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GM Health Care Pvt. Ltd

Multi-speciality Hospital (Pediatrician & Gynaecologist)

20, Cambridge Road, Landmark : Opposite Corporation Maternity Hospital, Bangalore Bangalore
3 Doctors · ₹200 - 250
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GM Health Care Pvt. Ltd Multi-speciality Hospital (Pediatrician & Gynaecologist) 20, Cambridge Road, Landmark : Opposite Corporation Maternity Hospital, Bangalore Bangalore
3 Doctors · ₹200 - 250
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Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you....more
Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.
More about GM Health Care Pvt. Ltd
GM Health Care Pvt. Ltd is known for housing experienced Pediatricians. Dr. Ramya R. K., a well-reputed Pediatrician, practices in Bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for Pediatricians recommended by 43 patients.


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20, Cambridge Road, Landmark : Opposite Corporation Maternity Hospital, Bangalore
Ulsoor Bangalore, Karnataka
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Doctors in GM Health Care Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Ramya R. K.

16 Years experience
200 at clinic
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Dr. Ashwini P

250 at clinic
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Dr. Aviva Pinto Rodrigue

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Diploma Reproductive Medicine
29 Years experience
200 at clinic
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Foods To Avoid This Monsoon

BSc-Food & Applied Nutrition, Msc in Clinical Dietetics & Food Service Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bhubaneswar
Foods To Avoid This Monsoon

Monsoon is one such season in India, which not only refreshes us, but the showers also bring a respite from the grueling heat. It is the season of excitement, fun and greenery.But at the same time we also need to be really careful with regards to the food we take and the activities we perform during monsoon.There are certain health risks we can suffer due to monsoon as the immunity and digestive ability gets affected. Dengue, malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea get common during this season. Especially kids are very susceptible during monsoon. But following a few healthy practices will surely help us reduce the risk of infections and help us enjoy monsoon the healthy way.

Tips To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
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There are usually challenges faced by pregnant women , especially during the first and last trimester of their journey to motherhood. While these are normal and bound to happen , still expecting mothers do have lot of doubts in their mind related to health and diet issues and the same need to be addressed on time to avoid any complications.

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Supressed Menstruation

Homeopath, Calicut
Supressed Menstruation

Menstruation in women
Menstruation is a monthly shedding of a female's uteral lining; it lasts about 3 to 5 days (average) and contains blood and tissue that exits her body through the cervix and vagina the first day of menstruation is the first day of your period.

Causes can include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Stress
  • Excessive exercising
  • Except these 
  • Suppressed menses can be because of
  • PCOS 
  • Uterine fibroid 
  • Endometriosis

Foods To Be Avoided During Infancy

BSc - Food Science & Nutrition, PGD in Sports Nutrition and Dietitics , Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Foods To Be Avoided During Infancy

Infancy is the most significant phase, where a new born gets the fullest exposure to new world, developing distinct relationship with the people and food. Infants tiny digestive system is still under progress and a special heed should be paid to ensure infants overall development isn’t hampered .New mums are often apprehensive about what should they feed to their tiny tots. As every mother wants the best for her newborn, below is a special guideline, that will help anxious  mums to make the wise choices and disregard certain food items in the first year of child’s life.

Foods which can wait till the baby's first birthday:

  1. Honey: –   Honey in any form (raw,organic,cooked) should be strictly prohibited during infancy phase,there are chances of infant getting caught with ‘Infant Botulinum’ toxicity. The presence of Clostridium Botulinum in honey can be dreadful and an infant can show persistent symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. It can be life threatening. It is better honey is introduced in infants diet after 1st year.
  2. Salt and sugar: – Salt and sugar are a big no to be introduced during infancy. Making salt and sugar a part of every meal can affect infants taste and could lead to potential health issues. Sugar sweetened beverages can be a potential of developing childhood obesity.
  3. Hard candies and foods: – Candies, fruits and vegetable sticks in direct form can pose infant on higher risk of choking. It is better off avoided during infancy.
  4. Cow’s milk: – Introducing cow’s milk during infancy can increase the renal load on infants developing kidneys and can also make the growing child at risk of becoming anaemic in near future.
  5. Fruit juice: – Fruit juices usually do not impart and may contribute adverse complications like obesity,over and undernutrition, abdominal distention etc. It should only be introduced under recommendation.
  6. Wheat: – One of the most common allergen, wheat should be introduced in the diet after child’s first birthday. Wheat can tax infants developing digestive system and is usually digested with difficulty. Rice is however a better choice.
  7. Eggs, fish, Treenuts: – Apart from being the potential allergens, it is better to refrain from these food items during infancy, as they can put an infant at the risk of choking. It is better to introduce them later.

Take aways:

It is important to start with natural purees and make sure the quantity and the consistency is gradually increased based on the preference of the child, tolerability and the nutritional aspect. The above food list will help the caregiver or mother to make smart and safe choices.

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Products Useful For The Body

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Products Useful For The Body

Products Useful For The Body

6 Awesome Tips To Get Fit While Doing Housework

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
6 Awesome Tips To Get Fit While Doing Housework

6 Awesome Tips to Get Fit While Doing Housework

Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories doing house chores? According to fitness experts, house chores can burn up to an average of 250 calories in an hour for a 150-lb individual. This post has highlighted some of the ways you can use your house chores to build up a sweat and get fit while doing housework.

