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Dr. Farah

General Physician, Bangalore

Dr. Farah General Physician, Bangalore
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Farah is a popular General Physician in Jayanagar, Bangalore. He is currently associated with SLR Diagnostics in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Farah on has a number of highly qualified General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 30 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Pcod means what, I am not understand it. I don't do any work quickly, being lazyness from previous 4 years.

PG Hom, London, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai
Hello, pcod means poly cystic ovarian disease. The condition simply means having boil like things named" cyst" over the ovaries. You can read my blog for further information. http://drpallavimehta.blogspot.In/2015/01/polycystic-ovarian-disease.html.
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I have a prblm regarding penis . When penis stretch penis foreskin not pulled back . When unstrech than its pulled back. So thats why its create pbl during sex. please tells me solution without srgury. . My age is 21.

Fellowship ,council of Sex Education and Parenthood , BAMS, B-Pharm
Sexologist, Jaipur
Your fore skin of penis not able to pull beck is not normal it leads to pain when you do sex. Its known as phimosis. Sometimes initially there is problem in penis foreskin to pull beck so tried with some oil or gel whether it is possible to pull backward or not. If not then consult surgeon.
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Hi sir, i am 26 years old. This year i am suffering jaundice. On january month till date i am not satisfying sex life. How overcome my problem please tell me.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
Men are always keen to improve their sexual power to satisfy their partner. But some guys take harmful medicines to improve their sexual power instantly which in turn have long term side effects on health and slowly decrease the sexual power. Some are habit forming and people don`t get erections without them. So use safed musli powerex d3 gold which is a safe and natural medicine. This is ayurvedic medicine which is non habit forming and a powerful sex booster for males and females. It increases libido, gives and maintain rock hard erections, increases duration of sex and gives the powerful orgasm. It helps in increasing semen count and is good for reproductive system, urinary system and empowers whole body. So use this medicine for almost two months regularly to get best results.
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Hello sir, I did the sex with my colleague so many times, but it's my bad luck or unfortunately last i didnt use contraceptives. After 3 months some itching and Daad types on thigh and itching behind the part of penis. I consult with VD expert DR Rikh for this diseases, he told yu have STD. I test all the blood i didnt get anything everything was normal. But in IGE test it was showing the infection above the limit. Right i tested IGE the level below the level. But sometime i feel itching. Please help me, if any advise or need treatment in ayurvedic please tell me.

Vaidya Visharad
Ayurveda, Narnaul
Hello Dear, Sexual vitality is a vital factor to lead pleasing sexual life. Some time people lose their sexual vitality due to change in lifestyle and emotional problem. In ayurveda there is a complete branch to explain the treatment for vigor and vitality is known as vaajikarna. Vaajikarana is the branch of Ayurveda dealing with the promotion of sexual health and the management of seminal disorders and male sexual disorders and their natural solutions. Ayurveda is the best natural way to treat sexual problems. Both physical and psychological disturbance can be responsible for the weakness. According to Ayurveda, there are seven basic types of dhatus in a human body. These seven basic dhatus are composed of five mahabhutas. These dhatus remain inside the human body in a proper equilibrium so that the body can function properly. It is said that any kind of disturbance or imbalance in their equilibrium due to body dosha causes ailments and diseases. Each of the Dhatus is built out of a previous one and they develop on the nourishment that comes from the digestive system.
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Hi Ultra sensitive c-reactive proteins (US CRP) test report -- 12.4 mg/l in women and the vitamin D - 9.1 mg/l, she is suffering with joint pains. Can you tell me what the above tests mean? Is there any emergency medical attention needed?

Phd - Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
C-reactive protein level shows inflammation in your body or any infection. Its little bit raised in your report, you need not worry .Use omega-3 rich oil like rice-bran oil/olive oil. Take walnut as a sorce of omega-3.As omega-3 rich food reduces inflammation in your body. Your Vitamin-D level is also very low. You need to take vitamin -D supplement like calcirol or any other brand that your doctor prescribe.
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Is there any chance to decrease umbilical hernia gradually by yoga and healthy lifestyle, with healthy foods like aloevera juice, chamomile,sphered purse herbs,

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MNAMS (Membership of the National Academy) (General Surgery) , FAIS, FACRSI, Fellowship in GI Surgery, DNB (General Surgery), MBBS
General Surgeon, Delhi
Hernia is any abnormal protrusion of intraabdominal contents through abnormal orifice. Hernia problems require surgery and no other medications can decrease or remove it. Laparoscopically done mesh hernioplasty is the only curative option to have. Kindly see any laparoscopic surgeon for your problem.
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Hi Doctor, I am suffering from Pre mature ejaculation. When I start intercourse, within 2 mins I ejaculate. How can I delay ejaculation?

