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Dr. Anand Jayaraman

Psychiatrist, Bangalore

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Dr. Anand Jayaraman Psychiatrist, Bangalore
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Anand Jayaraman is a trusted Psychiatrist in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore. You can meet Dr. Anand Jayaraman personally at Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Dr. Anand Jayaraman and consult privately on has a number of highly qualified Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 36 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Mental Health

M.Sc - Psychotherapy, M.Phil - Psychology, Phd - Psychology
Psychologist, Chennai
Mental Health
  • The mind care is the premier counselling and psychotherapy center in chennai. The aims to assist people to overcome the emotional barriers or psychological problems caused by, stress, relationship breakdown, traumas and lack of self-confidence etc.
  • With the guidance of a eminent counsellor and psychotherapist, a safe, supportive and confidential environment is provided to the clients to explore the issues which may be at the root of their problems and develop solutions to bring health and happiness in their lives.
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I am 30 of a male suffering from generalized anxiety disorder facing symptoms like severe numbness in head, world seems dreamy dreamy, fear in public, foggy and distorted vision always thinking how I ll cum out of this. Please help since 2 years I am having this eating vegetables and fruits but still its not curable. Rply and tell me whether slowly slowly this scary symptoms will vanish or not. Lightheaded is one more thing which is unbearable for me. One of psychologist told eat healthy n sleep healthy is the only way to cure it. Brain fog and distorted vision are the worst problem I am facing. Will it disappear slowly slowly.

