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Dr. C K Chandrasekhar

BDS, MDS-Oral Surgery

Dentist, Bangalore

45 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
Dr. C K Chandrasekhar BDS, MDS-Oral Surgery Dentist, Bangalore
45 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Dr. C K Chandrasekhar
Dr. C K Chandrasekhar is a renowned Dentist in Jayanagar, Bangalore. He has been a successful Dentist for the last 45 years. He is a BDS, MDS-Oral Surgery . You can visit him at Specialist Dental Clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Dr. C K Chandrasekhar and consult privately on has a number of highly qualified Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 39 years of experience on You can find Dentists online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BDS - Government Dental College,Bangalore, - 1972
MDS-Oral Surgery - Government Dental College,Bangalore, - 1979
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My tongue is white and rough. I have dry mouth. tongue little cracks. Please tell me drugs.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Eat lot of fruits & green leafy vegetables & drink plenty of water. Kindly consult a dentist in person for further suggestion. We need more investigations with clinical examination to decide upon treatment. You may need Coronoplasty (smoothen teeth edges) along with T. Rebagen 10, morning one tab & one at night for 5 days, along with C. Becosules 5 cap, for five days in the morning after meals. Hexigel ointment on the area of ulcer. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouth wash.
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I am suffering from bad breath in my mouth because I have small gaps in my teeth to teeth how to solve this.

M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Menthol: this is a main ingradient in tonics and syrups. Gargling of this tincture reduces bad breath.
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I am suffering from mouth ulcer since my childhood. Its heavy some time like 4 places in mouth at a time Suggest me some permanent cure for this.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
If the mouth ulcer is causing a lot of pain, gently rub a small ice cube over the spot or rinse your mouth with ice-cold water. You could also chew on a clove bud (lavang) and direct the juice generated to the area where the ulcer is located. Clove buds are a great ingredient to cure sore throat too. To prevent the ulcerated area from getting infected, make it a point to rinse your mouth with a little salt water. Remember, this won’t make the ulcer disappear, but it can help reduce the pain. Honey is a natural humectant. It helps reduce scarring and hastens the process of new tissue growth. This, along with its anti-microbial effect ensures faster healing of the mouth ulcer. Chew a few leaves of tulsi along with some water about three to four times every day. This will help in getting rid of ulcers faster and also have a preventive action against their recurrence. Applying a little coconut oil directly onto the mouth ulcer or chewing some coconut (fresh or dry) helps reduce pain and inflammation and hence, ulcers heal faster. Mix some sugar to crushed khus-khus seeds and consume this mixture for instant relief from ulcers. You could apply a little ghee directly to the ulcerated area, or drink a glass of buttermilk two or three times every day. Mouth ulcers left untreated generally go away in a week or so; with these home remedies, you can expect faster relief. However, if you notice an ulcer in the mouth that is persistently present although it does not cause you any pain, do not neglect it or try to treat it with home remedies beyond a few days. Make it a point to see a doctor soon because often, a painless mouth ulcer is one of the earliest signs of oral cancer.
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Sir/Madam, I have a swollen gum. For that, I wash my mouth with a lukewarm water added with salt for twice a day after brushing my teeth with a soft bristle brush. Do you think is that enough, or do you prefer any other home remedies? (I didn't feel pain at normal times. There is no bleeding. But while taking any hard type food, I feel little pain. I feel a small hole at the joining point of gum and teeth)

BDS, MDS - Periodontics, Ph.D.
Dentist, Pune
Swollen gums are because of plaque and calculus beneath your gums, normal brushing and rinsing your teeth won't help cure this problem. Get your teeth cleaned by a periodontist. Cleaning along with root planing has to be done. Then continue with salt water rinses.
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Dentist, Thane
Some oral diseases do not get detected until they reach their mature stage. Visiting a dentist at regular intervals would mean keeping constant tabs on your oral health.

