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Dr. Dhvani Padodara


Gynaecologist, Ahmedabad

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Dr. Dhvani Padodara MBBS Gynaecologist, Ahmedabad
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Dhvani Padodara is a renowned Gynaecologist in Bopal, Ahmedabad. Doctor has done MBBS . You can visit him/her at Adwait ICU And Multispeciality Hospital in Bopal, Ahmedabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Dhvani Padodara and consult privately on

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Hi I am 26 years old I got marriage in December 2014 after marriage my periods was irregular cycle changing from 30 to 37 days. We met doctor in the month of June2015 they told me to go for full abdonomial scan. Scan reports showing that bilateral poly cystic overlies. Given folic acid. I started using immediately but from July to tell I didnt get my periods pregnancy test showing negative. What I have to do now, will I get pregnancy.

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Hi I am 26 years old I got marriage in December 2014 after marriage my periods was irregular cycle changing from 30 t...
Get gynecological check up as before pregnancy you have to regularize your hormone levels first. Then try for pregnancy. Usually in pcos there may be problem in having pregnancy spontaneously but majority of these women have pregnancy with treatment.
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Feeling Hot! Here's Why You Must Not Drink Cold Water!

MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Delhi
Feeling Hot! Here's Why You Must Not Drink Cold Water!

It is summer, and that nice, tall drink of iced water is so tempting. But wait! Yes, cold water is refreshing, but have you ever wondered what it does to your body? You may already know that when you wash your face with hot/warm water, it opens up your pores and loosens your skin. On the other hand, washing your face with cold water closes the pores and tightens the skin. Now imagine this tightness in your digestive tract. Feels unpleasant, doesn’t it?

Here are more reasons as to why you should avoid drinking cold water:
1. When you drink cold water, or any other chilled beverage, it hinders your hydration, restricts your digestion and shrinks your blood vessels.
2. Drinking cold water changes your body’s internal temperature. Your body now uses the energy stored to regulate your temperature instead of digesting food and absorbing nutrients to produce energy.
3. Excessive mucus is created when you drink cold water after a meal. This leads to a decline in the function of your immune system, which makes you prone to catch illness and colds.
4. If you drink cold water with a meal or after it, fats in your food become solidified due to the low water temperature. The body now struggles to digest the nonessential fats from your body.

Some people claim that drinking cold water can burn calories better by making your digestive system work harder. However, this is not the correct way to burn calories! You don’t need to make your digestive system work harder. There are many other ways to burn calories. So, ditch that glass of cold water. Health experts vehemently agree that warm, or room temperature, water is best for the body.

Some benefits of warm water include:
1. Increased and faster hydration
2. Digestion is improved due to stimulation of natural digestive enzymes
3. Food is broken down with more ease
4. Better bowel movement, especially if you put lemon juice in warm water
5. Blood is purified and your body is naturally detoxified via your lymphatic system, kidney and skin

So the next time you sit down for a meal, grab that glass of room temperature water instead. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a General Physician.

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Sodium Deficiency - Signs You Are Suffering From It

General Physician, Gorakhpur
Sodium Deficiency - Signs You Are Suffering From It

Sodium deficiency or hyponatraemia refers to the low sodium concentration in the body of an individual. As other minerals, Sodium also plays essential roles in the human body. It is required for many of the functions of the body, including blood pressure management, fluid balance and the proper functioning of the nervous system. It may also sometimes lead to neurological impairments which affect walking and attention and could also result in bone fracture. Hyponatremia can be caused due to drinking too much of water, without enough replacement of sodium from the body. However, consuming too much of sodium can increase the volume of blood in the body, resulting in various health problems and can sometimes lead a person to coma.

