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Sri Varasiddhi Clinic

Gynaecologist Clinic

#807, 8th Main, 4th Block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura Main Road, Vidyaranyapura. Landmark: Near Post Office Building Bangalore
1 Doctor · ₹200
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Sri Varasiddhi Clinic Gynaecologist Clinic #807, 8th Main, 4th Block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura Main Road, Vidyaranyapura. Landmark: Near Post Office Building Bangalore
1 Doctor · ₹200
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By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have place......more
By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.
More about Sri Varasiddhi Clinic
Sri Varasiddhi Clinic is known for housing experienced Gynaecologists. Dr. Varalakshmi K, a well-reputed Gynaecologist, practices in Bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for Gynaecologists recommended by 48 patients.


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#807, 8th Main, 4th Block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura Main Road, Vidyaranyapura. Landmark: Near Post Office Building
Vidyaranyapura Bangalore, Karnataka
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Dr. Varalakshmi K

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Breast Reconstruction - Things You Must Know About It!

MCh, MS - General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Felloship In Microvascular Surgery & Hand Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Faridabad
Breast Reconstruction - Things You Must Know About It!

Breast reconstruction is the surgical procedure of creating a new breast shape. In some cases, it is done after the removal of the whole breast or part of the breast. In typical cases, breast reconstruction surgeries take place during or after mastectomy, which is the surgical procedure of removing a woman's breast. But it can be done even years after a mastectomy.

1. Factors to consider before opting for the surgeryConditions like obesity, smoking, diabetes, cardiac dysfunctions and high blood pressure are few of the many points that should be considered before opting for reconstruction. The presence of these conditions may complicate cases and in some episodes may pose a significant threat to a patient's life.

Also, women diagnosed with breast cancer or at a high risk of developing such in the future may have to opt for mastectomy. In such cases, the doctor may suggest breast reconstruction after the process.

2. The process of the surgery - Typically, breast reconstruction surgeries are done using an implant. Implant breast reconstruction includes the restoration of the shape and volume of the breast. The newly formed breast will not droop with age and may appear higher than the other one.

Implant reconstruction is also useful for women with small and firm breasts as it avoids the need for other extensive surgeries. 

Another type of breast reconstruction would include a procedure where one's own tissue is used. Tissue from the abdomen, buttocks, and inside of the thigh is generally used to replace the existing breast tissue. Similar to this is the procedure where a patient's own fat is processed and used to create a breast. This is commonly known as fat injection.

3. Limitations of a breast reconstruction surgery - There are certain limitations present in the process of breast reconstruction. Reconstructed breasts will not look or feel exactly the same way as before. Several appointments and cosmetic treatments might be required to obtain the best results. In usual cases, reconstructed breasts do not have a nipple. But one can be created using surgery at a later date.

Conceiving Through IVF After PCOS, Endometriosis or Cyst

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
IVF Specialist, Delhi
Conceiving Through IVF After PCOS, Endometriosis or Cyst

Getting pregnant can become an immensely frustrating experience for women with endometriosis or cyst with IVF treatment. Many women with endometriosis worry about whether they will be able to conceive and bear a child. This is because, in such a case, there is a collection of endometrial tissues outside the uterus that results in a painful inflammation along with the formation of blood-filled cysts in the ovary and bands of scar tissues.

How does PCOS or endometriosis affect the process of reproduction?
When a woman has any of these fertility issues, there could be endometrial growths of the tissue hindering the normal functioning of the reproductive organs. When the endometrial tissue formation involves the ovaries, there is a restriction on the release of eggs. On the other hand, when the fallopian tubes are affected, it would prevent the sperm from reaching the egg or it may also stop the fertilized egg from travelling to the uterus. Though each of these instances may sound challenging, experts suggest that IVF treatment can be helpful in offering desired results. It is estimated that about one-third of women suffering from endometriosis can conceive naturally without any treatment whatsoever. But for the rest of the women that suffer from endometriosis, IVF can be the best bet.

