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Dr. A.K Sharma

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DGO

General Physician, Bangalore

41 Years Experience  ·  0 - 600 at clinic
Dr. A.K Sharma MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DGO General Physician, Bangalore
41 Years Experience  ·  0 - 600 at clinic
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Dr. A.K Sharma
Dr. A.K Sharma is a trusted General Physician in Pai Layout, Bangalore. He has had many happy patients in his 41 years of journey as a General Physician. He has completed MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DGO . You can meet Dr. A.K Sharma personally at Dr. Sharmas Clinic in Pai Layout, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Dr. A.K Sharma on

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MBBS - Govt Medical College Jabalpur - 1976
MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology - AFMC PUNE - 1981
DGO - Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune - 1981
Awards and Recognitions
Presented Paper on Ovarian Tumor's in Adolocents at International Conference(Asia oceanic Conference )
Presented Paper on Genitric Gynecology at AICOG


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

My age is 21. I'm male secondary sexual character are not developed. Facial hairs are rare and voice not deepening and penis has not grown after my 14 th age. Bone mass and muscle mass not increasing if I eat more weight only increasing. But I look lean. Is this a delayed puberty? I'm masturbating from 14 th age weekly 5to 7 times.

General Physician,
As per the books of forensic medicine" masterbation is a perversion" and compulsive masterbation is a disease which needs counseling and treatment. At this age you are bound to be aroused by so many stimulii, try to find out and avoid e.g. Watching prone, continuously thinking about sex, going to places where you are aroused must be avoided. Don't remain alone, increase your social involvement make more good friends and give your time to them, spend more time in public. Engage your mind in other things. Some simple measures like exercise and meditation may help. But still if you are not able to overcome the problem you must consult a physician. We can add Testosterone also to support you. Regards.
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I am 24 years Old male, and want to increase my penis size (Naturally/Home Remedy) and also I get excited very fast and the erection doesn't last longer. I want to know the solution for that so that I can enjoy with my partner for a longer time.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
You use for your pennis olive oil or sandal wood oil externally and massage 2times a day for longer time you need to start with fore ply and later start sex and you start k-gel exersise for longer time sex.
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I am almost 20 years old. I have pcos. My period has gone before 7/8 days ago. Bt I am suffering from breast nipple pain after my period and still I have pain. Is it serious? I am very much afraid of it.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, PhD(breast diseases)
Gynaecologist, Chandigarh
Breast pain at your age is mostly due to hormonal changes . Anyways it's always ether to seek help of a local doctor.
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I have head pain problem from last five days I have take diclovinepluse but it affect for some time. What I do?

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Take paracetamol 500mg,1 tablet as and when required after food up to a maximum of 3 tablets daily, 2.Drink plenty of water 3.Take rest 4. Have adequate sleep 5.Avoid stress and anxiety 6.If no relief, consult doctor
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Dr. She used to wear bra while sleeping at night. She is not yet married. Is there any side effect of it. If yes then what are they. please give answer. I wanna protect her from serious disease.