The symptoms of sodium deficiency or hyponatraemia aren’t usually always specific. They can differ from person to person and depend on how rapid the fall in the sodium concentration of the body is. However, some of the common symptoms that are usually seen in the affected persons are as follows:

  1. Gastrointestinal distress: One of the symptoms of hyponatraemia includes gastrointestinal distress. It may cause a decrease in the appetite of an individual and also result in nausea and vomiting. However, if a person suffering from sodium deficiency experiences vomiting, then their problem may continue to worsen.
  2. Cognitive Impairment: Deficiency in sodium level can also result in abnormal mental status. Hyponatremia causes expanding of the tissue cells in the body. However, maximum tissues in the body can handle this change but the brain cannot. It is not capable of compensating for the increased size of the cells and as a result, the brain starts to dysfunction and causes a headache, confusion, lethargy and the problem of fatigue. With the worsening of the conditions, the person can experience hallucinations, decrease in consciousness and may also lead to coma.
  3. Muscular Problems: Due to the drop in Sodium concentration, a person can experience various muscular problems including spasms or cramps. He/She may also suffer from fatigue. The weakness in the muscles and seizures are some of the additional symptoms of sodium deficiency.

The severity of these symptoms depends on the speed i.e., on how fast the fall in the blood salt level is. A gradual, low-level drop can be tolerated if it lasts for a few days or weeks, but the deficiency of sodium in the body can be fatal if not treated as early as possible. It may even lead to the death of a person. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a general physician.

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Hi my wife is having a problem in sex. Whenever we try to do this. She starts crying as she is not able to take the penis into her vagina. She feels a very high pain. So we are not able to do that.

IPHH Delhi, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Panchkarma, Diploma in Acupuncture
Sexologist, Gurgaon
Dear lybrate-user, she may be having a stricture or muscle spasm or frigidity. Better you consult a gynecologist she may suggest some treatment or counselling after examination for better insertion.
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My gf is not having her periods from last 2 months. But we tried to have sex just 7 days before from today. I didn't penetrate in her vagina but I ejaculated on her skin and wiped out immediately. Is there any chance of pregnancy? please help me.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
My gf is not having her periods from last 2 months. But we tried to have sex just 7 days before from today. I didn't ...
Hi dear. Welcome to lybrate. Yes there us a definite chance of pregnancy as there was contact of semen near the vagina. Even though the chances are slim but still there is a risk. Incase you not wish to conceive as yet it's best to take an emergency contraceptive. All the best.
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Health Benefits of Tomato

Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad

Eating lots of tomatoes, any way you can, is a great thing. This fruit that acts like a vegetable is loaded with health properties

  1. Tomatoes contain all four major carotenoids: alpha- and beta-carotene, lute in, and lycopene. These carotenoids may have individual benefits, but also have synergy as a group (that is, they interact to provide health benefits).

2. In particular, tomatoes contain awesome amounts of lycopene, thought to have the highest antioxidant activity of all the carotenoids.

3.Tomatoes contain all three high-powered antioxidants: beta-carotene (which has vitamin A activity in the body), vitamin E, and vitamin C. A U.S. Department of Agriculture report, What We Eat in America, noted that a third or us get too little vitamin C and almost half get too little vitamin A.

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What are the incubation periods for infections? How do I take someone's temperature? How long is someone infectious after a viral infection? Is pneumonia contagious?

MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
What are the incubation periods for infections?
How do I take someone's temperature?
How long is someone infectious a...
Incubation period is the time elapsed between exposure to a pathogenic organism, a chemical or radiation, and when symptoms and signs are first apparent. In a typical infectious disease, incubation period signifies the period taken by the multiplying organism to reach a threshold necessary to produce symptoms in the host. Take temperature easily by digital thermometer, u can take oral/ axilla temp, it beeps in 1 and half minutes n the temp can be read out.. It depends on what sort of viral infection you r talking about to know hw long it is infective. Yes pnemonia may be contagious by droplet infections
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M. sc Psychology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Menopausal stage is one of the crucial period for every woman, which can be expected uaually b/w 48-52 yrs, with slight variations of years either earlier or late.There are two stages. Pre& post menopausal treated as Syndromes.In pre Menopausal syndrome, usually, women will get menses irregularly, either delayed or very early, may be prolonged also some times, or scanty.During this stage ony , because of fluctuations in Harmones, they develop Irritability, Mood swings, Depression, Nervousness, Anxiety, fears, Phobias, disinterest for work/Sex, Lazyness,Hypothyroid,Hot flushes, Cramps etc.In general, all these with silght difference in period, will come to normalcy gradually after getting Menopause. But in some cases, these will be carried further, with more or less intensity even after Menopause also? along with those pre menopausal problems, Weight gain also plays an important role. These all due to the stoppage of oestrogen harmone, which indirectly shows the effect on other related harmonal secretions.Decrease in Libido also due to the dryness in vagina. Due to the general decrease in Calcium absorption in this period,[Pre& post], women are more susceptable to develop the diseases related to Bones/Jts?. Like knee pains, Osteo arthritis,Osteo porosi s.So in general,especially in this period women are advised by many Doctors to take additional supplement of Calcium+D vitamin to avoid the risk.Usually, in this period only they have more chances to develop Hypertension, Diabetes also[In case,if any Hereditary is different]