How can IVF help in getting pregnant in this scenario?
In order to make pregnancy possible for women with multiple adhesions, endometriosis or PCOS, the doctor would definitely begin with a comprehensive evaluation of hormones along with the presence of other chemicals in the body. Diagnostic tests such as hysteroscopy, hysterosalpingography, and laparoscopy can also be of great value in offering an insight into the individual patient’s condition.

When the IVF process has been successful, the embryo will get implanted in the uterus and cause the much-desired pregnancy. If there is any embryo remaining, it may be stored for use in future or donated to other couples. IVF is deemed successful for overcoming most of the female factor caused infertility including cyst, PCOS, and even endometriosis. There are 5 fundamental steps in IVF and they are:

  1. Super-ovulation or the process of stimulating the reproductive organs of a woman for releasing numerous healthy eggs. This is the first point of contradiction between IVF and normal pregnancy where a single egg is released and ovulated.
  2. The second step constitutes retrieval of eggs and sperm collection
  3. Then there is insemination as well as fertilization of the eggs with the help of the sperm
  4. Development of embryos and subsequent genetic evaluation when needed
  5. Transfer of the embryo in the uterus of the woman

Since IVF allows a controlled interaction between the egg and the sperm, it offers a high rate of success even when the patient is affected by complex disorders such as endometriosis, PCOS or cyst. Hence, discuss with your doctor if it is a viable option for the given situation.

7 Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency

PGP In Diabetologist, Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology, MD - Medicine, MBBS
Endocrinologist, Delhi
7 Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency

The body produces a number of chemicals called hormones which are essential for the regulation of various functions including growth and metabolism. These hormones are produced by endocrine glands which are located in various parts of the body. One such important gland is the pituitary gland which produces the important growth hormone. This is essential for regulating optimal growth during the growing years and for maintaining proper amounts of body fat, muscles, and bones in the later years of life.

Causes: Deficiency of the growth hormones can occur due to a number of causes, some of which are listed below. It can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired later in life.
The congenital issue could be due to problem in the pituitary gland structure, leading to complete absence or reduced secretion of the hormone.
With age, there is a decrease in the amount of secretion. However, infections, injuries, brain tumors, surgery and radiation can also lead to altered amounts of secretion.

Symptoms: While growth hormone deficiency can occur at any age, symptoms differ depending on the age when the deficiency sets in.
In the early ages:

  • Lower rate of growth for a given age
  • Delayed developmental milestones
  • Delayed onset of puberty
  • Short stature/reduced height
  • Younger looking compared to other children their age
  • Fat deposition around the waist
  • Delayed dental development

When the deficiency sets in during the later years, there is

  • Low energy levels, constant tiredness
  • Decreased strength
  • Decreased exercise tolerance
  • Decreased overall muscle mass
  • Thin and dry skin
  • Increased fat deposition and weight gain around the waist
  • Changes in social behavior including alternate cycles of anxiety and depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • History of pituitary tumors
  • High levels of fat and cholesterol

The diagnosis depends on the age of the person

  • Blood tests are carried out to check the hormone levels in circulation
  • In children, in addition to the hormone levels, x-rays to see the status of growth plates is very helpful.
  • An insulin hypoglycemia test where insulin is given intravenously to see the levels of the growth hormone after 30 minutes.
  • Total cholesterol levels, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, apolipoprotein B, and triglyceride levels can be used to supplement the above tests.
  • CT scan and/or MRI of the brain may be needed if tumors are suspected.

Treatment: Once diagnosed, replacement therapy is given as shots a few times a week under the skin. This restores normal growth and helps in controlling the symptoms in adults too.
In cases of tumor, radiation or surgery may be required, but most cases are managed with hormone replacement.
Watch out for the symptoms if your child has delayed developmental milestones and early intervention can help restore growth and function to normal levels.

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Management Of Infertility

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
IVF Specialist, Navi Mumbai
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Infertility practice including IVF and Laparoscopy is easily accessible to the common man today. Hysteroscopy procedures are used to treat infertility. It helps couples to complete their families. This is not a costly procedure as well.