General Physician, Nashik
Sleeping in a bra will not make a girl's breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. And it will not cause a girl to develop cancer or stunt her breast growth. (it's also not true that underwire bras cause breast cancer.) some women want to wear a bra to bed because they think it feels more comfortable.
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Is daily or regular masturbating harmful for a 21 years male person for producing a child in his marriage life?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Gurgaon
You may think that you lost all of it - spoiling and at the same time feeling embarrassed and dreadful. You must always try your best to concentrate on several resourceful side-lines and distract your attention from anxiety and culpability. Develop a healthy practice and bring self-control in life. Do Workout every day for 1 Hour (you can start with yoga and pranayam as it is mild and stress-free to do). Masturbation is a natural sexual practice. Myths about masturbation are something that has been around for centuries, being handed down from one generation to another. These myths have made a lot people, especially the younger generation; imagine that there is a problem where none existed. Here a few such myths The truth is that acne and pimples are caused by oily skin and have nothing to do with masturbation. Masturbation is a lifelong sexual activity. According to surveys regularly show 70 to 95 per cent of adult men and women masturbate. And while this may slow down as we age, many of us continue masturbating into our golden years. One survey of 800 adults over 60 yrs. Age found that that 46% of them masturbated, another found that 20% of seniors masturbated once a week or more. Masturbation is not just for the young, nor is it an immature form of sexual behaviour. The act of masturbation is as natural as making love, and, just like sexual intercourse it does not have any adverse effects on your health. Things like it causes acne, impotence, dark circles around the eyes etc. Are just unfounded assumptions and are not correct. Is regular sexual intercourse bad for you? Then how can masturbation be bad for you as it only mimics the sexual act. One can masturbate up to a couple of times a day with no ill effects. You just need to be aware about the difference between excessive masturbation and compulsive masturbation. The latter can lead to a few problems, if you fell that you masturbate compulsively, and then it is a good idea to contact a sexual health expert. Most people who are in a relationship indulge in masturbation. The need to masturbate has got nothing to do with a person’s relationship status. Again the unfounded social attitude about this act only makes people indulge in it privately and without their partner’s knowledge. Masturbation trains us to think that sexual desire is something that should be satisfied immediately, and it reinforces the idea that sex is about selfish instant gratification. While love is all about giving and sacrificing one's desires for the needs of another person, masturbation is all about training us to do whatever we want to feel good. Masturbation slowly but surely destroys our ability to give and receive love. It is just a way to release sexual tension While a man who frequently masturbates may find that he has a lower volume of semen per ejaculation, he would not run out, and he won't become infertile. His testicles begin producing and storing sperm during puberty and this sperm production continues throughout much of his adult life. It is a myth that satisfying yourself sexually will diminish your performance in bed.
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Dear doc please suggest my the best option for head pain that increases my blood pluresher so given thoughts about it.

MD - Alternate Medicine, BHMS
Homeopath, Surat
Hello lybrate-user, for headache, please just follow this small exercise: sleep with legs raised up from waist against the wall, straight upwards and making 90 degree angle with wall for 10 mins. This will make you sleepy within 7-8 mins and relieve your headache and reduce your blood pressure too.
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Hello doctor. Good morning. actually I went for swimming 2 days back. Some water went to my ears. Today my head feels lil bit weight. And what we have to do if water went into our ears. Can you pls suggest me doctor. Tq.

Homeopath, Lucknow
Dear lybrate-user, you should kept a cotton ball inside your ear. It should be change for 3-4 times in a day. And must b kept while taking bath. Thanks.
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I suffering with fever from 15 days the fever going and coming so plse help me to control my fever.

Homeopath, Raebareli
Please do blood test for cbc/malaria/dengue/typhoid. If there is chest congestion a x-ray of chest needs to be done based on the reports treatment would be suggested. For now take rhus tox 200 - twice daily for next 3 days. Continue treatment.
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What is the symptoms of flu? what precautions we have to take in this? please advice

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello, Common symptom of viral fever are 1. High temperature 2. Cough/ cold/ running nose 3. Body ache/ Malaise/ Tiredness 4. Loss of appetite 4. Headache/ weakness kindly follow health advises given below: measure your temperature and tell me reading 1. Avoid exertion 2. Take tablet paracetamol 500 mg after food (If No Drug Allergy) as and when required for fever more than 99 f (maximum 3 tablets with gap of 8 hr can be taken in a day) for 3 days 3. Lot of fluids to be taken 4. Take proper diet homemade food like moong dal dalia, chapati etc. 4. Avoid wearing synthetic and tight cloths. Kindly go for CBC test and consult physician for further management
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I am 65 years men diabetic suffering from severe hyper acidity I take 1 tab PAN D early morning At times in the night I get through and chest burning I take ino or cold milk and then after few minutes I am able recover at times I vomit please suggest some permanent remedy.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Homoeopathy has good treatment without causing adverse effects. Take homoeopathic medicine arsenic alb 30 twice daily in the morning and in the evening and give feedback after 6 days.
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I am 28 year old unmarried male I recently found blood in my semen .pls advice what it could be and what's the solution for this . This happened about a week ago and also happened a month ago .Also while having sex I am unable to ejaculate as well.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi, blood in semen facts. Blood in the semen is known as hematospermia. Prostate biopsy is the most common cause of blood in the semen. Blood in the semen can be caused by tumors, infections, anatomical abnormalities, stones, or inflammation in many sites throughout the genitourinary system. For erectile dysfunction: erectile dysfunction, often referred to as ed, is characterized by a persistent and recurring inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Psychological (like stress and anxiety, poor communication with your partner, unrealistic sexual expectations, negative feelings about non performance, depression), physical and lifestyle (smoking, alcohol and sometimes illicit drugs and medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or thyroid conditions, poor circulation, low testosterone) or neurologic disorders (such as multiple sclerosis or parkinson's disease) issues can all cause ed, as can trauma to nerves and arteries (for example, from prostate surgery). The incidence of erectile dysfunction increases with age, but young men can also experience it. So, will have to find out the exact cause in your case. Medication: take homoeopathic medicine - schwabe's damiaplant/ thrice daily for 4 weeks. Management: regular exercising keeps you fit and healthy, so don't forget to do it. Practice pranayam regularly for half an hour preferably in a garden early in the morning. Not to do these exercises within 4 hours after meals. One can have meals not within 15 minutes after finishing these exercises. These exercises are good for gaining and maintaining good health. Get your urine test done and an ultrasound (pelvis).
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Hi I am 32 years old having issues in erection . I tried gel quing technique then stop.