General Physician, Delhi
Hi, premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration. It happens with minimal sexual stimulation and before the person wishes. Pe is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction. It has probably affected every man at some point in his life. The main symptom is an uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after intercourse begins. With sexual experience and age, men often learn to delay orgasm. Premature ejaculation may occur with a new partner. Psychological factors such as anxiety, guilt, or depression can also cause it. In some cases, it may be related to a medical cause such as hormonal problems, injury, or a side effect of certain medicines. In many cases premature ejaculation gets better on its own over time. Treatment may not be needed. Practicing relaxation techniques or using distraction methods may help you delay ejaculation. For some men, stopping or cutting down on the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs may improve how well they can control ejaculation. We recommend that you and your partner practice certain techniques to help delay ejaculation. For example, 1. You may learn to identify and control the sensations that lead up to ejaculation. 2. You may learn to communicate with your partner to slow or stop stimulation. 3. You can try using a condom to reduce sensation to the penis. 4. Or you can try a different position (such as lying on your back) during intercourse.
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2 months before, After a sleepless night due to feeling of chest tightness I had sudden increase in heart beats in morning. Doctor given restyl tablet & its got controlled. ECG, Echo, stress test are normal. cholesterol was 132. Now again same thing happened & got controlled by starpress XL & chlorofit. Again ECG is normal. In between I am always having feeling of tightness of left chest, left arm, left shoulder, left upper back, chest rib pain, fullness of stomach & mild pain chest muscle. I have started exercise but still this tightness feeling comes & go all the day & night time. I was very healthy person & rarely fell sick in a year. Please suggest me permanent solution to treat this condition as I feel worry if again same thing will happen.

General Physician, Ahmednagar
All your complaints are due to worry, stress and anxiety. Dealing with Stress Stress may be broadly defined as comprising of 3 components, namely a “known situation, interpretation of a situation and the physical and mental reaction to that interpretation of the situation”. Stress is a situation: There cannot be a stress without a situation. One cannot be stressed about some event occurring in USA without knowing the person or the situation. The situation requires familiarity with the particular sensory object (known situation). Stress is an interpretation of a situation: Without interpretation, stress is not possible. The same situation can be interpreted differently by different people. A stimulus may be stressful to one but not to another. Stress is a physical and mental response to the interpretation of the situation: Stress manifests because of a chemical imbalance resulting due to sympathetic overactivity, which manifests as mental and or physical symptoms. Stress, therefore, is the body’s physical and mental response to the interpretation of a situation. Management of stress, therefore, involves either changing the situation, changing the interpretation of the situation or making the body resistant to physical and mental changes in the situation. Practicing Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga via living a yogic lifestyle, adhering to the various Dos and Do not’s in life as taught in various religious teachings, and learning to meditate help our body to resist these sympathetic–activating changes and handle the stressful situation. These involve proper diet, exercise, meditation and relaxation exercises. Changing the interpretation of a situation involves counseling. Cognitive behavior therapy used in counseling is one such example. Change in interpretation requires deeper understanding of the problem and removal of the obstacles.
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I have small size of penis. I read too mch on it. Size doesn't matters n all. Bt nvr consult a doctor.. I do absolutely good sex. But sometimes I feel dat I need to enlarge the size. Is there any kind of way to enlarge?

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S), PGD(Sexual Medicine & Councelling)
Sexologist, Gurgaon
if your penis size is in between 3 to 5 inches when erect than you dont need any treatment and remember no medicine can increase the size of penis but penis health can be improved by medicine.
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I have this pain on the right side of my abdomen whenever I wake up in the morning after sleep. It continues for a while then goes away itself. What can it possibly be?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
you should do ne sonography it could be indigestion problem first of all you should follow some basic thing 1.avoid=hot and cold at time 2.less the sugar as much as possible if you want to eat sweet take juggery which is black 3.dont drink water after meal drink at the time of meal sip by sip up to 150 ml 4.avoid late nght sleep if you eat meal so fast or by standing then also pain in abdomen i suggest you some home remedies 1. saunf 1tsp + 1 glass of water boiled it and drink it at the time of lunch and dinner
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I having itching irritation around private region for 3-4, years. But no signs are seen on the skin. I used to apply zole-F, candid ointment. Also forcan-150. But no permanent recovery What shall I do?

