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Dr. Arti Misra Sharma - Dentist, Bangalore

Dr. Arti Misra Sharma

88 (120 ratings)

Dentist, Bangalore

7 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic  ·  ₹100 online
Dr. Arti Misra Sharma 88% (120 ratings) BDS Dentist, Bangalore
7 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic  ·  ₹100 online
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Personal Statement

Dr Arti Mishra Completed Graduation From Bapuji Dental College & Hoapital-Davangere And Expertised In Carrying Out Various Dental Procedures Alongwith Good Communication And Interpersonal......more
Dr Arti Mishra Completed Graduation From Bapuji Dental College & Hoapital-Davangere And Expertised In Carrying Out Various Dental Procedures Alongwith Good Communication And Interpersonal Skills. You can book an instant appointment with Dr. Arti Misra Sharma on
More about Dr. Arti Misra Sharma
Dr. Arti Misra Sharma is a renowned and very successful dentist who has had an experience of about 5 years in the field of Denistry. With an immense amount of excellent patient ratings, she has gained quite a high amount of popularity all over. Total Tooth Care is the name of her clinic and it is based out of Bangalore. You can avail her services there at respective timings. You can also connect to her via call or online text. Previously, she used to work as a Dentist at MV Diabetic Center (2014-2016), Dental Surgeon at Oro Dental Hospital (2011-2013), Dental Surgeon at Rajeev Dental Care (2016- Present) and Consultant Dental Surgeon at Hospitec Hospital and Owner (2016- Present). Dr. Arti Misra Sharma has finished her BDS from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital in 2011. She is in an active membership with reputed medical associations which are Karnataka State Dental Council and Indian Dental Association. The services and treatment provided by her include toothache treatment, braces, ceramic braces artificial teeth treatment etc. She believes in the theory of providing the best possible services and treatment measures to her patients. She aims at improving and beautifying the smile of her patients by rectifying their dental problems.


BDS - Bapuji Dental College and Hospital-Davangere - 2011
Languages spoken
Professional Memberships
Karnataka State Dental Council
Indian Dental Association


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Total Tooth Care

#14/1, 24th Main Road, Near Shoba tulip Apartment , JP Nagar 5th PhaseBangalore Get Directions
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How to Get Your Smile Ready for Wedding Season

Dentist, Bangalore
How to Get Your Smile Ready for Wedding Season

With the wedding season nearly approaching, you should be ready for several parties and gatherings and lots of photographs to be clicked. You would surely want to look good on every wedding occasion. Hence you should make sure that your teeth are at their best, when it comes to looking good. The teeth are responsible for shaping the perfect smile, and so you must take measures to make your teeth look stunning in order to get your smile ready for the upcoming wedding season.

Here are some tips on how you should take care of your teeth:

  1. Whiten your teeth: You can avail a quick whitening service for your teeth from a dental clinic. This will make your teeth brighter and much whiter, which will enhance your smile. Always get teeth whitening done from a clinic instead of using whiteners bought from stores, as the latter do not work as effectively. Moreover, teeth whitening done at a clinic is not much expensive.
  2. Maintain proper oral hygiene: If you want to get perfectly white teeth ready for the wedding season, you should maintain your oral hygiene routine strictly. Brushing and flossing should be practiced regularly, and you should also use a mouthwash. Brush two times a day and take time to brush. Maintain healthy teeth to make them look beautiful and get the most perfect smile.
  3. Use strategic makeup colors: Several colors can be used to enhance the whiteness of your teeth. Using bright red lipstick would make the teeth look better and brighter with a nice overall contrast. You can choose from different shades of red, pink or cherry of a warm tone. Blue toned lipsticks make a bad contrast against stains and the yellow tinge on the teeth is brought out. You can also use a Bronzer.
  4. Remove stains: You should try to remove any stain from your teeth and ensure that no further stains are caused. After having any dark beverage like red wine or syrup drinks, make sure to remove the stains instantly. This can be done simply by wiping the stains with a napkin.
  5. Keep your face and smile relaxed: For the most beautiful and natural smile, you should have a relaxed facial expression. Avoid making hyperactive expressions as these make your smile look artificial. Do not show an expression that looks as if a lot of effort has been put into it. The most beautiful smile is a natural one.

Following these tips, you will be able to get your smile ready for the wedding season. Your smile will be at its best, and you will look amazing in every single picture that will be clicked. If you wish to discuss about any specific dental problem, you can consult a specilized dentist and ask a free question.

