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No.19,C.R.Building,near sompura gate bangalore
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TANMAYI CLINIC General Physician Clinic No.19,C.R.Building,near sompura gate bangalore
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Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care....more
Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.
TANMAYI CLINIC is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. Kokkarne Venkatesha, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 75 patients.


No.19,C.R.Building,near sompura gate
bangalore, Karnataka - 562125
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Dr. Kokkarne Venkatesha

MD - Pharmacology
General Physician
10 Years experience
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Erectile Dysfunction Causes!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Erectile Dysfunction Causes!


  • Depression  
  • Relationship conflicts 
  • Anxiety 
  • Worry about sexual performance
  • Stress at home or work 
  • Stress from social, cultural or religious conflicts 

Erectile Dysfunction!

Doctor In Unani Medicine(D.U.M.B.I.M)
Sexologist, Delhi
Erectile Dysfunction!


Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection that allows sexual activity with penetration. Erectile dysfunction is not a disease, but a symptom of some other problem – physical, psychological or a mixture of both.

Don’t worry about occasional failure to get or keep an erection. This is normal. Some of the causes include drinking too much alcohol, anxiety, and tiredness. Unless it continues, there is no reason to be concerned. However, ongoing erectile dysfunction should be investigated by a doctor.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction include medications given orally (usually tablets), counseling, vacuum penile pump devices, injections directly into the penis, and penile prosthetic implants.
Causes of erectile dysfunction
Doctors used to think that erectile dysfunction was mainly caused by psychological factors, such as anxiety or depression. In fact, most cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by physical illness. Psychological problems cause only one in ten cases of persistent erectile dysfunction.

Physical erectile dysfunction happens over a period of months or years and is often a gradual loss of function. If erections still occur spontaneously overnight or in the morning, the problem may be psychological.

Erectile dysfunction can be due to:

  • Physical illness – Erectile dysfunction is frequently associated with conditions affecting the blood flow in the penis. Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension (high blood pressure), cigarette smoking and obesity are often involved, and there is a strong association between erectile dysfunction and cardiac (heart) disease. Men who have multiple sclerosis may also experience erectile dysfunction
  • Psychological factors – a man’s sexual drive or performance can be affected by stress such as problems at work, relationship difficulties or financial worries. Psychiatric conditions, and feeling depressed or anxious about poor sexual performance can also result in a failed erection

A combination of physical illness and psychological factors – physical problems with maintaining an erection may cause the man to feel anxious about sexual performance, which makes the problem worse
unknown – in a few cases, neither physical nor psychological causes are obvious. Vascular disease is likely to be the underlying cause in these cases.

All About Constipation And Its Treatment!

Homeopath, Ahmedabad
All About Constipation And Its Treatment!

People mean many things when they say they have constipation. The infrequent passing of stools, difficulties in voiding, sense of incomplete voiding are all suggestive of constipation. The normal reference range for bowel movements is very varied. Some people have bowel movements three times a day; others, only one or two times a week.

Medically, constipation is defined as fewer than three bowel movements in a week. Constipation may be considered severe when there is less than one bowel movement in a week.


Infrequent stools with no other complaints are rarely abnormal. Women are more affected than men. The elderly and children are however most prone to constipation. Hard, difficult to pass stools which require straining or manual removal with fingers - felt more than 25% of times. Stools infrequent, less than three times a week.The sensation of incomplete voidance. Other symptoms that a person with constipation may feel are:

The abdomen may seem bloated, distended or crampy.

The bowel sounds may seem enhanced. 


Many factors contribute to the development of constipation. Different people will have a different set of causative factors.

  • Insufficient fiber intake in the diet.

  • Not chewing the food properly / eating hurriedly.

  • Reduced water intake.

  • Various medications

  • Iron supplements

  • Antidepressants, tri-cyclic anti-depressants.

  • Anti-convulsants

  • Diuretics

  • Stopping cigarette smoking.

  • Abuse of laxatives.

  • Medications containing calcium and aluminum.

  • Endocrine disorders like - underactive thyroid.

  • Any severe illness like strokeparalysis.

  • Major changes in life like pregnancy, old-age or traveling.

  • Psychosomatic causes like depression and anxiety neurosis.