Homeopath, Pune
These kinds of issues can happen at any time and to any man. Causes mainly include: fatigue stress relationship issues performance anxiety alcohol consumption. 1. Do daily exercise 45 min. 2. A diet rich in fruit, veggies, whole grains, and fish, and with fewer servings of red meat and refined grains, decreases the risk for ed. 3. Take 8 hrs sleep, poor sleep patterns can be a contributing factor for erectile dysfunction4. Quit smoking. 5. Limit your alcohol. Constitutional homeopathic medicine will give you best result to gain sexual energy and treat ed. Without any side effect.
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I am 22 year old girl I am diabetic from last 5 years I m insulin dependent I usaly take human Actrapid 4 times in a day and lantus 2tyms I chkd my HbA1c it waz 7.5 is it normal? I olways feel weakness please recommend me some medicine.

MD - Consultant Physician, Doctor of Medicine, MD
General Physician, Ahmedabad
its fairly good control. take one tablet of benfomet plus for weakness and nerve aches.take at breakfast daily consult me in private for more as i am expert in medicine cardiology and nutrition too.ask for audio video call on lybrate.continue let me know the blood sugar profile for 24 hrs.f and pp bf ppl and ppd.
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I am 30 years old female n non-diabetic my fasting blood sugar level is 113 wat does it indicate weather I am diabetic r non-diabetic. As diff. Sites ahow diff. Range.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Hello, following are details of blood sugar levels fasting normal: 70 to 110 mg/ 100 ml, pp <140 mg & hba1c% < 6.5. Pre-diabetic state: fasting 108 - 125 mg / 100 ml, pp 141 to 199 mg / 100 ml & hba1c% 5.9 to 6.4 %. Confirmed diabetes: fasting equal to and above 126 mg, pp - equal to and above 200 mg/100 ml, hba1c % 6.5 and above. So your fasting blood glucose value falls in pre - diabetes state. Thanks.
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Inverse psoriasis : Signs and symptoms

MD - Skin,VD & Lepxsy
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Inverse psoriasis : Signs and symptoms
What you see and feel depends on the type of psoriasis you have. You may have just a few of the signs and symptoms listed below, or you may have many

-smooth, red patches of skin that look raw.
-patches only develop where skin touches skin, such as the armpits, around the groin, genitals, and buttocks.
- women can develop a red, raw patch under their breasts.
-skin feels very sore where inverse psoriasis appears.

References: journal of american academy
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I have suffer from premature ejaculation and I am not able to satisfy my wife because in age 18years I am doing masturbation. Pls advice me what should I do.

M.Ch - Urology, MS, MBBS
Urologist, Dehradun
Both of you need personal consultation. Treatment may take upto 6 months. Mean while try tab uphold once daily.
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I am married recently during sex my pennis get loose some times suddenly when I try to intercourse.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Faridabad
May you are suffering from erectile dysfunction problem that's why you are facing this problem, due to over masturbation or sex. You can recover your problem using by ayurvedic medication and do regularly exercises 15 minutes and eat healthy vegetable or nutritious diet.
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