Sir I have an ulcer problem in my mouth oftenly as I treated for it, its recovered bt its again comes and most of the time it remains in mouth so please give me a proper suggestion or treatment

Dentist, Madhepura
Dear mam follow these medicines as instructed 1. Tab rebagen one tablet twice a day for one month followed by one tablet once a day for three months 2. Lexanox ointment to be applied locally on affected part twice a day after brushing and mouth washing 3. Thermokind mouthwash gargle twice a day after brushing 4. Syrup septillin two teaspoonful twice a day for three months
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My wisdom tooth is a problem. It there any complication if I get it out ad what precaution should I need to take after it.

Dentist, Patiala
If is wisdom tooth is bugging you then get it out. Precautions are universal like you have to keep the are clean. Eat cold and soft food after extraction do warm saline rinses after 24 hrs of extraction.
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I have burned scars on my face? How to remove that. And I am suffering from fluoride on my teeth. How can I relieve from these.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Visit a dentist. The method of acidic micro abrasion, followed by remineralisation procedures, assures a considerable recovery of the dental surfaces affected by fluorosis. Best way is capping or veneers for upper front 6 teeth & lower front 6 teeth. Until then use tooth mousse tooth paste. Apply this paste on the teeth. Wait for 10 to 15 min. Then brush your teeth with the same paste. Applying it overnight for better results.
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I have lost my back tooth and because of that my front teeth are worn out to nerves and I need few teeth implants and front teeth sorted or implants can you help and rough estimate how much it will cost and do you have accommodation facilities as I will be travelling from UK

MDS, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), BDS
Dentist, Ahmedabad
Hello from what you have mentioned it's very clear that you need to go for few implants. Implant costs anywhere between 24k to 30k per implant for standard quality implants. Any prosthetic work like crowns placed over it starts from 4k to 12k depending on the type of replacement done. A
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Alternatives for Improving Smile

BDS, Certification In Oral Implantology
Dentist, Ghaziabad
Alternatives for Improving Smile

A beautiful smile plays a very vital role in enhancing the overall beauty of face. Rotated, stained and maL-placed tooth can cause major aesthetic/cosmetic and psychological problems in teenage and young adults. Mid-line teeth gap, rotated teeth, crowded teeth, stained teeth, broken tooth edges and wearing tooth edges are the most common cosmetic problems that our patients report to us. Dynamic advancements in the field of dentistry has come across with the solution of majority of cosmetic problems.

Here we discuss the various options available for improving smile:

1. Veneers: They are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic glued to the front of your teeth. For teeth that are severely discoloured, chipped or misshapen and gaps between the teeth, veneers create a durable and pleasing smile. A veneer is made to match the colour and shape of your tooth. Not everyone is a candidate for professional teeth whitening. Bleaching is not recommended if you have tooth colored fillings, crowns, caps or bonding in your front teeth. There are two types of veneers:

a. Porcelain (indirect) veneers, which must first be created to fit your teeth in a dental laboratory and require two visits to the dentist. Porcelain veneers are generally stronger, while composite veneers are less expensive. With porcelain veneers, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth and sends it to the dental lab for fabrication of the veneer, usually after the front of the tooth has been reduced.

b. Composite (direct) veneers, which are bonded to your tooth enamel in a single visit. With either method, the tooth is prepared for bonding by roughening the front surface with mild etching solution. The veneer can then be bonded to your tooth using a dental bonding cement.

2. Bonding: It uses composite resin to restore chipped or broken teeth, fill in gaps and reshape or recolor your smile. After applying a very mild etching solution that slightly roughens the surface of your teeth and permits the bonding material to adhere, your dentist applies the resin and sculpts, colours and shapes it to provide a pleasing result. A high-intensity light hardens the material, which is then finely polished. Bonding agents are used in treatment of midline gap closures, fractured tooth restoration, wearing teeth edges.

3. Whitening: Some people are born with teeth that are more yellow than others. Others have teeth that yellow with age. Your natural tooth colour can also be affected by many factors. Surface stains (called extrinsic stains by dentists) and discolouration can be caused by:
a. Tobacco (whether smoked or chewed)
b. Drinking tea, coffee, or red wine
c. Eating highly pigmented foods such as cherries and blueberries
d. Accumulation of tartar deposits, which result from plaque that has hardened
e. Treatment with the antibiotic tetracycline during the time when teeth are forming
f. Yellowing or greying of the teeth as part of the aging process
g. Trauma to the teeth that may result in the death of the tooth's nerve, giving the tooth a brown, grey or black colour.