  • Biochemical imbalance ' low potassium levels in the blood.

  • Lead poisoning.

Conditions that obstruct the normal passage of the stools within the intestines ' foreign bodies in intestines, strictures, adhesions, tumors, etc.

  • Abdominal surgeries.

  • Weakened pelvic floor muscles.

  • Constipation can occur sometimes as part of a condition called 'irritable bowel syndrome' where it alternates with diarrhea.


ALUMINA 30 — Alumina is an effective remedy for constipation when there is the absence of urge for stool. The person needing Alumina has no desire to pass stool for days together until a  large accumulation collects in the intestine. The intestines are highly sluggish and inactive. Stool whether hard, dry or soft needs much straining for it to find its way out. In constipation of bottle-fed babies and infants  Alumina, the best choice of medication.

NUX VOMICA 30 — Nux vomica is one of the top medicines for constipation when frequent, ineffectual urging to stool is present.   In every attempt, the stool passed is scanty and there is a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Shortly after passing the stool, the urge gets renewed. In Cases of constipation from abuse of laxatives  Nux Vomica to be extremely useful. It can also be used in cases where piles develop in association with constipation. Nux Vomica is highly suitable to persons with constipation who have sedentary habits and are not in a habit of regular exercise.

BRYONIA ALBA 30-Bryonia is very effective for constipation when stool is highly dry, large and excessively hard. Bryonia Alba is mainly indicated for all the conditions where mucous membranes are dry to the utmost degree. Along with constipation, the abdomen may appear distended and sore to touch. An increased thirst for large quantities of water with dry mouth and lips may accompany. Along with constipation gastric headache of bursting nature may also appear.

OPIUM 200- Opium is best suited for those cases of constipation where stool is passed as round, hard, black balls like sheep dung. Stool gets retained in intestines for long without having any desire for defecation. Abdomen seems hard and bloated with constipation. Opium is also highly ranked homeopathic remedy for constipation which occurs after the abuse of enemas

SILICEA 200-Silicea is another effective remedy in constipation with painful constriction of the anal sphincter. Stool is passed down the rectum with great straining efforts but due to spasmodic constriction of the anal sphincter, it recedes back. Stool slips back into the rectum after being partly expelled as anus closes upon passing stool. The rectum is also very weak and seems paralyzed. Stool remains in the rectum for a long time. Obstructed flatus is present along with constipation and the abdomen feels tight, bloated, hard and distended.  Silicea offers great help in females who suffer from constipation before and during menses.

CASCARA SAGRADA Q- It is a specific remedy for constipation. Chronic indigestion. Constipation with piles. It is an intestinal tonic and helps remove dyspepsia.

CALCAREA CARB 30- Calcarea carb is a prominent remedy for constipation in children. For it to be indicated the first part of stool is hard followed by soft stool, which too, is passed with great difficulty. Aversion to milk is often present in children needing Calcarea carb. They may also show a desire for indigestible things like chalk, lime, and pencil.

SANICULA 30- Sanicula is indicated when a child passes variable stool with a different character. Sometimes stool is large and painful, while at other times stool crumbles at the verge of the anus and at times stool recede after being partly expelled. In addition to this many a times stool is passed in small, hard balls and even needs to be mechanical removed.

CHAMOMILLA 30- Chamomilla is a much-needed remedy for constipation in children who are irritable, headstrong and obstinate to the utmost degree.

MAGNESIA MUR 30-Magnesia mur. is effective for constipation of infants during dentition. Passes only a small quantity of stool like sheep’s dung.

SEPIA 30 - Sepia is an effective remedy for constipation in pregnancy.  Sepia provides much help when stool is very hard and the need arises for it to be mechanically removed. Constant bearing down in uterus often accompanies constipation for women needing Sepia.

CAUSTICUM 30 — Causticum is another remedy for constipation with piles.  Causticum when large piles are present and they obstruct the passage of stool through the rectum.

HYDRASTIS CAN Q - Hydrastis considered a specific remedy for constipation. Stools are felt in the small intestine but do not come down to the large intestines and anus. Constipation with a sinking feeling in the stomach and dull headache. Enemas and glycerine plugs are useless and do not relieve constipation in this case.

