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Dr. Garudkar

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology

Gynaecologist, Ahmedabad

28 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic
Dr. Garudkar MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology Gynaecologist, Ahmedabad
28 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic
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Personal Statement

I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. Garudkar
Dr. Garudkar is a trusted Gynaecologist in Vasna, Ahmedabad. He has had many happy patients in his 28 years of journey as a Gynaecologist. He has done MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology . He is currently practising at Dllip N.Modi in Vasna, Ahmedabad. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Garudkar on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Ahmedabad and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology - V.S. Hospital in Ellis Bridge, Ahmedaba - 1989
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Ellis Bridge, Opposite Vasna Telephone Exchange VasnaAhmedabad Get Directions
500 at clinic
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Cervical Cancer

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma in Hospital Administration
Ayurveda, Varanasi
Cervical Cancer

Now it's time to introduce/add society, ayurvedic drugs like ashokarista, pushyanug churna, supari pak, kanchnar guggle etc along with natural panchkarma therapy to fight with cervical cancer these ayurvedic treatment having very good results in such disorder.

Benefits of Shirodhara

BAMS, Diploma in Skin Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Trichology, Diploma in skin aesthetics, Diploma in cosmetology, Diploma in Trichology, Diploma in Nutrition & Diet Planning, MDscholar
Trichologist, Mumbai
Benefits of Shirodhara

Ayurveda is a proven ancient life science that has been curing long term and often, debilitating diseases with a focus on methods like Panchakarma (comprising of pre-Panchakarma treatments like snehan oiling of the body with medicated preparations and swedan medicated steam), oral herbal medications and other tweaks in one's lifestyle that can help in combating the symptoms and advent of diseases. 

Shirodhara is one of the methods followed by Ayurveda, which is said to stimulate the pituitary gland or 'third eye' that focuses on pouring warm medicated oil or medicinal decoctions on a certain point on one's forehead for a focused form of therapy followed by a relaxing head massage. 

Let us find out the various benefits of Shirodhara:

  1. Awakening: With this method of oil flow, it is said that the 'third eye' or the pituitary gland gets activated to a degree where awakening of the senses takes place in the true form of the term. Hormones secreted from the pituitary gland the master gland of the body, help control growth, blood pressure, certain functions of the sex organs, thyroid glands and metabolism as well as some aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, water and salt concentration and the kidneys, temperature regulation and pain relief. This encourages overall better health as the organs also respond and function in a better manner. 
  2. Good for Nervous System: This treatment also helps in stimulating and relaxing the right nerves in the right way which restores the balance the Praan Vaayu . So, the cerebral system also works in a better manner and cognition thrives, leading to a good and healthy state of the nervous system. 
  3. Mental Clarity: When there is clear headedness and a proper balance and flow of chemicals within the brain and the various parts of the body, then there is a better state of mental clarity that the patient can achieve. This can be done with the help of shirodhara as it activates the requisite glands which can produce a more favourable and balanced state of mind. As a consequence, the patient will find that the quality of concentration and productivity as far as various tasks are concerned, will also go up by leaps and bounds. 
  4. Treats Hair Loss: This focussed treatment takes on the hair follicles as well, thanks to the concoction of herbs and oils which is allowed to flow on to the scalp. This can help in preventing and repairing hair loss and hair damage to a great extent due to the nourishment and prolonged treatment method with which the oil is allowed to penetrate deep into the scalp and provide good health to the roots. 
  5. Improves Sleep: This form of oilation therapy is also known to help a person sleep better because the mental faculties work better during the day and this restores the natural rhythm of the body by night, when the right amount of fatigue is achieved thanks to the healing properties of this procedure. 

Thus, Shirodhara is a wholesome treatment for the body, mind and soul. Practice Shirodhara on a regular basis for good overall health.

