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Dr. Bhupendra Singh

Physiotherapist, Bangalore

Dr. Bhupendra Singh Physiotherapist, Bangalore
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
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Dr. Bhupendra Singh is an experienced Physiotherapist in Banashankari, Bangalore. You can visit him at SMS Ortho And Spine Clinic in Banashankari, Bangalore. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Bhupendra Singh on has a number of highly qualified Physiotherapists in India. You will find Physiotherapists with more than 36 years of experience on You can find Physiotherapists online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

My right leg heel is paining very much when ever I walk or used to do lot of work it pains badly. A black spot is also made at the side of heel may be it is black blood but it pains please suggest me a solution to get relief from this.

Physiotherapist, Kota
Leg exercise kijiye I hope you will fit and fine…………………………………….Resistance Band Hamstring Curls Begin this leg exercise lying on your front with a resistance band tied around your ankle. Slowly bend your knee tightening the muscles at the back of your thigh (hamstrings). Then slowly return to the starting position maintaining good control throughout the exercise. Perform 1 - 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg provided the exercise is pain free.
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My wife have pain ranging from buttock to toes some doctor say it's like sciatica some say it's not a sciatica She had vitamin B12, D deficiency her spine X ray is normal what is the cause and treatment? Can we have pregnancy in this disease?

MSPT (Master of Physical Therapy), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, pain with radiation mostly comes from neural compression, however type of pain sensation gives us also an idea of whether it is nerve compression pain or just a pain orginating from SI joint or Hip joint. Needs a thorough examination to understand the pain and conditions. Pregnancy will not be corelated with this particular conditions.
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Hello sir I have pain in left hand fingers because I do type writing for some times but the pain get increase please suggest me sir.

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi thanks for your query and welcome to lybrate. I am Dr. Akshay from fortis hospital, new delhi. It's actually difficult to suggest remedies for this since you have to continue with your job, but there are strengthening exercises and gadgets available at home which can actually increase the strength of your hand muscles as well as take adequate calcium, vitamin d and a multivitamin supplementation for this as well. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance.
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I want to lose weight as I am suffering from arthritic complaint for quite a few years. I am not taking any allopathic medicine for any of my problems but prefer siddha. Can I get guidance on how to decrease my pain and bring down my weight? I have undergone hysterectomy when I was 34 and now I am 56.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Rule out diabetes & vit.D deficiency Sleep on a hard bed. Use no pillow under the head. Any way Take CALDIKIND PLUS 1 tab daily for 10days Paracetamol 250mg TDS x 3 days Contact me after that. Proper physiotherapy & diet control should help you further
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I am ajay from haryana fatehabad and I am suffering from back pain and my height is also small how can I increase my height please tell me.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Dear you can follow these methods for relief from backache (back pain): * first correct your sitting posture. Do not bend your lower back. You can use lumber belt for support. * do regular back strength exercises. Move your clockwise and anticlock wise. * do not sleep on very soft bed, sleep on slight hard cotton mattress. * do tadasana and bhjangasana for back strengthening. If you can not understand these asans you can consult me. * take calcium rich diet and calcium and vitamin d supplements regularly. *do not take any heavy weight or heavy work. * if you are over weight then follow a good and effective diet plan to loose some kilos of weight. * you can take guggalu tablets of himalaya for fast relief.
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I have long lasting shoulder pain since 16 years. I can't throw balls by using right hand shoulder. Sometimes it is slipping accidental shake. Please advice.

Physiotherapist, Kolkata
Take IFT cervical to shoulder right shoulder the pain area for 5 days @ 15 min if you improve then take 10-15 sittings more.
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Arachnoiditis - Pain Management Techniques For It!

MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM, Fellowship in palliative medicine, certificate in interventional pain management
Pain Management Specialist, Pune
Arachnoiditis - Pain Management Techniques For It!

Arachnoiditis is a sort of inflammation of the defensive layers of the spinal canal. You can envisage it as the scar tissues that enlarge in the arachnoid lining. Also the lining can turn out to be inflamed due to the recurrent intervention on the spine, a lot of surgeries can lead to the scarring, for instance. It can also expand due to definite type of the spinal infections as well as due to the chemicals of epidural steroid injections, particularly if these kinds of chemicals get into the spinal fluid.

As the disease increases day by day, the symptoms also become bigger in magnitude. A lot of people who are suffering from this type of problems are incapable of working. Further due to Arachnoiditis the following symptoms are likely to happen

  1. Grounds of the nerve roots to plod together
  2. The nerve pain
  3. The numbness
  4. The tingling

Radio Frequency rhizotomy is primarily effectual on the joint pain. Patients who are good candidates for the RF have the pain whilst they're doing activities that increase the stress of the spine. Also the RF blocks all the nerves around the joint from sending the pain signals to the brain, as well as that pain free period normally lasts around one year. In that time, patients have to learn regarding the postural correction as well as the good body mechanics. RF presents the patients an option to get back their mobility as well as provide training regarding the movements of their daily lives with the less pain.

The details of information about drugs which might help arachnoiditis:
There are lots of pain management treatments available. Further patients might try the medications to find out the pain relief. A number of options are:

  1. The NSAIDs ( one kind of the anti-inflammatory drugs)
  2. The corticosteroids kind of drugs
  3. The anti-spasm type of the drugs
  4. Also an anti-convulsant drugs as well as
  5. The narcotic type of the pain relievers

A number of these types of medications might be given with a spinal pump. That is the little device which is entrenched under the skin and it then distributes the medication straightly to the inflamed area.
Also the patients might also take the spinal cord stimulation. On the other hand, the natural type of the treatments can assist, also, as well as it can often be utilized in conjunction with the prescribed type of the medication. You can also consult with a doctor about your options regarding your treatments.