1. Turn a bend into a functional exercise

Every time you are doing a chore that requires bending, turn the motion into an exercise by modifying the way you move. For instance, when picking up something from the floor, you can do it with a lunge. Or, you can do a full squat when, say, you are lifting groceries or a laundry basket.

2. Doing Laundry

Doing the laundry is a sure way to give you a great work out. It takes a lot of physical work to keep your clothes clean; from lifting up heavy laundry baskets, to lifting your arms upwards and downwards when hanging the clothes outside. Instead of using a washing machine, you can hand-wash your clothes to burn more calories and stay fit. Obviously, washing clothes by hand involves more physical activity than simply using a washing machine.

Here are other ways you can exercise to stay fit instead of using mechanized equipment:

  • Rake the leaves instead of using a blower
  • A manual mower will give you greater exercise than using a gasoline mower
  • Wash your car at home instead of taking it to a car wash
  • Washing the dishes, rather than using the dishwasher, involves a lot of bending and reaching actions which are good exercises to do.
  • Lay off blenders and choppers and use a mortar and pestle and a knife to do your food prep work.

3. Vacuuming

This is another house chore that can give you a great work out. In fact, it offers you the same level of physical activity as rowing or hiking. While at it, extend the stretches of your muscles by dusting even the hard-to-reach places. Again, consider doing the whole house in one go. This way, you are sure to work up quite a sweat.

Also, while vacuuming, add some lunges to tone up your buns and legs. You can begin at one end of the house and do lunges as you vacuum over to the other side of the house. However, do your best not to lean on the vacuum cleaner, but rather rely on it for balance only.

4. Do chores that use a lot of muscles regularly

Chores, like scrubbing a wall daily, sweeping, mopping, cleaning rugs, chores that involve climbing up and down stairs several times, ironing, and dusting (especially hard-to-reach places) are strenuous activities that put a lot of muscles to use. Doing such chores regularly is sure to keep you fit.

5. Consider making a playlist of upbeat music to help you set the pace while doing chores

Scientific studies confirm that listening to fast-paced music can encourage you to make quicker moves and maximize the results of your physical activities.

Use upbeat music when doing chores like vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows, scrubbing the walls, and other such chores.

6. Other ways to get fit while doing housework

Doing tricep dips while, say, making your bed, or climbing up and down a ladder while painting, or decorating, or doing squats while loading the dishwasher, are examples of activities that you can throw in a few exercises while doing them and working around the house.

Big changes come from small beginnings so, even making the smallest change, or implementing one simple action, can help to make you fit, especially if you make it a habit every day. When you begin to build these habits, you can slowly increase the difficulty level and try working a bit harder, but remember; it all starts with building good habits.

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Introduction To Saans Rehabilitation Program

Physiotherapist, Delhi
Introduction To Saans Rehabilitation Program

What Is Rehabilitation?

A comprehensive intervention for patients with chronic diseases who are symptomatic and often have decreased daily activities.

It is designed to

  • Reduce symptoms

  • Optimize functional status

  • Increase participation

  • Reduces health care costs

  • Stabilises or reversing systemic manifestations of the disease

  • Address morbidities and their consequences through education and exercise 

Why Rehabilitation is the Need of Hour

  • Chronic Disease Era

  • Associated Mental Health Concerns with Chronic Diseases.

  • Deconditioning Effects

  • Continuity in Healthcare delivery system

Who Can Benefit?

  • Chronic respiratory disease symptomatic with optimum drug therapy

  • Chronic cardiovascular diseases with breathlessness despite optimum intervention and drug therapy

  • Chronic neurological diseases

  • Chronic orthopedic diseases, pre & post operative conditions

  • Lifestyle disorders like Stress, Sleep, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension etc. 

  • Special children

  • Pre Natal and Post Natal Conditions

  • Oncological Condition

  • Chronic and Acute pain conditions

  • Alcohol Deaddiction & Smoking Cessation

What are Consequences of advanced chronic disease?

  • Peripheral Muscle dysfunction

  • Respiratory muscle dysfunction

  • Nutritional abnormalities

  • Cardiac impairment

  • Skeletal disease

  • Sensory defects

  • Neurocognitive dysfunction

  • Psychosocial dysfunction

What are the components of Rehabilitation program?

  • Proper education of Disease process

  • Exercise Training

  • Psychosocial/behavioral intervention/CBT

  • Nutrition assessment

  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques

  • Medications, devices & specific therapy

  • Outcome Assessment

What are the Possible Benefits?

  • Improved Exercise Capacity

  • Reduced perceived intensity of dyspnoea and stress

  • Improve health-related QOL

  • Reduced hospitalization

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Improved limb function and ADL’s

  • Benefits extend well beyond immediate period of training 

Rehab Team 

For a successful rehabilitation program, it requires an efficient coordination and teamwork of medical professionals, which includes:

  • Doctors

  • Physiotherapists

  • Nurses

  • Nursing Attendants and health care workers

  • Wellness Coach and Psychologists

  • Nutritionists

  • Education Providers

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I am 39 years female having one child last two month I had heavy periods for 22 day, my sonography report showed thicker endometrial, I am planning for baby.

Homeopath, Calicut
I am 39 years female having one child last two month I had heavy periods for 22 day, my sonography report showed thic...
Take homoeopathic remedy pulsatilla 200/6dose/1 week avoid stress do some regular exercise take proper diet containing minerals vitamins and protein drink plenty of water too.
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