Gynecological Surgeries

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
IVF Specialist, Navi Mumbai
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Gynecological surgery indicates surgery done on the female reproductive system. It is usually performed by gynecologists. It includes procedures for cancer , benign conditions, infertility and incontinence.

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New Era Of Quackery: High End White Collar Quackery In Aesthic Medicine

MBBS, MD - Dermatology, senior residency
Dermatologist, Delhi
New Era Of Quackery: High End White Collar Quackery In Aesthic Medicine

Dermatology is a branch which has been prone to medical quackery (jholachap giri)ever since its inception as a branch. Every so-called doctor (jholachhap), used to do dermatological treatment, giving steroids to virtually every disease, isotretinoin in pregnant, calling them dermatologist without any degree, playing with the health of the people and causing a huge huge hazard to everyone.Now, this quackery has reached a new high what I called as 'high-level white-collar quackery' from normal dermatological practice, it has been progressed to the Aesthetic procedure, surgical intervention, lasers. I am sharing here someday to day experience we face as a dermatologist. 

Scenario 1: Hair transplant now a well-known procedure, being a safer less invasive surgery itis at high tide right now. But due to its safety and non-invasive nature now this jholachhap Non-medicos are doing hair transplant routinely and boasting themselves as hair transplant surgeons. People, please understand its a surgery and it cant be done without a proper understanding of the human body and science. Some 'well-known hair transplant centres' are running their business without any doctors very smoothly, compromising sterility, risking lives. It is so easy for them to risk your life as our country never had any policy for healthcare.

Scenario 2: A well-known centre has been doing laser for 'god only know the indication' in a 1st-trimester pregnant lady. We doctors know that laser can harm developing baby in the womb. But who can stop them when they are only busy in money making without thinking twice.Many a time this centres calls a doctor after causing severe side effects like laser burn, flare of the disease due to wrong indications, but again who can stop them from playing human life.

Scenario 3: Anti-aging business is now of billions of dollars worldwide and got easier with many advancements in medical sciences like fillers, botox, machines, lasers. Easier means again more quackery but big money this time, how can they stop themselves indulging in this business again. Many so-called wellness centres doing all these procedures with any medical knowledge, without any degree, without any supervision. Result being risking our health and life.

I want to aware people that please be wise don't fall prey to any kind of advertisement, ask them there medical degree and medical licenses before going for any treatment or procedures. Its only money for them but it's your life which is at the stack. I also request our government and concerned authority who is always ready to blame doctors for all the thing, please make some strict protocols and restrict such kind of practice.

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Piyo Glassfull Doodh!!

PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Diploma in Dietetics and Health Nutrition, Health Coach
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
Piyo Glassfull Doodh!!

Myth Busting Time!

Myth - Milk is not good for adults

Truth - Milk is good for all people across lifecycle. kids and adults alike.. Bone Friendly milk!!

Forget the rumour! It is true that a few people are unable to digest milk sugar, known as lactose. They get an upset stomach or gas with milk, which is known as lactose intolerance. Most people have no difficulty in digesting milk - Milk has good quality protein and calcium, which is important for bone health. If you eat curd, its even better. You will get all the benefits of milk in terms of calcium and protein. In addition, curd will give you gut friendy bacteria which are helpful for your intestines, digestive tract and general health.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed!!


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MY daughter is having SOL in her Rt breast and she is 15 years of age. USG has been done but report is not given. But while doing usg sol appeared in the screen. What does it mean and is my daughter is going to have cancer type anything?

MBBS, MS - Oncology, DNB ( General Surgery )
Oncologist, Bangalore
SOL- space occupying lesion. At the age of 15 years, most often it is not cancerous. If big enough, needs true cut biopsy and then proceed for further management.
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Use Of Full-Face Helmet

Dentist, Betul
Use Of Full-Face Helmet

Always wear a full-face helmet or a mouthguard while playing sports. It will protect your mouth from any unnecessary injury.

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