M.Sc - Applied Psychology, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, PG diploma in child guidance and family therapy
Psychologist, Delhi
I am 30 of a male suffering from generalized anxiety disorder facing symptoms like severe numbness in head, world see...
Hello USer, Generalized anxiety disorder tip 1: Connect with others Support from other people is vital to overcoming GAD. Social interaction with someone who cares about you is the most effective way to calm your nervous system and diffuse anxiety, so it’s important to find someone you can connect with face to face on a regular basis. This person should be someone you can talk to for an uninterrupted period of time, someone who will listen to you without judging, criticizing, or continually being distracted by the phone or other people. That person may be your significant other, a family member, or a friend. How GAD can get in the way of connecting with others While the more connected you are to other people, the less vulnerable you’ll feel, but the catch-22 is that having GAD can lead to problems in your relationships. For example, anxiety and constant worrying about your close relationships may leave you feeling needy and insecure. Identify unhealthy relationship patterns. Think about the ways you tend to act when you’re feeling anxious about a relationship. Do you test your partner? Withdraw? Make accusations? Become clingy? Once you’re aware of any anxiety-driven relationship patterns, you can look for better ways to deal with any fears or insecurities you’re feeling. Build a strong support system. Human beings are social creatures. We’re not meant to live in isolation. But a strong support system doesn’t necessarily mean a vast network of friends. Don’t underestimate the benefit of a few people you can trust and count on to be there for you. Talk it out when your worries start spiraling. If you start to feel overwhelmed with anxiety, meet with a trusted family member or friend. Just talking face to face about your worries can make them seem less threatening. Know who to avoid when you’re feeling anxious. Your anxious take on life may be something you learned when you were growing up. If your mother is a chronic worrier, she is not the best person to call when you’re feeling anxious—no matter how close you are. When considering who to turn to, ask yourself whether you tend to feel better or worse after talking to that person about a problem. Tip 2: Learn to calm down quickly While socially interacting with another person face-to-face is the quickest way to calm your nervous system, it’s not always realistic to have a friend close by to lean on. In these situations, you can quickly self-soothe and relieve anxiety symptoms by making use of one or more of your physical senses: Sight – Look at anything that relaxes you or makes you smile: a beautiful view, family photos, cat pictures on the Internet. Sound – Listen to soothing music, sing a favorite tune, or play a musical instrument. Or enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature (either live or recorded): ocean waves, wind through the trees, birds singing. Smell – Light scented candles. Smell the flowers in a garden. Breathe in the clean, fresh air. Spritz on your favorite perfume. Taste – Slowly eat a favorite treat, savoring each bite. Sip a hot cup of coffee or herbal tea. Chew on a stick of gum. Enjoy a mint or your favorite hard candy. Touch – Give yourself a hand or neck massage. Cuddle with a pet. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Sit outside in the cool breeze. Movement – Go for a walk, jump up and down, or gently stretch. Dancing, drumming, and running can be especially effective. Tip 3: Get moving Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. It relieves tension, reduces stress hormones, boosts feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins, and physically changes the brain in ways that make it less anxiety-prone and more resilient. For maximum relief of GAD, try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days. Exercise that engages both your arms and legs—such as walking, running, swimming, or dancing—are particularly good choices. Add mindfulness to your workout Mindfulness is a powerful anxiety fighter—and an easy technique to incorporate into your exercise program. Rather than spacing out or focusing on your thoughts during a workout, focus on how your body feels as you move. Try to notice the sensation of your feet hitting the ground, for example, or the rhythm of your breathing, or the feeling of the wind on your skin. Not only will you get more out of your workout—you’ll also interrupt the flow of constant worries running through your head. Tip 4: Look at your worries in new ways The core symptom of GAD is chronic worrying. It’s important to understand what worrying is, since the beliefs you hold about worrying play a huge role in triggering and maintaining GAD. Understanding worrying You may feel like your worries come from the outside—from other people, events that stress you out, or difficult situations you’re facing. But, in fact, worrying is self-generated. The trigger comes from the outside, but your internal running dialogue keeps it going. When you’re worrying, you’re talking to yourself about things you’re afraid of or negative events that might happen. You run over the feared situation in your mind and think about all the ways you might deal with it. In essence, you’re trying to solve problems that haven’t happened yet, or worse, simply obsessing on worst-case scenarios. All this worrying may give you the impression that you’re protecting yourself by preparing for the worst or avoiding bad situations. But more often than not, worrying is unproductive—sapping your mental and emotional energy without resulting in any concrete problem-solving strategies or actions. How to distinguish between productive and unproductive worrying? If you’re focusing on “what if” scenarios, your worrying is unproductive. Once you’ve given up the idea that your worrying somehow helps you, you can start to deal with your worry and anxiety in more productive ways. This may involve challenging irrational worrisome thoughts, learning how to stop worrying, and learning to accept uncertainty in your life. Tip 5: Regularly practice relaxation techniques for GAD Anxiety is more than just a feeling. It’s the body’s physical “fight or flight” reaction to a perceived threat. Your heart pounds, you breathe faster, your muscles tense up, and you feel light-headed. When you’re relaxed, the complete opposite happens. Your heart rate slows down, you breathe slower and more deeply, your muscles relax, and your blood pressure stabilizes. Since it’s impossible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time, strengthening your body’s relaxation response is a powerful anxiety-relieving tactic. Relaxation techniques for GAD Deep breathing. When you’re anxious, you breathe faster. This hyperventilation causes symptoms such as dizziness, breathlessness, lightheadedness, and tingly hands and feet. These physical symptoms are frightening, leading to further anxiety and panic. But by breathing deeply from the diaphragm, you can reverse these symptoms and calm yourself down. Progressive muscle relaxation can help you release muscle tension and take a “time out” from your worries. The technique involves systematically tensing and then releasing different muscle groups in your body. As your body relaxes, your mind will follow. Meditation. Research shows that mindfulness meditation can actually change your brain. With regular practice, meditation boosts activity on the left side of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for feelings of serenity and joy. Try the Ride the Wild Horse meditation, part of HelpGuide’s free EQ toolkit. Tip 6: Adopt additional anxiety-busting habits A healthy, balanced lifestyle plays a big role in keeping the symptoms of GAD at bay. In addition to regular exercise and relaxation, try adopting these other lifestyle habits to tackle chronic anxiety and worry: Get enough sleep Anxiety and worry can cause insomnia, as anyone whose racing thoughts have kept them up at night can attest. But lack of sleep can also contribute to anxiety. When you’re sleep deprived, your ability to handle stress is compromised. When you’re well rested, it’s much easier to keep your emotional balance, a key factor in coping with anxiety and stopping worry. Improve your sleep at night by changing any daytime habits or bedtime routines that can contribute to sleeplessness. Limit caffeine Stop drinking or at least cut back on caffeinated beverages, including soda, coffee, and tea. Caffeine is a stimulant that can trigger all kinds of jittery physiological effects that look and feel a lot like anxiety—from pounding heart and trembling hands to agitation and restlessness. Caffeine can also make GAD symptoms worse, cause insomnia, and even trigger panic attacks. Avoid alcohol and nicotine Having a few drinks may temporarily help you feel less anxious, but alcohol actually makes anxiety symptoms worse as it wears off. While it may seem like cigarettes are calming, nicotine is actually a powerful stimulant that leads to higher, not lower, levels of anxiety. Eat right Food doesn’t cause anxiety, but a healthy diet can help keep you on an even keel. Going too long without eating leads to low blood sugar—which can make you feel anxious and irritable—so start the day right with breakfast and continue with regular meals. Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables), which stabilize blood sugar and boost serotonin, a neurotransmitter with calming effects. Reduce the amount of refined sugar you eat, too. Sugary snacks and desserts cause blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving you feeling emotionally and physically drained. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy If you’ve given self-help a fair shot, but still can’t seem to shake your worries and fears, it may be time to see a mental health professional. But remember that professional treatment doesn’t replace self-help. In order to control your GAD symptoms, you’ll still want to make lifestyle changes and look at the ways you think about worrying Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one type of therapy that is particularly helpful in the treatment of GAD. CBT examines distortions in our ways of looking at the world and ourselves. Your therapist will help you identify automatic negative thoughts that contribute to your anxiety. For example, if you catastrophize—always imagining the worst possible outcome in any given situation—you might challenge this tendency through questions such as, “What is the likelihood that this worst-case scenario will actually come true?” and “What are some positive outcomes that are more likely to happen?”.
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I am 26 years old. I already had two episodes of hematosis in last two days. The amount of blood in morning cough will be equivalent to a teaspoon. I am having cough since five six days. Please note that I am a smoker too. Is it alarming? Thanks for your quick response.