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I am married man and still have sex with wife but I don't want to pregnent to my wife. Fir this what I should I do?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
There are many family planning methods you can choose from- permanant as well as temporary. Best is couple should meet gynaecologist and understand advantages and disadvantages of all methods and depending on your needs and future planning choose one.
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From month or two I feel some pain in my abdomen all the day and also my periods are normal please suggest me that this is symptoms of pregnancy.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
From month or two I feel some pain in my abdomen all the day and also my periods are normal please suggest me that th...
Missing period is the most important symptom. To confirm you should get urine pregnancy test done at home and if negative keep repeating every week till menses comes. Apart from that nausea and vomiting and breast fullness will start 15 days of missed period. Pain in abdomen is definitely not the symptom of pregnany. Also if you r having normal menses and bid not miss your menses, pregnancy is not the possibility.
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B.Sc(hons), Physics, B.H.M.S., PGDIT (software Engg)
Homeopath, Delhi
. Early bed early rise.
2. Bathing before sunrise to reduce mucus related problems (sticky yellowish mucus in sinus plexus).
3 if Ganges near then take bath there.
4. maintain a proper weight.
5. Female 5' to 5.5' minimum 55 kgs max 60 kgs.App.
6. Male 5' to 510 ,in 60kgs max 75 kgs App.
7. Water intake daily 3-5 ltrs.
8. Freehand exercise 30 min in daily morning to accumulate more oxygen into blood.
9. Avoid oily food outside. only fruit juice or white sweets.
10. nutritious balance diet.
11. prepare popcorn in home and do breakfast with it to
be healthy and avoid stool related problems.
12. I am opening Nutrition club to make patients healthy.
13 to increase working power to be wealthy.
14. My success is there if I sort out your health problems.
15. Pranayam Yoga daily.
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Eating during summers

General Physician, Gurgaon
Eating during summers

There's no question that sunscreen should be your first line of defense against the blazing summer Sun. But eating tomatoes could give you a little extra protection: consuming more lycopene-the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red-may protect your skin from sunburn. In one study, participants who were exposed to UV light had almost 50 percent less skin reddening after they ate 2 1/2 tablespoons of tomato paste (or drank about 1 2/3 cups of carrot juice daily), in addition to their regular diet, for 10 to 12 weeks. Supplements, however, weren't as effective: in the same study, those who received a lycopene supplement or synthetic lycopene weren't significantly protected against sunburn.

Staying hydrated keeps your memory sharp and your mood stable. It also helps keep your body cool (by sweating) during hot summer months. The good news is that you don't just have to drink water. You can eat it, too: in addition to delivering skin-protecting lycopene, watermelon is 92 percent water (hence the name). Another boon? Research shows that eating foods that are full of water helps keep you satisfied on fewer calories. (Interestingly enough, drinking water alongside foods doesn't have the same effect.)

Raspberries are a great source of fiber some of it soluble in the form of pectin, which helps lower cholesterol. One cup of raspberries has 8 grams of fiber and a study in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating more fiber may help prevent weight gain or even promote weight loss. Over the course of a two-year study, researchers found that when study participants boosted their fiber by 8 grams for every 1,000 calories, they lost about 4 1/2 pounds. Try it for yourself. If you're consuming 2,000 calories per day, aim to increase your fiber by 16 grams

Fresh blueberries and jamuns straight from the berry field are a special treat! Turns out the antioxidants in them may help ward off muscle fatigue by mopping up the additional free radicals

I had a miscarriage after 4 weeks. Is it safe to conceive within 3 month of miscarriage?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
I had a miscarriage after 4 weeks.
Is it safe to conceive within 3 month of miscarriage?
Hello, it is best to avoid pregnancy for 3 months to allow uterus to return to its pre-pregnant state before another pregnancy is planned.
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I was not getting periods regularly what to do. I was having nemonia from 3 years when I was used tablets for that you increased my weight and not getting periods regularly from then.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
I was not getting periods regularly what to do. I was having nemonia from 3 years when I was used tablets for that yo...
Hi, tk, homoeo medicine: @ pulsatilla 30-6 pills, thrice a day. @ bryonia alb30-6 pills, thrice a day. Tk, plenty of water to eliminate toxins and to regulate metabolism to burn your extra fats. Go for meditation to nourish your body to curb fats, to reduce your stress. Avoid, dust, smoke, cold intake, exposure to cold, pollution, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol. Your diet b easily digestible, simple, non- irritant, on time. Tk care.
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4 Steps to Decrease the Chance of Recurrent Miscarriage

Certified IVF Specialist, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
4 Steps to Decrease the Chance of Recurrent Miscarriage

Natural therapies are a great option to support your body and prepare it for pregnancy. As with any approach trying to decrease the chance of miscarriage, these steps will help to nourish and support the body, inviting a healthy pregnancy to occur.

