of cinnamon per day can improve one?s insulin sensitivity and help controlling weight, thereby decreasing one?s risk for heart disease. Tip: Include about 1 gram of dalchini into your daily diet for about a month to help lower blood sugar levels. Read more health benefits of cinnamon. #5 Green Tea Unlike other tea leaves, green tea is unfermented and is high in polyphenol content. Polyphenol is a strong antioxidant and hypo-glycaemic compound that helps control the release of blood sugars and helps the body use insulin better. Read more 10 types of flavoured green tea that have 20 health benefits. Tip: Steep a bag of green tea in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Remove the bag and drink a cup of this tea in the morning or before your meals. #6 Drumstick leaves Also called moringa, the leaves of this plant are best known for their ability to boost one?s energy. In the case of diabetics, the moringa leaf increases satiety and slows the breakdown of food and lower blood pressure. Tip: Take a few drumstick leaves, wash and crush them to extract their juice. Now take about 1/4th cup of this juice and drink it on an empty stomach, every morning to keep your sugar levels under control. #7 Psyllium husk (Isabgol) Also known as psyllium husk is often used as a laxative. When isabgol comes in contact with water, it swells to form a gel-like substance. This slows the breakdown and absorption of blood glucose. Isabgol also protects the stomach lining from ulcers and acidity. Tip: Cosume isabgol after every meal, ideally with milk or water. Avoid having it with curd as it can lead to constipation.
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I am 52 years old man I have diabetes last 11 years now I am getting week day by day can you please advise how I can get eager back and also I have shoulder freeze my let leg is laming.

General Physician, Nashik
Please mention your recent bsl reports and ongoing treatment and revert back to me for further assistance.
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I am 35 male single Stay on capsules is good for sex or not or have any side effect please tell me.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Hi. It is ayurvedic medicines has no side effects and more helpful to sexual life. Avoid these type medicines. Take natural ginseng daily for best sexual life. Avoid stress. Avoid spicy and oily meals. Avoid more alcohol and smoking.
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Sometimes I feel pain in my testicle when I tap and Also when I press. I have done testicle sonography ,CT scan of lower abdomen But report came normal I want to know what can be exact reason for this.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lucknow
Testicles are very delicate in nature, so you don't press and tap. By this practice they always painful. If all other condition are normal don't worry about this.
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I am 45 years old male I have diabetic problem Pls advise diet plan so that I will reduce my diabetic and also advise medicine.

Endocrinologist, Mumbai
For diabetes follow a diet low in carbohydrate, low in fat and high in fibre. Avoid bakery products. Avoid too much rice and potato. Avoid fried stuff. Avoid chocolate, cakes, ice cream, soft drinks and fruit juices. Eat lots of vegetables. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days in a week. Medicine will depend upon your blood sugar report.
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Hi I'm a male my face looks oily and sweaty please suggest me the best oil control face wash for me which works well for my face which removes the oily and sweat please suggest me the best oil and sweat control face wash suggest me the brand or product name which is cheap and works well please help me out.

B.H.M.S, M.D in Homoeopathy
Homeopath, Anand
You can use clean and clear oil control face wash. Apply mud face pack twice a week. Apply raw milk and lemon juice with cotton daily on your face. Avoid oily food.
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MY mother had angina attack in 2014 since then she I on medicines (winitro 2.6 bd, clopivas ap75 od, tvs-40 od, aciloc 150 bd, trivedon Mr. 35 bd, metolar 50 bd, ozomet pg2 she is diabetic also since 2010. Sometimes She feels sensation and fatigue in chest area and feels tired after short walking. What is the precautions she can take and can she do brisk walking because she is little overweight 80 kg at 5 ft 3 inch. Thanks.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, Lybrate user, If she is tired after a few stepping, her brisk walk is not advisable, over all hv a consultation with cardiologist in this respect. Her diet be simple, easily digestible on a all intervals. Meditation will b beneficial for her to feed the heart, in case of valvular & coronary arteries disorder. Take, simple, breakfast: Poha, phulkas, with vegetables, sandwich ,milk, Lunch & dinner: Rice (white/red/ brown) or, phulkas, or, khichadi (white / brown/broken rice) or oatmeals, chapaties,or Ravi balls,(1000-1300 calories) Liquid: 3/4 litters of water/day or from assorted sources e.g.milk, juice,milk shakes, Vit 'C' -gooseberry, guava,oranges, tomatoes to improve immunity & to prevent constipation, Vit'A' Papaya, sweet potatoes, oranges,to maintain skin & and good vision. Vit' B complex -Green leafy vegetable: Palak, methi leaves, drumsticks leaves, to check, constipation. Iron- pomegranate to increase haemoglobin level * go for cycling, jogging,skipping, gardening,swimming, either Under noted Foods b avoided. Row eggs, smoked seafood, Over indulgence in coffee & tea. Restaurant food, junk food, containing MSG & taste enhancer. Mango & jackfruits. Fried food. Tk homoeo medicines/ @ PhytoberryQ-10 drops, thrice before meal with little water. Stay, healthy. * Your feedback be appreciated for further follow up, please. Follow the advise of cardiologist.
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I have replaced one of the heart valve with Bio Prostate one about 6 1/2 years back - Now the valve is getting narrowed in a moderate to serious condition as informed by the Cardiologist after a 2D Eco Test - Can I have a valued advice how to control the narrowing?- Thanks in advance.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS - Physician )
Cardiologist, Delhi
Bio-prosthetic valves begin degenerating after 7-8 yrs, and this probably what is happening with yours. There are no medicine or precautions by which u can slow or decrease this process. Replacement of the valve is the only treatment so U should just keep a follow up with Echo to monitor the narrowing.
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Sir this is mohan Mandatory to stand up penis ofter sleeping My penis some days night stand up ofter sleeping I am tension about these please tell me sir.

Every person experience an erection after a sleep of 6-8 hours. Such an erection during waking up from sleep is a typical characteristic of normal sexual system. An uninterrupted sleep of 6-8 hours pacifies the nerves which get hyper-activated after a long day's work & results in a sexual arousal by channelising the blood flow towards the male sexual system.
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