MBBS, DNB (Respiratory Diseases)
Pulmonologist, Mumbai
Yes ofcourse it's alarming. Stop smoking. Get an x ray. And if nothing on x-ray get a hrct of the chest done. Don't ignore the hemoptysis.
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Hello, I am 35 year old and after 2 month I am 36 age completed & at present have no marriage n partner i am very sad about that. I am thinking that after 36 I am not eligible n unlike by any girl n declined. My time is over by them. So am go to frustrate day by day. Can I think right or not. Please suggest me right helpful opinion on this situation.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Vijayawada
Hello, I am 35 year old  and after 2 month I am 36 age completed & at present have no marriage n partner i am very sa...
The situation you r going through is tough, but,you have to have hope. Worrying only makes thing even worse. U must be confident, And keep trying till you find a suitable match for u. And remember all people who r married and have have partners are not happy. So many couples r unhappy for various reasons. What determines you is the strength you hold and show it out when needed. And that radiance attracts other people towards u.Give urself some credit for the good things you did in your life and that will lift your mood. And by the way age is just a number.
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MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Neurology
Neurologist, Hyderabad

Epilepsy is a common illness and therefore, we commonly encounter women with epilepsy (WWE), who are either pregnant or contemplating pregnancy. There are a lot of apprehensions and misconceptions regarding managing epilepsy in this group of WWE. Here, I wish to highlight some of the important aspects of managing epilepsy in women who are planning a pregnancy or are currently pregnant.

1. If a woman is seizure-free for at least two years, she can consider withdrawing anti-epileptic drugs (aeds) under the supervision of neurologist, and then plan for pregnancy.

2. If a woman has seizures, it is better to continue aeds during pregnancy, as the risk to the baby is several times higher with seizures, as compared to that with aeds.

3. Sodium valproate has the highest risk to the developing baby, and it should be avoided in pregnancy.

4. Aeds such as levetiracetam, lamotrigine, oxcarbazepine, topiramate, etc are safe and may be continued during pregnancy.

5. The lowest effective dose of aed should be used.

6. Try to use only a single anti-epileptic drug, if possible.

7. Folic acid vitamin supplements should be used in pregnancy.

8. The dose of anti-epileptic medication may have to be increased during the last three months of pregnancy.

9. Ct scan of the brain should be avoided, as far as possible, during pregnancy, as radiation exposure due to it may harm the baby.

10. Mri brain is reasonably safe for baby, especially after the first three months of pregnancy. So, if needed, it may be performed.


