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Vipulkumar Bhanushanker Dwivedi

Dr. Vipulkumar Bhanushanker Dwivedi

Sexologist44 Years Exp.
D N C & H
 at clinic
500 online

Personal Statement

A patient is an important guest of our premises. He is not a disturbance of our work. He is purpose of our work. See all patients who visit you even after your practicing hours. See and satisfy all patients to your maximum ability and always insist on taking your charge after more

Doctor Information


  • Sexologist

Other treatment areas

  • Pain Management
  • Sexologist
  • Family Medicine Specialist
  • Public Health Dentist
  • Obesity Consultant
  • Health Specialist
  • Weight Management
  • Breast Specialist
  • Allergist
  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Massage Specialist
  • Anatomy Specialist
  • Sharir Rachana Specialist


  • D N C & H , B J Medical College, Ahmedabad , 1979

Past Experience

  • Medical Practice [General] at self employed

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Urdu

Professional Memberships

  • gujarat medical council, Registration No G 9868

Clinic Location

Opp Bhungli ni pole, Jamalpur


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Question and Answers



male • Oct 16, 2023 • Delhi

I done course bactrim ds for 10/days. Doctor confirmed me with pro status problem. I m.facing some penis irritation and sometimes it pains from root to tip. Urine cultur more

Vipulkumar Bhanushanker Dwivedi

1 month ago

Side effect of sulpholamides is crystalluria. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water everyday. This will clear everything.



male • 23 Year Old • Oct 09, 2023 • Amritsar

When I talk to my girlfriend, water comes out of my penis. I need a solution to this.

Vipulkumar Bhanushanker Dwivedi

1 month ago

It is absolutely normal. Please do not touch any part of her body especially her vagina from outside or her breasts. This can cause more secretion from you. Keep safe di full answer



female • 27 Year Old • Oct 08, 2023 • Hyderabad

Hi, I had unprotected sex and took I pill the next morning (7th day of my cycle, I have 26 days cycle). We had unprotected sex again after taking the pill within 3 hours more

Vipulkumar Bhanushanker Dwivedi

1 month ago

It may or may not work. Please use condom for doing sexual intercourse. Wait for 1 month. If you bleed in next month's expected date, you are not pregnant. If your bleed full answer



male • 28 Year Old • Oct 08, 2023 • Chennai

hi from last 2 days I can see blood after sex in semen attached to panties. Is this my menstrual blood or i'm so worried. Pls suggest.

Vipulkumar Bhanushanker Dwivedi

1 month ago

It may be blood from your genitals, which are surrounded around your vulva. Because of excitement during sexual intercourse you or your husband must be doing too much up full answer

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LENGTH OF PENIs Many peole claim that they are 'suffering' from small sized penis in erect condition. It is a universal fact that length of penis  can not be increased by rubbbing oil, using lengthening penis, or increase its diameter. Those who more

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