If in case, any bleeding or secretions from vagina with different colour or smell, after long gap of Menopausal period, Then its ideal to consult any Gynaecologist for check up, to avoid Risk factors like Carcinoma, Tumors, etc.
In general, as usual, like for any other C/o, Following some extra precautions like taking Nutritious, Healthy diet,Avoiding spicy, unhealthy, junk food, Doing regular activities, exercises, Yoga, Pranayamas, If needed extra supplements like Calcium etc, getting engaged in some occupation, developing n implementing Hobbies n enjoying those, all will definitily help reducing the above mentioned risks.
Regular Check up also help as precautionary. But with the fear of Disease, n Death, taking Excessive medication for small issues also will do more harm than Good.
Homeopathy will do better Help in giving relief from all above mentioned c/os, related to menopause, if was given on the basis of symptoms similarity.
Because Homeopathy is a system which is based on the individual characteristics, personality,Mentality, their reaction/physically n mentally to various circumstances?That?s why,patient need to give all information abt their C/o,as well as their nature in general to get benefitted well by this System.

Here are few remedies I am mentioning which can be helpful in Menopausal syndrome[based on those particular indications]:-
Argentum Nitricum, Amyl nitrosum, Arsenic album, Belladonna, Lyco, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Calcarea,Kali carb,Aurum met, Nitric acid, Silicea, Staphysagria, Pulsatilla, Natrum mur, Sepia, Sulphur etc?.

Missed My Periods and Pregnancy

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MRCOG
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Missed My Periods and Pregnancy

What do I do if I am sexually active and have missed my periods?

When you miss your periods and are sexually active, the first thought that comes to mind is that of a pregnancy. A simple pregnancy test should be done with the help of commercially available test strips. One simply needs to add three drops of urine in the well provided on the kit. A single line means there is no detectable pregnancy as yet and two lines means that you are pregnant. At times one line is faint and the other dark. In such a situation, it is best to get in touch with your doctor to decide the best option available to you.

It is advisable to check the expiry date of the strip before use and to preferably use the first urine in the morning as it is the most concentrated urine sample of the day. If you are unable to do the test early morning then any urine sample would do but if the test is negative, please make sure that you repeat the test after 24-28 hours.

If you are very stressed about the reliability of the pregnancy kit, you can go for a blood test for pregnancy which is 100 percent accurate and also tells us about the approximate time ultrasound scan should be performed to check the baby's position in the uterus.

There could be many other reasons for missing the periods besides pregnancy and these are PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), use of an emergency contraceptive pill (like I-pill), ovarian cyst, stress, extensive travelling, medical diseases like tuberculosis and hormonal imbalances specially of thyroid to name a few.

Whatever be the reason for missed and overdue periods, one should still rule out pregnancy as you could still be pregnant even with all the above mentioned conditions.

Every woman should know how to keep a period calendar so that she knows when her cycle has gone overdue. Many a times it is a false alarm and the periods are actually on time.

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MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Agra
Your feet might swell in the latter stages of your pregnancy. Try to elevate them and rest them on the foot stool to avoid any ankle swelling. Wear comfortable shoes with flat heels.
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Lifestyle Diseases and it's Management

Doctor In Alternative Medicne , MBBS
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon
Play video

My name is Vaibhav Garg. I’m a nutritionist and wellness consultant with appropriate diet therapy centre and as the name suggest appropriate diet therapy means the use of food and diet as a means of therapy and we have presence pan India. I’m going to speak to you about lifestyle disorders.

Now, what are lifestyle disorders?