MD - Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Kangra
consult a dermatologist.. he will take the scraping of affected area will do koh stain and according ly will advise meds....other haphazard treatment s will give temporary relief...also get ur fasting blood sugar done to rule out diabetes
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What are the side effects of emergency contraceptive pills when we take it after 48 hours?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
1) Chance of failure is high 2) Taken any time little hormonal imbalance and some get side effects of hormones.
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Hi sr, I, m 24 years male since doing masturbation from class 7th _12th after passing ug , doing a job now day suffering stress and forgetfulness (bhul jata h). It's creates problem in my job please give solution .

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Over-masturbation Preventive technique and treatment Most of the teenagers and young adults both male and females they don’t know how to stop masturbation. Homoeopathy is excellent treatment to stop masturbation And for removing side effects of over masturbation. Homeo medicines works well in over masturbation side effects for both male and female.
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From the last ten days while brisk walking suddenly every thing gets blurred and elevated heart beat after taking a small break of 10-15 second I regain my conscience and walk home slowly. What tests and precautions you suggest and to which doctor to contact. I am june'68 born male with 5.6 height and 80 kg weight.

Certified Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian (RD), PGDD, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S), General Physician
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to cardiovascular disease. What you eat has a direct impact on your cholesterol level. In fact, a diet rich in fiber and other cholesterol-lowering foods may help lower cholesterol as much as statin medication for some people. Working with a registered dietitian and doctor is the key to develop and maintain a successful health program to manage it. I will inform you on how to make diet, lifestyle changes, make you understand instructions for taking medication because it won't work if you don't take it as directed. Consult privately for a holistic dietary therapy to solve your problems.
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Can you tell me some solution for tonsils. It causes lots of pain in my throat. I'll be thankful to you.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Delhi
Chronic painful tonsils should ideally be operated upon, specially if medical management is not working. Regards.
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I like to do wild sex with my partner I like to do oral sex with her but she refuse to do the same way sud I do that my partner will also get ready for oral sex?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Jodhpur
You can not force anyone to like what you like similarly she can not force you not to like oral. You have ti go slow. Make more understanding. Give more pleasure. Slowly slowly you will get back. Do not expect in one day.
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I am suffering from dental problem. An extra tooth becoming my problem which I saw suddenly started growing at the end of my teeth n gum and thats why the tooth before that started isolated from gum and blood is coming from there. How can I recover my gum n stop blood?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
- use a soft toothbrush -- and brush properly! brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day and after meals. Hard brushing can further damage the soft tissues of your mouth. - floss at least once a day and be sure to floslybrate-usereyond the gum line to remove more plaque. - control bleeding by applying pressure to the area with a cold compress. - rinse with salt water or hydrogen peroxide to keep the area clean. Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol, which can dry out your mouth. - stay away from smoking and other tobacco products, which can aggravate bleeding gums. - eat a balanced diet and limit snacking between meals. Carbohydrates and sugars feed dental plaque. - try an oral irrigation device, commonly known as a" water pick, to clear debris from around the gum line. - you may need deep cleaning along with surgical curettage or gum strengthening procedure. Use pepsodent tooth paste & gum paint for 2 to 3 weeks. Advance procedures can be done with laser.
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I had a headache and fever. What should I do. And also fed with stomach pain. Can you please help me for this reason. It started before 1 weak. And I am not feeling well. Please help me. Please.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Take paracetamol 500mg, one tablet sos upto a maximum of three tablets daily after food 2.Drink plenty of water 3.Take rest 4. If no relief do blood examination like CBC, Widal/ Typhidot test, Blood for mp and Dengue antigen(NS1) test after consulting doctor 5.Consult for further advice
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I am 19 years old and having sTomach pain since 3 days I have taken rentac and cycloplam so what to do now.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Take tab. Meftal spas sos for abdomen pain. Tan. pan-d once a day for 3 days. Avoid spicy foods, oily,junk,fatty foods, Take whole grain foods, plenty of water, there are many causes of abdomen pain. i.e. acidity, heavy meal, gastritis, fatty liver, infection in any organs of abdomen, if not ok pl. checkup usg whole abdomen, cbc, urine r/m, blood sugar, lft, kft, and consult again. welcome in lybrate.
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