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Sir, my wife always love to fuck her ass but I am unable to insert my penis in her ass what should I do? Should I allow her to fuck her ass with stranger as it's was always her fantasy.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear lybrate user. I sincerely opine you should never allow your wife to be used by another person. In the mean time you should introspect. No women likes anal intercourse because such a intercourse only presents pain and no pleasure. You should talk to your wife about the vaginal intercourse and the pleasure involved and show her how pleasurable it is. She will surely accept. Take care.
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MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Hyderabad
Stress in not about worrying about your problems. Stress actually is the amount of load a person is carrying on him at a particluar point of time. These might be physical load (like allergies or chronic conditions), financial, official (like promotion might actually increase the responsibility of a person), or a role change in life (like becoming a father), or any event that causes a role responsibility. So Think when you are saying that i am not going through stress. I don't have anything to worry about. When actually you might be carrying a lot of load on yourself.
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I am a 21 years old lady studying in second year college. I am dealing with tremendous family problems hampering my mental and emotional state of mind. Please help.

Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
I am a 21 years old lady studying in second year college. I am dealing with tremendous family problems hampering my m...
Family problems are part of everyone's lives. You need to change the way you respond to the problems. Always remember that some things will be within your control to change and some will not be within your control. Best approach is to leave these things to get sorted out on their own and focus your energy on what you can change. Look at your options, weigh their pros and cons and choose what seems best to you. Not everything will be clear always. Some things will be ambiguous, that's the beauty of life. If you can prepare yourself for such situations instead of feeling anxiety or fear. Please click on consult if you have any questions.
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My friend at age of 18 is suffering from panic disorders. Spitting, Shaking heads, self talking are the habits he has developed. Being frustrated b his mental disorder has affected his academic performance and fumbled his social life. His parents are not wise enough to analyse his habits and consult a psychiatrist. He also fears of talking about his mental disorder with his parents bcoz they will think he is mad. please help on this matter by giving some suggesting some cures as well as preventive measures.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
My friend at age of 18 is suffering from panic disorders. Spitting, Shaking heads, self talking are the habits he has...
Someone has to gently e[palin to his parents or you have to take him to a psychiatrist and treat .Certain antidepressants can help prevent anxiety and reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks, but are not used for immediate relief during an attack. Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by recurrent unexpected panic attacks. Panic attacks are sudden periods of intense fear that may include palpitations, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, numbness, or a feeling that something really bad is going to happen.
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My son has recently joined his job but it looks he has no concentration and performance is not as good as IT was with his previous projects. I came to know that he was in a relationshipfrom the last ten years which has recently broken .now he says I have lost concentration in performing my duties and feels pain in his body and is stressed all the time. please advice.

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), MA Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), Certificate in Naturopathy & Yoga
Psychologist, Nagpur
My son has recently joined his job but it looks he has no concentration and performance is not as good as IT was with...
Dear Lybrate user Recovering from a long-term relationship can be so challenging and painful. Chances are, this person was not only someone you loved romantically but also someone you called your best friend. He or she was the person you went to for pretty much anything and everything and now all of that has to change. Whether you were ready for it or not you have been thrust into a new phase of your life and when you look back in five years it will be nice to know you handled yourself with dignity and respect. Accept the truth and do yourself a favor and stop following your ex on social media. Stop discussing about her with your friends. Hangout with your friends. Do something and learn something. Let your mind occupied most of the time either with something productive or something you like doing like your hobbies. Your job is being affected and this is a matter of concern. Give yourself some time but also do not let your breakup ruin your life and career. If you waste your time thinking about her then you will regret in the future. Whenever you are haunted by her feelings just think about your future (how will it be like in the future you keep doing this and do not do anything productive) and visualize it and soon you will find yourself filled with motivation and energy to move on and concentrate properly. Make new friends. Get 7-8 hours of sleep and that too a sound sleep on time. Eat healthy food and keep yourself physically healthy. Go for a walk or do exercise. Do yoga or meditation or relaxation exercises. If it still does not work and you are not able to do all this on your own then you will need help. You can contact me for more information and also for a free consultation.
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I am a 46 years old guy with OCD (cleanliness - washing hands after most activities with soap) and I have worked for 3 to 4 years all put together. I am jobless since quite some time. I do few household work and lead a idle life. I cannot cope with daily job routine, also I cannot perform on the job. Job is a must for me for survival as my savings are getting exhausted. These days I get tired easily. I find I lack energy also. I feel lethargic, sleepy most of the time. I am scared of the future. I am scared of life as I am unable to get job also. How do I make myself feel active, energetic. Rgds, Monty.