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I have a problem of pain in leg muscles after ejaculation during sex. After that I do not desire for more. I always get tired after that, even for whole day if I have done it in morning. It results in back pain too. I can not enjoy my sex life.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Faridabad
You need to take high protein diet. If possible start morning walk. And avoid smoking and alcohol. Take dhatu paushtik churna 2 spoonful twice a days with a glass of milk.
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I am 30 yrs old male and I work on computer 10 hours a day. Due to this I am suffering with back ache from 2 years. From few months it has been increasing. Is there any solution to over come this.

Physiotherapist, Mumbai
Hi I can understand your problem. # relax & stay positive. # take hot and cold foementation. # change sleeping position. # use lumber support. There are various non sugical treatment options for back pain according to your health and severity of symptoms. Kindly reply in private consultation to discuss detailed treatment plan. Wishing you a good health.
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I have been suffering from back pain for a long tym I m getting only 20 yrs n m a female my height is 147 cm n weight s 73 my whole body s paining wen I touch even in ma hand wot shud I do nowadays head ache s also der on ma left side please help me sir.

M.P.T-Ortho, Bachelor of physiotherapy
Take proper rest. Be careful for posture. Do some spinal strengthening excercise. Avoid anxiety and stress. Otherwise consult me
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Hello Doc, I had PCL injury in my left knee. I had some support belt for not moving my leg for 3 months and after that I had physiotherapy for 2 months but till I cannot bend my leg 100% I feel some kind of blockage and stiffness. If I run next day it starts paining. My doc and physiotherapist are not able to find exact solution to this. I would really appreciate if you can guide and help me on this. Thank you.

MD - Alternate Medicine
Acupuncturist, Chennai
Acupuncture treatment is best for pcl injury. Especially for stimulating of GB 34 point, it will treat muscles, ligaments, and tendons anywhere in the body. It’s particularly effective for knee problems, due to its location. Within a week you can get better results.
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I m 38 years old. I have pain in my hands fingers and in joints of hand also every time and feel pain in legs joints and ankles.. In morning I feel very much pain.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Homoeopathic treatment- rhus tox 200 - 4 pills 3 times mag phos 6 x 4 pills 3 times for 8 days and revert back.
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I am a boy and I have my backbone problem last 2 years my back was so painful and I don't know what to do so please suggest me a better treatment.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Apply Hot Fomentation twice daily. Avoid bending in front. Postural Correction- Sit Tall, Walk Tall. Extension Exercises x 15 times x twice daily - lying on tummy, take left arm up for 3 seconds, then bring it down, right arm up for 3 seconds, bring down. Bring right leg up, hold for 3 seconds, bring it down. Then right leg up and hold for 3 seconds and bring it down. Repeat twice a day- 10 times. Bhujang Asana – Lie flat on your stomach, keeping the palms out, bend the neck backward, take a deep breath and while holding it for 6 seconds, raise the chest up. Release breath and relax your body. Repeat the exercise 15 times twice daily. Core Strengthening Exercises- Straight Leg Raised With Toes Turned Outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day. Back Stretching- lie flat, pull one of the knee forward to chest, hold for 3 seconds, then bring the other knee forward to the chest and again hold for 3 seconds. Then pull both knees towards the chest and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times each exercise twice a day. Do the cat/cow stretch. Get on all fours, with your arms straight and your hands directly under your shoulders; your knees hip-width apart.
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Dear Doctors My wife's left knees paining since last 1 months and some times every joints paining. Please suggest.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Pune
follow periods paricharya strictly during period days avoid heavy food heavy work bathing travelling exercise during period days avoid basi food freeze water freeze stored food etc avoid day time sleeping and night eatings avoid virrudha food like milkshakes fruitsalads khichadi with milk milk with fruits salt with milk strictly consult privetly for more details and medication
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I am 62 year old operated for hip ball replacement what precaution should I take ?

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi thanks for your query and welcome to lybrate. I am Dr. Akshay from fortis hospital, new delhi. Precautions actually depends upon whether hemiarthroplasty or a total hip replacement was done. Also how much time has passed by since your surgery, please also enclose your discharge summary and your recent x ray if possible so that I can see and advise you accordingly. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance.
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Cupping therapy in Backpain

MD (U), Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Delhi
Cupping therapy in Backpain
Those suffering from chronic pain in the back region have often undergone several alternative therapies. Some have found the cupping therapy for back pain relief an effective process for getting relief.

This method of ancient Unani treatment involves sucking the congested blood from inside the body to the surface of the skin through the application of heat, which results in normal blood flow and get rid of back pain.

I am 32 years old, i got right mid foot ligament injury since 2 month. No cure till now. Still having pain in walking. Cant walk with placing flat foot on ground. Consulted many orthopedics. Please suggest.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Requires detailed investigation and examination Presently investigations suggested: hb, tlc, dlc, esr, blood sugar fasting & pp, uric acid vit d xray of the affected part. Anyway you may try sleep on a hard bed with soft bedding on it. Spring beds, folding beds or thick mattress are harmful use no pillow under the head do hot fomentation. Paracetamol 250mg od & sos x 5days. Caldikind plus 1tab od x10. Do neck back knee & general exercises. It may have to be further investigated. Do not ignore it. Let it not become beginning of a bigger problem. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the medicines you are going to take. If it does not give relief in 4-5days, inform.
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