Whitening/Bleaching is a simple procedure where whitening agents are applied over the tooth surface in order to chemically change the colour of tooth. It can either be a single visit clinical procedure or multiple application home procedure under the guidance of your dentist.

Will my newly whitened teeth stain?
Any tooth can stain, including the veneers and bonds mentioned above. To help prevent stains from coming back, avoid smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and heavily coloured foods. And brush your teeth twice a day with a whitening toothpaste. If you wish to discuss about any specific dental problem, you can consult a specilized dentist and ask a free question.

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At the time of splitting something black colour material is coming out with mucus? Why this is happen? And sometime chest is also burning?

Dentist, Mumbai
Brijesh you are having black colour spit with mucous. you may be having poor oral hygiene /bad throat . you need to improve your oral hygiene . do warm saline gargles and apply sensoform gum paint visit dental surgeon for scaling and polishing . drink plenty of water .apply boroglycerine regularly .
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I have serious cavity problem over 8 months. Toothpaste are not working. What should I do?

Dentist, Ahmedabad
First of all toothpaste don't have any role for the prevention of cavities. And having cavities is not a serious problem at all. Cavities which are not too deep can be excavated and be restored by a dental cement. Cavities that are very deep can be cured by root canal treatment followed by crown ( cap ). For better prevention of cavities , 1- Follow proper brushing technique. 2- Brush twice a day 3-clean your teeth immediately every time after you eat fiid or liquids. 4- Undergo scaling ( cleaning of teeth) at the interval of every 5-6 months. 5- Visit dentist for regular oral cavity check up every 4 months for the early diagnosis and prevention of dental diseases.
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I am feeling kind of pea like node beneath my jaw from the past few days. It doesn't give pain but it I am not sure what it is. Can someone please advise if it is harmful of a sign of any severe thing.

Dentist, Sangli
These node indicate submandibular lymphadentis which is mostly caused by longstanding tooth cavity infection or gum problems. It will reduce after medicine use for temporary. But treating tooth cavity infection and gum problems will resolve that node for sure.
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I have got a ulcer on side of tongue and it's paining a lot. Prescribe me medicine.

BDS, CDE Endo-Prostho, CDE - Cast Partial & Complete Dentures
Dentist, Pune
Hello, you can apply baking soda over it or do baking soda in water mouth rinses. This will help to heal your ulcers. If they still persist, you need to consult a physician and get your vitamin B levels checked. If required take supplements for it.
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I am unable to open mouth for ate gutkha. please give me solution. This problem has 4year older.

MDS Prosthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Mohali
Stop taking gutka immediately. You are suffering from osmf. Visit dentist as soon as possible to access extent of your problem. Do not delay treatment any further.
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Tip to keep the teeth whiter

Post-Graduate Certificate in Endodontics
Dentist, Cuttack
Tip to keep the teeth whiter

Munching foods like apples, pears, carrots or celery after brushing can help in preventing discoloration as they trigger tooth-bathing saliva which helps in keeping the teeth whiter.

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How I can get rid from pyria? Due to this in my teeth bleeding is generated? Please give me solution?

MDS - Orthodontics
Hi. Its because of poor oral hygien. Sometimes it also occurs due to some systemic problems like hormonal disturbances particularly in your age group. Get consulted to a dentist. Use a gum paint to massage your gums and also do warm saline rinses twice a day morning and evening for ten days. It will certainly help you.
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Dentist, Gadchiroli
While preparing for RCT; ask a dentist if antibiotic medicines can be consumed or not, to reduce the infection and swelling
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My husband is having tooth problems, that his teeth has come up from the roots and the roots are suppressing inside and some teeths are shaking , what to do and what is the treatments ?

MDS - Periodontics, BDS
Dentist, Ahmedabad
U need a dental checkup 1st for accurate diagnosis and results .If u can post a pic than it would be better.To understand what excatly you want to ask
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Dentist, Kolhapur
Change your toothbrush every 3 months.
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