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Dr. George Jeevan


Dentist, Bangalore

15 Years Experience  ·  0 at clinic
15 Years Experience  ·  0 at clinic
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. George Jeevan is a trusted Dentist in Koramangala, Bangalore. He has been a successful Dentist for the last 15 years. He studied and completed BDS, PGD IN ENDODONTICS, COSMETIC DENTAL SPECIALIST . He is currently practising at Jeevan Dental Clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. George Jeevan on

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BDS - Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences Hospital, - 2002
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am getting severe tooth ache from 2 days I am even not ablt to drink cool water.

Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Jaipur
There could be cavity inside your tooth younshould get checked by dentist vcz pain will not subside on its own.
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I have my healthy teeth before but now its become discolour. So I thought of having washup my tooth. So is it gud to have wash up. Does it have any side effect or anything.{please reply my answer} .

Dentist, Ahmedabad
Cleaning your teeth professionally has no side effects at all. You can go ahead and get your discolored teeth turned into bright smiling ones.
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Sir/madam What causes (reasons) of tongue infection (totally upper layer became a white tongue) and how to take precautions to avoid the problem. So much facing pain. How to reduce this kind of problem totally. What kind of food we preferred? Which tablets and solution and tubes are better to use. Yearly twice it will happen, at present I use metrogyl, metronidazole gen a gel (ointment) three times in a day. Its usefully. What I do. Next.

Homeopath, Sagar
Dear lybrate user, you can take following homoeopathic medicine for your problem 1- lachesis 200 2- merc sol 200 3- kali mur 200 all above mentioned drugs to be taken 5 drops each mixed in some water and taken twice daily for 15 days and report back.
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He have pan gutkha habit now he's mouth didn't open fully only singel finger going inside that's much only open pls tell some ideas.

Dentist, Gurgaon
Please ask him to stop pan gutkha immediately. Get a check up done soon. Take a good diet with no spices or oil. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take an antioxidants.
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The issue is not yet resolved. I was not actually treating the gingivitis well in the beginning itself. Now it got swelling very much. Also was brushing as normal. Which caused bruising everyday almost it also elevated the issue. Now for first time started with proper having antibiotics. Let me check any thing will get subsidies. Gingivitis without pain.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Kindly consult a dentist in person for further suggestion. We need more investigations to decide upon treatment. You may need deep cleaning along with surgical, gum strengthening procedure. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouth wash after every meals. Use pepsodent tooth paste & gum paint for 2 to 3 weeks. Advance procedures can be done with laser. You may consult me in person. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months for cleaning and a thorough dental check-up. Limit sugary food to avoid tooth decay. Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush. Tooth brush to be changed every 2 months.
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I have like allergic reaction type in my mucosa of my mouth, it became thick in a bout two days, while using hot drinks I have alot of pain and burns. What should I do?

Dentist, Gurgaon
Dear lybrate user, the mucosa of our mouth is very delicate and sometimes it's unable to tolerate the extreme temperature changes so please avoid taking extremely hot beverages or food. Even very cold drinks or biting on ice cubes is not advisable. Drink plenty of water. Also, consult your dentist for any other underlying problem.
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I am 28 years male. Suffering from dental pain at left upper m1 and m2. The dentist took the xray and explained as m2 is completely infected and m1 is infected but in the outermost layer of enamel.

Dentist, Pune
After looking at x ray and symptoms I agree with your dentist. Both tooth require immediate treatment. Visit your dentist as soon as possible and get your treatment done.
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Hello doctor My teeth are becoming loose And my teeth are already loose since my childhood But recently I have lost my front tooth Is it possible I get my foot grow up by it self? Pls let me know the precaution to be taken for my teeth.

Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Hyderabad
Dear patient teeth once lost will not come you should go for dental opg to know the bone condition if required ctscan also for mouth so based on it treatment can be planned.
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I have pain in teeth on backward side of my mouth. And its fully swelling day by day. What should I do? Pls suggest me.

Please use warm water and mix (long +fitkari +haldi,+namak) powder use like toothpaste two time. Or consult homoeopathy doctor or dental doctor and take medicine.
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I broke my tooth (Front tooth). I lost half part of it. I know I does not grow. I heard of tooth implant. How much does it cost? Is there any other process to come over?

Dentist, Siliguri
No need of tooth implant if the root of the tooth is firmly attached to the bone or any fracture in the root. Visit a dentist, via x-ray that will be confirmed. If the root is fine, go for rct with post and core build up and placed a crown above that. Your tooth will look same as what it was, also the costing will be lesser than implant and also for implants 3 months treatment time period is needed and for rct with crown (post) it will take maximum 3-5 days.
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Sir I have a problem in my teeth, when I speak everyone then they feel a smell from my mouth. So have you a solution for this.

Dentist, Noida
Smell can be because of calculus deposits. Consult a good dentist & get the cleaning of your teeth done at the earliest.
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PG Fellowship In Microdentistry, BDS
Dentist, Thane
We Recommend the consumption of counter pain relievers like ibuprofen and paracetamol to reduce the pain and inflammation caused in tooth during the routine Root anal Treatment

How to stop a toothache instantly?

Dentist, Udaipur
How to stop a toothache instantly?

What are some simple ways to get rid of a toothache fast?

A) before knowing about the remedies for relieving toothache, let us first understand the reasons for a toothache. Knowing the causes can help us prevent it.