M.Phil - Psychology
Psychologist, Chandigarh
Hi r you on some medicine for OCD. U require medication along with how to deal with your ocd with a good clinical psychologist nearby. Its not impossible but lil difficult to reset your positive patterns and it takes atleast 1-2 years to get out with regular psychotherapy practice as we psychologist provide you with the therapy and keep motivating you need to push yourself Regards
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Hi, she is addicted to smoke at age of 22. She is struggling to come out and needs help. Please help me with suggestions to bring her back on please.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear, Tobacco is addictive. Cigarette also contains 4000+ carcinogenic chemicals other than nicotine. The best method is to leave it and continue with your will power. There are other methods like Nicotine Replacement therapy and pharmacotherapy combined. If your friend ready to stop smoking and willing to get the support she need, she can recover from nicotine addiction and abuse abuse?no matter how bad the addiction or how powerless she feel. The first step in treating nicotine addiction is accepting that she have a problem. Confronting an addiction and accepting responsibility for her actions isn?t easy. But it?s a necessary step on the road to treatment and recovery. She should then consult a psychiatrist / psychologist who fill follow this treatment. 1. Detoxification using medicines. 2. Behavior modification with the help of therapies. 3. Counseling. 4. Medication to sustain and 5. Long term support. These given steps are essential for any addict to get effectively rid of smoking. Therefore, you need take her and stick to the treatment plan and cooperate with your psychiatrist / psychologist. Take care.
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Hello Dr. I'm 38 years old. Mujhe Bachpan Mei Dr. she bahut darr lagta tha main kam jati thi Dr. ke pass. Jab tak pani sar tak na pahuche tab tak Dr. ke pass nhi jati thi aur ghar par hi thik ho jaye yahi koshish hoti thi. But problem jayada hoti thi to Jana hi padta tha. But kam Jana hota tha. After marriage every month Dr. ke pass Jana padta tha. Kabhi kuch kabhi kuch laga hi Rahta h. After marriage first blood test apni pregnancy ke tym karya tha. Aur blood sample ko dekhkar behosh ho gyi thi. Ek bar kuch viginal prblm hui to test hua. Dr. ne matel ka kuch ander dala aur chk Kiya. Thoda darr bhi lag rha tha aur ghabraht bhi shuru ho gyi. Aur Dr. ke room se Nikal kar behosh hokar gir gyi. Hosh aaya to fruti diya pine ko aur oxygen bhi Di gyi thi Mujhe. Abhi 2 years before akal dadh nikal wayi thi to nikala kar Babar Aayi thi to chakker aa gye aur urine bhi nikal gya kapdo Mei. Abhi kuch blood test hone the but weekness h ki subah khali pet nhi rah pati. 5:20 mrng Mei uthi aur 8: 15 test karaa bahut dard hua jab usne niddle nikal to Maine bola ki Mujhe chakkar Aan aur behosh ho gyi aur urine sample bhi dena tha to pressure tha pats nhi chala kapdo Mei nikal gya. Aur blood sample bhi pura nhi hua tha. Its normal? Ki phobia hai ya kuch problem to nhi h? Har har to nhi hota aise aaj wapis blood test karaye jo nhi hue the usdin but aaj Aisa kuch nhi hua. Kya karu pls help?

M.S. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Bangalore
Hello Dr. I'm 38 years old. Mujhe Bachpan Mei Dr. she bahut darr lagta tha main kam jati thi Dr. ke pass. Jab tak pan...
Dear Lybrate User, Lagta hai ki bachpan se ek ajeeb sa dar - Doctor aur Hospital ke liye - aapke man mein baith gaya hai. Ho sakta hai ki aapko bachpan mein kuch dard bhara anubhav aaya ho aur wahi baat aapke dimag mein baith gayi hai. Muze ye" acute anxiety" - lagta hai. Aap kisi Counsellor se baat kijiye. Consellor aapki madad karenge.
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How can I cure my brain imbalance? My thinking power is lost now? This happen due to less sleep at night few months age?