 COLLINSONIA CAN 30 - Collinsonia is effective for constipation during pregnancy. Collinsonia can be used for obstinate constipation- hard, dry, knotty stool -with piles.

NITRIC ACID 30 - Nitric acid is indicated when anal fissure occurs with constipated bowels. It is accompanied with much burning and pain. There is bleeding from the rectum

NATRUM MURIATICUM 30 - Natrum Mur. is used when fissures are present along with constipation. Natrum Mur is used when smarting, tearing and stitching pain at anus is present in the fissure due to constipation. There is the unsatisfactory stool. The nature of the stool is like sheep dung.

PHOSPHORUS 30 - Phosphorus another effective remedy for constipation. The stool is long and dry like that of a dog. There is bright red blood passes along with stool.

PODOPHYLLUM PEL 30 - Podophyllum is very effective for constipation in children. It is prescribed when constipation alternates with diarrhea and colic is present.

PLUMBUM METALLICUM 30 - Plumbum met . is effective for traveler’s constipation who are often changing food, water, and places.

SULPHUR 200 - Sulphur is prescribed when constipation occurs on account of fear of passing the stool because stool is hard, knotty and difficulty to expel, they cause pain in the anus while passing.


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Lipoma - Its Treatment With Homeopathy!

MD - Bio-Chemistry, MF Homeo (London), DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS
Homeopath, Kolkata
Lipoma - Its Treatment With Homeopathy!

A lipoma is a growth of fatty tissue that slowly develops under the skin. It occurs at any age. 
A lipoma can form on any part of the body, but they typically appear on the:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs

They are classified as benign growths or tumors of fatty tissue. Lipoma isn’t cancerous and is rarely harmful.

❄soft to the touch.
❄ move easily if prodded with the finger.
❄ pale.
❄ colorless.
❄ grow slowly.
❄ might be painful.

Homeopathic treatment:- 
1.) Calcarea carb:- This is the best medicine to treat lipoma in those who are overweight. Those who have excessive sweating through the head, sensitivity to cold air.

2.) Sulphur:- Those patients with high intake of sweets in their diet, excessive sweating, sensitivity towards heat and dislike towards bathing, with burning sensation. 

3.) Belladonna:- Lipoma is usually painless, at times it can be painful too. In such situations, the pain is aggravated by touching the lump. Belladonna not only helps in subsiding the pain but also in dissolving the lump fully.

4.) Thuja:- This helps in dissolving any fatty lumps developing anywhere in the body. In case the patient suffers from high cholesterol, then this is the best medicine to be administered.

5.) Calcarea fluor:- Soft lump formation anywhere on the body. 

8 Causes Of Chest Pain And Its Homeopathic Remedies!

BHMS, VLIR Belgium, Canadian Academy Of Homeopathy
Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
8 Causes Of Chest Pain And Its Homeopathic Remedies!

Chest pain may be caused by multiple problems within the body and while being a problem in itself, may also be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. Chest pain may be caused by anything from simple chest congestion due to a cold to something far more serious such as the onset of a heart attack. While it is important that life style changes be made to prevent major issues, homeopathy can provide relief for many symptoms till extensive medical steps are taken to correct the problem.

Some causes of chest pain
1. Angina
2. Onset of a heart attack
3. Atherosclerosis
4. Weakness of the arteries
5. Weakness of the heart muscle
6. Palpitations
7. Bradycardia
8. Chest congestion or cold

Symptoms associated with chest pain

  1. Stable angina – Vice like constriction or choking, pain may be spread to right or left arm or both, dyspnoea before pain.
  2. Unstable angina – Chest pain occurs at rest.
  3. Pericarditis Pain radiates to the left side of the shoulder which gets worse by lying in a flat position.
  4. Pneumothorax – Severe chest pain along with shortness of breath, cyanosis, restlessness and collapse.
  5. Pneumonia Sharp pain which, gets worse by taking deep breath and coughing.
  6. Pulmonary embolism Short rapid breathing, sharp pain in middle of the chest that is worse by deep breathing.
  7. Gastroesophagial reflux disease – Difficult painful swallowing, pain in the middle of chest which, extends to neck, back and shoulders.
  8. Myocardial – Vomiting, dyspnoea features of shock, profuse sweating, feverlow blood pressure, pulse small rapid and irregular

Homeopathic remedies for various kinds of chest pain

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which a patient is suffering.