3367 people found this helpful

Root Canal: How to Deal With Pain Post Procedure

Dentist, Bangalore
Root Canal: How to Deal With Pain Post Procedure

When the pulp or soft tissue inside a tooth has been damaged by bacterial infection, a root canal is performed, cleaning the infection and filling in the emptied space.

When performing a root canal, the dentist will remove the nerves and pulp within the tooth, clean the inside of the tooth and seal it.

After this procedure your tooth will not sense anything and should be pain free. However, in some cases you may still experience pain after root canal and there are four main causes of this pain:

  1. Phantom pain: Phantom pain is rare when it comes to root canal. This occurs when the nerve leading up to the tooth still behaves like it were connected to the tooth despite the nerve within the tooth being completely removed. The peripheral nerves will need to be treated to resolve this issue.In most cases, these events cannot be prevented.
  2. Swelling of ligament around the tooth: One of the signs that you need a root canal is swelling of the gums. Even after the nerves and pulp within the tooth are removed, the ligaments around the infected tooth may still be swollen. This can take some time before the tissue is normal again. In most cases this is the cause for pain after a root canal procedure.
  3. Damaged tissue: Part of the root canal procedure is to clean the insides of the tooth. Here the dentist must be very careful to not go beyond the tooth. In some cases the file used to clean the tooth may go beyond the root and damage the tissue there. Another possibility is that the sealant used to fill the tooth may go beyond the root, thus aggravating the tissue. This can take some time to heal and may cause pain.
  4. Excess filling: After the tooth has been cleaned, the dentist fills the tooth with a sealant. If excessive sealant is filled in the tooth, it may become taller than the surrounding teeth, which puts extra pressure on the tooth and results in soreness and pain. The dentist will have to remove the excess sealant in order to resolve this issue.
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Tooth Removal - Really Required?

Dentist, Bangalore
Tooth Removal - Really Required?

Teeth are one of the most precious parts of the human body.  By playing a significant functional and structural role in aesthetics, facial appearance, and food habits, digestion and chewing, all efforts at maintaining them should be undertaken. As we all know, we have two sets of teeth, primary or deciduous and the permanent set. Let us discuss tooth removal in these two sets separately.

Primary Teeth
In the primary teeth, the main indication would be dental decay.  If the tooth is severely damaged beyond repair with fillings, then removal could be an option, with two things considered. The primary successor will erupt within the next 6 months; if not, a space maintainer would be put in place.

Another reason would be if the tooth is beyond its lifecycle and is blocking the eruption of the successor, then it requires removal.

The permanent teeth, however, are a set that are meant to last for a lifetime and removal should be considered only as a last resort. With advances in dental treatment methods, gone are the days when removal would be an option for severe decay. 

Some of the absolute indications for removal would be:

  1. Wisdom teeth: if it is erupting in abnormal position (flattened or crooked), then removing them to avoid infection and impingement on other teeth needs to be considered. Wisdom teeth infection is one of the most common causes requiring tooth removal. 
  2. Recurrent infections: If a tooth has been root canal treated, but continues to have ongoing chronic infection, it could be a case for removal.
  3. Malformed or supernumerary teeth: These may also block eruption of other teeth into the mouth. 
  4. Orthodontic treatment: In cases where the jaw size is really not sufficient to realign the mal-positioned or crooked teeth, the first premolar is often sacrificed, and this space is used to align the other teeth. 
  5. Injuries: In case of accidents or injuries with jaw fractures, teeth in the line of fracture may need to be removed. 
  6. Preparation for dentures: In cases of severe periodontal disease, where the mobility of the teeth is high and complete dentures are being considered as an option, teeth removal may be planned.  Also, if there are teeth which are in the line of fixed partial dentures, again removal might be planned
  7. Radiation therapy: For head and neck cancer patients, if there are teeth in the line of radiation, then removal might be planned.

Unlike in the earlier years, the absolute indications for removing tooth have changed.  A thorough examination, both oral and radiological, should be done before zeroing on extraction.

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Maintain Teeth And Oral Cavity

Dentist, Bangalore
Maintain Teeth And Oral Cavity
  • Firstly brush twice daily by using soft or ultrasoft brush.
  • Brush in vertical motion, but not in horizontal motion. Don't apply pressure while brushing your teeth.
  • After brushing use mouth wash in diluted form (1: 1). Don't use tooth pick to remove the food that gets lodged in between the teeth. Use interdental brush to remove the food stuck in between your teeth. After having food gargle nicely with normal water. Keep your teeth and mouth clean.
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