Generally, toothache is a result of inflammation of the soft, central part of the tooth. The most common cause is cavities (tooth decay). Other causes include infection at the root of the tooth, chipped or broken teeth, damaged fillings, infected gums


Since most toothaches are the result of tooth decay, following good oral hygiene practices can prevent toothaches. Follow these simple steps:

-brush twice daily with a fluoride-containing toothpaste
-floss once daily
-rinse once or twice a day with an antiseptic mouthwash
-consult your dentist twice a year for professional cleaning
-eat foods low in sugar

Natural ways to relieve a toothache

Popping painkillers and other drugs frequently to relieve pain is not always the best idea. They come with their own set of side effects and should be avoided whenever possible. You may try these simple, safe and effective remedies to help you relieve a toothache instantly and naturally:

1. Salt and pepper

Salt mixed with pepper can be of great use as both the ingredients have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties:
-mix equal amounts of pepper and common salt with a few drops of water to form a paste
-apply the paste directly on the affected tooth and allow it to sit for a few minutes
-repeat 2-3 times in a day

2. Garlic

Garlic has antibiotic and other medicinal properties that can be very effective in reducing the pain:
-mix a crushed garlic clove with some table salt or black salt and apply it directly on the affected tooth to alleviate the pain
-you can also chew one or two cloves of garlic to get relief

More: have garlic & 6 more foods for a healthy heart

3. Cloves

Cloves have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties that help alleviate tooth pain and fight infection:
-grind two whole cloves. Mix in a little olive oil or any vegetable oil and apply on the affected tooth
-another option is to dab a cotton ball in clove oil and rub it directly on the sore tooth
-you may also mix a few drops of clove oil in half a glass of water and use it as a mouth rinse

4. Saltwater

Saltwater cleanses the area around the tooth and draws out some of the fluid that causes swelling:
-stir a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and rinse for up to 30 seconds before you spit it out
-repeat this treatment as often as needed

5. Tea bag

The tannic acid in tea helps to relieve gum infections:

-steep a tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes, then remove and allow to cool
-hold the cooled teabag around your gums for about 5 minutes

6. Ice

Ice helps numb the nerves and hence the toothache:

-place a small ice cube in a plastic bag, wrap a thin cloth around the bag, and apply it to the aching tooth for about 15 minutes
-alternatively, that ice pack can go on your cheek, over the painful tooth

Do remember,

These remedies may help with short term relief. Consult your doctor if your toothache lasts longer than 1 or 2 days, if it is severe, or if you have a fever, earache, or pain upon opening your mouth wide. Proper identification and treatment of dental infections is very important to prevent its spread to other parts of the face and skull.

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Dentist, Gadchiroli
Dairy products, soft breads, softer grains, sea food and soft meat, soft cooked vegetables and many more are braces friendly foods i. E. Which can be eaten without any difficulty even when one is undertaking the orthodontic treatment.

I am troubling with ulcers inside of my mouth it's comes in every month for four to five days please any suggestions.

BDS, Non-Resident J.R. in Dept. of Orthodontics, Certified oral implantologist, Advanced Aesthetics, Digital Smile Designer
Dentist, Jammu
ulcers occurred due to sharp edged tooth or some overhanging margin of a filling or crown.....we need to find the right cause before we can start over the treatment........for pain relief, you can apply a topical oral ulcer gel containing choline salicylate and lignocaine hcl..aslo start warm saline rinses
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Hello! I am suffering from severe mouth ulcers! I get it very often! though i'm taking medication under dentists. It's still not curing. Nd the ulcer is becoming more nd more day by day. I am not able to eat anything. Plzz tell me a permanent solution for this!

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Kindly consult a dentist in person for further suggestion.You may need t. Rebagen 10, morning one tab & one at night for 5 days, along with c. Becosules 5 cap, for five days in the morning after meals. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months.Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush.
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When I eat some thing cold or hard things in my right side of the mouth I experience a huge pain in one tooth which is broken in one side. How can I get rid of it please help me?

Dentist, Delhi
Dear lybrate-user, the broken tooth you are referring to, is causing pain as its nerves have become exposed. Most likely, you may have had a long-standing cavity, or may have chewed something extremely hard, that led to loss of a part of the tooth. The most reliable treatment in such cases is an rct, wherein the pain gets relieved permanently. I suggest that that you consult me privately on lybrate, so that I can provide more specific answers. You will be able to send across images of your damaged tooth/teeth, and looking at them will help me be in a better position to solve your problem.
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So yellow teeth can be whiten again by bleaching only? what is bleaching exactly? I need to do it on regular interval time or one time is enough? n day by day gap is increasing between my each teeth! the gap looks very bad? what is your suggestion on this?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
No, bleaching is not the only option for whitening. Bridging can convince you with white teeth as well as your gap closure. For specific details consult. Consultation free.
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I have fluoride yellow teeth .how to clean them and how to make my teeth white fast.

BAMS, PG Dip (Medical Education), (FAGE) Fellow of Academy of General Education, MBA (Healthcare)
Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, Avoid coffee, tea. Eat fruits and cooked veggies only. Avoid spicy and oily food. Consult a dentist for teeth whitening process.
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Hi, I got small hole in center of upper incisor teeth. I do not have one molar tooth in left. Please suggest what could be the reason and what I have to do.

Dentist, Harda
Cavity present in your central incisors. Get filling done. And implant for missing tooth replacement.
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