Preparing ahead of time for your pregnancy is also important for decreasing the chance of a miscarriage, these steps must be practiced for at least 3 months before you become pregnant again. If you are currently experiencing a miscarriage consult a doctor or midwife right away.

1. Prepare for conception: The first step is to prepare your body with fertility cleansing. Fertility cleansing helps you to support the liver in cleansing the body of old toxins and excess hormones while encouraging the uterus to cleanse itself of ‘old’ contents, increasing uterine circulation and tone.

2. Eat a nutrient dense fertility diet: The next step is to nourish and build up your body to be a healthy, baby friendly body. This can be done through eating a well balanced and nutritious diet. What you eat has a strong impact on:

  1. The health of your eggs
  2. Your hormonal balance
  3. Creating a healthy placenta
  4. Decreases chance of a miscarriage
  5. Building nutrient storage for baby
  6. Creating a healthy reproductive system

3. Build a healthy foundation: One of the major foundational steps to increase your chance of having a healthy pregnancy is to take some basic vitamins, minerals, and EFA’s. There are specific vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy reproductive system, hormonal balance, and ovulation. Essential fatty acids are also extremely important for miscarriage prevention.

4. Apply fertility or abdominal massage: Another important element of promoting a healthy conception is to increase circulation to the uterus. Through applying a simple massage method called self fertility massage you are able to increase the circulation to the uterus, clear adhesions and congestion.

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I am 24 year old girl. My breasts are looking too large. Wearing shall is not comfortable for me. So please suggest any other solution for freely doing my work.

DGO, Advanced Infertility, Post Doctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine
IVF Specialist, Gurgaon
I am 24 year old girl. My breasts are looking too large. Wearing shall is not comfortable for me. So please suggest a...
Wear a bra with good support i. E of the correct size. If you are overweight you may consider losing the extra weight and becoming fit. Swimming is a good exercise to help the tightening of the muscles under the breast which in turn will support the breast tissue.
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General Physician,
Stress management strategy :

Adopt a healthy lifestyle :-

You can increase your resistance to stress by strengthening your physical health.

Exercise regularly :-

Physical activity plays a key role in reducing and preventing the effects of stress. Make time for at least 30 minutes of exercise, three times per week. Nothing beats aerobic exercise for releasing pent-up stress and tension.

Eat a healthy diet :-

Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress, so be mindful of what you eat. Start your day right with breakfast, and keep your energy up and your mind clear with balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day.

Reduce caffeine and sugar :-

The temporary
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She's been diabetic from childhood, can she able to give birth to a child? What are the problems she has to face if she can?

MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology, DNB Endocrinology, MNAMS, Speciality Certificate (Endo. & Diab.) (MRCP, UK), Fellow of American College of Endocrinology (FACE)
Endocrinologist, Delhi
She's been diabetic from childhood, can she able to give birth to a child? What are the problems she has to face if s...
Blood glucose when well controlled during pregnancy can lead to a perfectly normal, enjoyable and fulfilling pregnancy. Please keep in touch with an endocrinologist. Uncontrolled diabetes in pregnancy can lead to increased risk of miscarriages, large baby, labor problems, and post pregnancy problems in child and mother.
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I am using cooper-t from 3 years (valid for 10 years) my discontinuity in periods start from last 3 months. Periods missed once but this month periods come twice. Is this pre menopause or something different problem.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
I am using cooper-t from 3 years (valid for 10 years) my discontinuity in periods start from last 3 months. Periods m...
Dear lybrate-user though you are perimenopausal but still kindly go to a gynae clinic and get yourself examined as it is anyways beneficial for a lady using copper t to get herself examined once in a year. In the same consultation the rest of the things can be taken care of. God bless.
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3 Things the New Psychotherapist Does that You Are Not Aware About