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat chest pain, but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility of the patient. For this patient’s current symptoms, past medical history and family history are taken into account. There are many homeopathic remedies which cover the symptoms of chest pain and can be selected on the basis of cause, location, sensation, modalities and extension of the pain. For individualized remedy selection and treatment of chest pain, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. In medical emergencies like myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism, immediate hospitalization is usually required. Some important remedies are given below for the treatment of chest pain:

  • Arnica mont. – Chest pain with sore and bruised feeling.
  • Ranunculus b. – Good remedy for intercostal rheumatism, sharp stitching pain in the chest along with dyspnoea.
  • Kali carb. – Stitching pain in the chest,  which gets worse between 2-3 A.M
  • Actea racemosa. – Pain worse on the right side.
  • Bryonia – Chest pain is of stitching, burning and stabbing in nature, is worse by motion and better by rest and pressure. Thirst for large quantities of water and dryness of mucous membranes often accompanies.
  • Rumex c. – Sharp stitching pain through the left lung, often with cough.
  • Stannum – Knife like stitches, worse on bending forward and left side.
  • Phosphorus – Violent tickling cough, chest pain due to tuberculosis of lungs or pneumonia along with oppression of the chest.
  • Aconite – Chest pain due to pneumonia of first stage along with anxiety and restlessness.
  • Robinia – Burning pain behind sternum due to hyperacidity.
  • Strophanthus – Chest pain is of stitching and twitching in nature and often of cardiac origin. If you wish to discuss about any spIfecific problem, you can consult a homeopath.

I'm feeling like I have throat cancer. My throat is became red and I observed one white dot in my throat. Is so true?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - ENT
ENT Specialist, Trivandrum
I'm feeling like I have throat cancer. My throat is became red and I observed one white dot in my throat. Is so true?
Don't worry lybrate-user. .it can even be a tonsil cyst or an ulcer which are both non cancerous. Do you have throat pain or any swaying difficult which is there since few days then it's definitely not cancer. For detailed opinion sent me the pic of that whitish part.
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Sir, I have used febrex plus tablet for 2 days due to fever But now I am suffering from rectal bleeding with pain while excreting. i am thinking that this may be a side effect of febrex plus Whatever it is. Please tell me treatment or medicine to cure my problem of pain and bleeding from rectal area.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jaipur
Sir, I have used febrex plus tablet for 2 days due to fever
But now I am suffering from rectal bleeding with pain whi...
Raktastambhak vati (dhootpapeshwar) 2 tb three times day empty stomach till symptoms subsides. You will be alright. Take care.
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I am 20 years old male. I have small 2 (0.5-1 cm) mass in outside of anus. It is little painful. Past 2 days .I expected it is piles. Any ointment for this.

Homeopath, Noida
I am 20 years old male. I have small 2 (0.5-1 cm) mass in outside of anus. It is little painful. Past 2 days .I expec...
Take home cooked, fresh light food. Take a lot of green vegetables n fruit. It contains a lot of fiber which will help reduce tendency for constipation Maintain active life style Curd is good for u. Avoid fast foods, spicy n fried foods For details you can contact me.
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I have frequent itching in my ears. I also have frequent cold and itching in nose. Please guide.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - ENT
ENT Specialist, Trivandrum
I have frequent itching in my ears.
I also have frequent cold and itching in nose.
Please guide.
It can be due to fungal infection of ear or excessive use of ear bud or can even be a mild throat pain which may sometimes elicit as ear pain. Check whether you have any of these. For details do consult.
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I am 27 years old female and itching on all over body and some types of circles of my body and these circles are very itching.

BHMS, Diploma in Dermatology
Homeopath, Hyderabad
I am 27 years old female and itching on all over body and some types of circles of my body and these circles are very...
Apply a cold, wet cloth or ice pack to the skin that itches. Take an oatmeal bath. Moisturize your skin. Apply topical anesthetics that contain pramoxine. Apply cooling agents, such as menthol or calamine.
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