PhD, Human Energy Fields, Diploma in PIP, EFI, Aura scanning for Health evaluation; Energy field assessment, Fellowship Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, MD (Ayur - Mind Body Med), Mind Body Medicine
Non-Invasive Conservative Cardiac Care Specialist, Pune
Dear Lack of sleep can cause the start to many many kinds of disorders and diseases. Stop spending so much time on the laptop, mobile, TV. These radiations are known to damage brain tissue, cognitive behavior and good health. Make sure you eat properly, do plenty of physical exercise, preferably out doors and sleep after having a bath. At age 18, you have your whole life ahead of you to take care of. Regards.
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Hi. This is the case of my cousin brother. His age is 30. He fell in love with a girl, one year elder than him approx. 3 years back, who was already in a relationship with another boy since past 6-7 years. She and her parents asked the boy to marry her several times. But the boy did not marry her giving some or other excuse. He kept taking advantage of the girl physically for his own needs, played with her innocence and feelings. At times when the girl opposed he used to show that he is very upset and hurt coz of her denial. This girl could not sent and used to allow him for sex even without her consent. She obviously was hurting her self respect. But after meeting my brother, they both found each other very compatible and started understanding each other well. Within some time, this girl became everything to my brother. She had almost same feelings for him. After meeting him, she realized her mistakes done in past and started focusing on her own self respect and her own aims in life. But after almost an year when my brother approached his parents for marrying this girl, they refused due to the background of the boy with whom the girl was in a serious relationship before. My brother had to get married to a girl of his parent's choice. But cd not forget the love for this girl. Unfortunately his wife ditched him within almost a month of his marriage and filed false cases against him of dowry harassment etc. My bro took a tough stand and started fighting against the false allegations against him. Since last two years he is fighting various litigations and preparing for any future false litigations. But during these two years, he was in touch with the girl with whom he was in love since almost three years. He used to share each and everything of his life with this girl. But cd not express his true feelings in that old way, coz somewhere or other in his heart he kept feeling guilty of not marrying her. 2ndly he is caught into various law suites. During this period this girl once again relied upon the guy with whom she was in the relation before. She made her mind to marry with that guy and now has married to him. My brother and the girl are in regular touch but as friends now. My brother still loves her, but not for any physical satisfaction. He does have pure feelings for her and respect her as a woman. He cares for her. The girl also knows this and has respect for his feelings. But now a days my brother is in depression thinking that this guy whom the girl has married, may again abuse her physically or use her for self satisfaction by taking her emotionally. This can not be neglected that in India the boys have upper hand after marriage as far as sex is concerned and wife's denial can be taken on ego or to emotionally black mail her. Now when my brother has fought the legal cases strongly and is relaxed somewhat, he has started showing his care for the girl again. But she at various occasions have started ignoring and neglecting him. However, she keeps sharing almost every up and downs of her life with him. My brother does not have any intentions to break the girl's marriage nor he is expecting any physical favours from her. He just wants her presence and her time. Coz even today both understand each other well. My brother still can't remain without sharing things with her and almost the same with her. please suggest whether my brother's true feelings for her is wrong? Is the guy whom the girl is married is really changed and won't take advantages of that girl in future? If he can still trouble the girl, what the girl should be careful of? What should she do to prevent the misuse of her own self respect?

Psychologist, Rajkot
Accept that the girl whom your brother loved is now somebody's wife and he should not interfere in her life. If she faces any consequences she will decide what should she do. Let your brother accept that it was his past and now he should face the reality. Trying to be in relationship with that girl in any mode is immoral.
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I am 18 years old and my body is very tired all time and my head was pain very. And my body is pain very very.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
General Physician, Bangalore
I am 18 years old and my body is very tired all time and my head was pain very. And my body is pain very very.
Sir, do yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. Go for walks eat fruit and vegetables get back to me with details if problem is persistent.
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My son is having less listening attitude, he always plays and never listen to somebody and not having the attitude of studying.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
He may be going through some unresolved childhood issues that are surfacing seeking a gestalt ? a completion to his issues. If it comes up in early adolescence, as it is in your son?s case, it is indicative of something serious. Meet with a counselor for teens and describe his entire history from prenatal days. If there is any history of family related disorders, kindly furnish that information too. Check with his school counselor and/or teachers for more information about his behavior at school. There is a lot you will be surprised to hear from them. He may have opened up to one of his teachers. Also if you exhaust him of his energy, he will be more amenable to listening. So the playing is very important and should not be withdrawn. Gradually discipline him with the amount of playing, and the correct time to study. His disobedience must be handled by the father, and he has to play a more significant role in his life, especially at this stage.
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Had started smoke about 2 years and now I am feeling incomplete without cigarette daily but want to leave it. And worried about my lungs. Will I get disease related to lungs and heart. If left then what time it will take to recover my body.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Had started smoke about 2 years and now I am feeling incomplete without cigarette daily but want to leave it. And wor...
Dear lybrate-user. It is always better to leave smoking. Once you leave smoking, immediately, your body starts the repair procedure and within one year, the body will be completely restored. You have to provide enhancement in the form of never smoking again, physical exercises etc. Take care.
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