Psychologist, Thane
3 Things the New Psychotherapist Does that You Are Not Aware About

"Our business is to get out of business"

The old comfortable baroque sofa is out. In are the new modern or contemporary chairs. The hanging intricate chandeliers are replaced with sleek standing lamps. Not a wooden carved table, but a glass table with transparency is at the center of design in healing. The pen and paper has changed hands from the therapist to the client. The therapist no more plays the role of a god but a fallible human being in the therapy. A lot has changed in last 50 years. Except for the perception of psychologist or a psychotherapist. They are no more I listen to everything like a soundboard. A psychologist now expresses, collaborate, question and also interrupt. Let's look at some new things that happen behind those sound proof glass doors today. 

1) Make you, your own therapist

"Teach man fishing, and you feed him for life"

Clients ask" will this resolve all my problems? or will therapy work" frankly, therapies don't work. You have to make them work. You have to put energy and effort for it to work. It's like entropy. The new job of a psychologist or a psychotherapist is not only to get you out of your issues and current problems. The task now extends also to prepare you if another similar problem arises. There are no throw away solutions, now they get dicovered with guidence. Therapy now is making a new therapist. As padesky puts it" our goal as therapists is to teach our clients a process of evaluating their goals, thoughts, behaviors, and moods so that they can learn methods for improving their lives for many years to come. Yes, many years to come. So next time look for a teaching therapist. The one who teaches you to fish. 

2) New therapy doesn't end in 45 minutes.

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action"

You will be out of the therapist's office in an hour, but the rest of the time you carry therapy with you. The new therapy is complimented with an action plan. You have to work on some things that might be thoughts, feelings, people or some action. You do exercises, work on worksheets or become your own therapist for the rest of the week. This is more like a homework, but fun and interesting. A good action plan will make you contemplate a little bit, but also courageous enough to do it. Working on your action plan is a new way to get out of your cluttered thoughts and manage feelings. You achieve goals and come with new goals to achieve more next time. 

3) New therapist doesn't buy everything you say.

"Interruption causes learning"

The new therapist is not on a shopping spree with her bag to buy everything you say. She/ he is direct, has a certain kind of empathic compassion not sympathetic understanding. She interrupts skillfully. A modern day stoic socrates to be precise. Concretises abstractions and abstracts the rigid. Makes you measure your own judgments and thinking. The new therapist not only listen and take notes. She questions. Thinking is driven by questions. They rather makes you think and write about it. They experiment inside and outside of the session. They collaborate with you and support to reach the goal of the session as well as therapy. Bottom line, they stop the cycle that keeps you there. They interrupt your old process that's giving you old results. 

These are only some process that happens in the new therapy. Every therapist has customized his her own style, language and stance. You might be grasped with a disorder, or short term distress. Mostly you have reached a point by developing yourself and need to go higher. It's no more difficult to get a therapist, she/ he might just be available in your own office. They may be in that building around the corner or a click away on your phone app. This cycle of distress can be stopped with a minor effort. Stop it. And give yourself a chance.

Your love keeps us motivated to write more informative articles. If you like this article please show your love by a like

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BPT, MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Sangrur
Physiotherapy is a combination of electrotherapy and exercise therapy. In electrotherapy various agents like heat, cold, sound, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, etc. Can be used to reduce pain and discomfort in patients. The primary role of these agents is to prepare the muscles and joints of a body for exercises.
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I have irregular periods again. I used to take some Ayurvedic medicine till December from which they were coming very regular. Since I stopped my periods again started to get irregular. Everytime it skips, more my weight increases. I used to be 42 kilos ten years ago! I started going to gym regularly now. Earlier in college my periods were fairly regular. Then in 2012 I did a sonography and the doc said my ovaries had cysts. With the Ayurvedic medicine my periods became very regular (35 day cycle) but I stopped as he said I can stop it. But now again my periods are irregular and my weight has increased so much in the past few months (from 52 to 57!)

General Physician, Mumbai
I have irregular periods again. I used to take some Ayurvedic medicine till December from which they were coming very...
I will suggest you to do suryanamaskar daily as per your capacity for a minimum of six months and few tips on diet say no to maida items like toast , khaari ,naan ,white bread . can drink tea but without sugar say no to Buffalo milk and can drink cows milk can eat brown bread can eat sprout's can eat green vegetables, can eat chappati ,bajra ka rotla can eat one katori of rice twice a day with dal to avoid farsan food items can eat fruits say no to coconut water
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my gf had unprotected sex on 13 th march and she had an ipill with in 24 hrs and on 20th we again had sex but we thought of condom broke and she again had ipill on 21th now her period should be on 25 th but it didn't come is there any chance of pregnancy?

General Physician, Cuttack
my gf had unprotected sex on 13 th march and she had an ipill with in 24 hrs and on 20th we again had sex but we thou...
There is no risk of pregnancy since she had taken I pill. Delay in period could be due to the after effect of the I pill..Consult doctor for further advice
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Normal Delivery - 18 Things You Must Always Remember!

MBBS, DGO, DNB Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Normal Delivery - 18 Things You Must Always Remember!

Giving birth is a life-changing event for every mother and it leaves an everlasting impression in your life. Every delivery is unique and you can just gain from the experience of others, but don’t expect it to be the same. 
You will experience many changes in your body and will learn to take care of yourself and your growing baby as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Pain is a part of labour that every woman has to undergo. It is the fear of labour pain that make many pregnant women opt for c-section. However there is no denying the fact that c-section is a major surgery and requires several days to recover.

Keep in mind the following tips to go in for a normal delivery:

  1. Try to get prenatal education, which guides you about labour, birth and natural labour pain management techniques, such as breathing, self-hypnosis, relaxation and other coping mechanisms. You should check with your hospital too as most of them offer an evening or weekend course.
  2. Consult a gynaecologist who has a history in delivering babies naturally.
  3. Keep yourself physically active by doing mild exercises throughout pregnancy.
  4. You should keep a calm environment in your labour room.
  5. Don’t gain too much weight as women who aren't overweight do not have much difficulty in delivering babies vaginally.
  6. Opt for fewer rather as more tests, treatments and interventions during your pregnancy tend to interfere with normal birth. Whenever tests or procedures are recommended, you should ask about the need of undergoing such tests.
  7. Continue with your walks as it helps in relieving the pain.
  8. Go in for a water therapy. A shower, bathtub, birthing pool and hot compresses are other tools for easing pain and helping you relax. Spend as much time as possible in water.
  9. Use various positions such as sitting on the toilet, kneeling, and squatting to ease vaginal delivery.
  10. Massage/back rubs equally help in easing the pain.
  11. You can also go in for Effleurage which is a light massage of the abdomen to ease your vaginal delivery.
  12. Apply warm or cold compresses.
  13. Avoid hearing negative stories about labour.
  14. Eat a healthy balanced diet as the health and development of your baby depends on your nutrition.
  15. Stay away from stress and anxiety. Read good books about parenting and be in the company of good lively people.
  16. Use relaxation/breathing techniques to keep yourself calm.
  17. Guided meditation and prayers undoubtedly will reinforce your faith in yourself to deliver a baby vaginally.
  18. Have adequate sleep. Avoid drinking tea or coffee two hours before going to bed in order to have uninterrupted sleep.

Following these tips religiously can definitely increase your chances of having a normal delivery.

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Namaste sir, Sir i am married and my wife deliveried a baby before 6 weeks. Now it is good for do sex. Please suggest. Thank you.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Health Administration
Till, your wife gives breast feeding to your baby the specific period is called as ‘Natural Contraception’ the chances of pregnancy is minimal. Lactation induces a period of infertility, which serves to provide the optimal birth spacing for survival of the offspring. However, use condom for safe sex and unwanted pregnancy is always recommended.
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