 People in India especially are facing problems such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart issues at an alarming rate and these are not diseases. These are problems that have come up as results of your lifestyle as a result of you’re the air you breathe the water you drink the food you eat. Currently, the kind of treatments that are available for these issues does not provide any permanent relief. If I was to take diabetes as for example, you are put on medicines like midformen, or you are put on synthetic insulin by your doctor, but that’s not really the cure for diabetes. If I take arthritis, for example, the replacement seems to be the only solution but that is not entirely true.

If I take cancer, for example, chemotherapy, radiation is just not the solution. Cancer cells are present in everyone’s body. I want to keep it as simple as possible for the viewers out there. But there is something that triggers the mutation of cancer cells and that is the acidic food that we take. Those who have some knowledge they will know that our body functions in an alkaline environment. But 80% of the food that we intake in our Indian dietary system is acidic in nature. When I say acidic food, acidic food is one that deprives the cells of oxygen and cancer cells thrive in the deoxygenated environment. You need to give your body the right sort of alkaline food and we have seen in years of research and with our patients that the right kind of food can give miraculous results. You do not need any kind of chemotherapy radiation.

Your body is the best hospital that is if you give it the right environment, if you feed it the right food, you can overcome any of these problems. I would just like to add no matter what problem you are facing you should know all the facts; you should have all the facts in place. We are society greatly influenced by mass psychology tradition but you should understand that our body doesn’t work on mass psychology, tradition or culture. Its based on scientific principle and you need to feed your body with the scientifically correct diet. If you that be assured you will not have any kind of issues going forward. So my message to you is this b educated, have the right knowledge before you blindly follow anyone, be it me or any other doctor.

If you have any queries with regards to food that you have to intake you can always get in touch with us via lybrate.


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I am 21years old there is a small lump in my left breast since 5 to 6 months I am very worried about it is it normal. Please help me?

Oncologist, Faridabad
You must get the lump checked by a doctor and get sonography and fine needle aspiration done. You are young that's why we would like to avoid mammography for routine screening. Most likely it will be benign fibroadenoma but still one must be cautious.
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After taking HCG injection why egg is not ruptured .which is the best HCG injection for ovulation bcoz I have taken hucog 5000 but still my egg is not ruptured today is day 14 .what should I do .can I take one more HCG injection tomorrow or what.

Masters of Surgery Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Pune
After taking HCG injection why egg is not ruptured .which is the best HCG injection for ovulation bcoz I have taken h...
Yes. Take 10,000 IU hcg injection. If still not rupturing then it's a cyst. If cyst, you need different type of ovulation induction protocol.
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In july 18 th had my period, in august 2nd I had sex, in august 12 th I had my period its september 16 th still I have not my period is it is possibilities to get pregnancy.

Homeopath, Faridabad
In july 18 th had my period, in august 2nd I had sex, in august 12 th I had my period its september 16 th still I hav...
There is no chance to get pregnant because you got the periods after having sex on 2nd august. Now you should wait for the periods for 3 more days, if it does not appear then take pulsatilla 200, 5 drops, morning empty stomach for 3 days.
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I am 25 year old boy. Day 1 sunday -In morning, gave oral to my gf for the first time and had unprotected sex as well (i know her very well from past 1 year and she is perfectly fine) Same day - Met a stranger girl and did a bit of rough fingering to her and noticed some blood on my finger. No intercourse hapened Day 2 mon- but having fever .

General Physician, Cuttack
The girl may be having some vaginal infection or bleeding is because of your rough fingering. If you did not have sex with her there is no chance of STD.Consult doctor for further advice
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Know Your Pregnancy Second Trimester Better

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Know Your Pregnancy Second Trimester Better

6 Changes in your body you can expect during the second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester (starting from the 4th and lasting through the 6th month) of pregnancy is considered to be the easiest for a woman. During this time, your energy is at its peak and instances of fatigue and morning sickness are less severe. Your baby, on the other hand, continues to develop inside your womb.

In addition to these, you can expect big changes within your body during the second trimester, which include:

1. Backaches: The additional weight that you gain during these past few months begins to bear down on your back, making it achy and tired. For relief from pressure, there are certain things that you can do such as using a chair that offers strong support to your back; sleeping on the side with a pillow placed in between your legs and wearing shoes that come with solid arch support.

2. Bleeding gums: Hormonal changes occurring during this period bring about a greater flow of blood to the gums, making them extremely sensitive and prone to bleeding. The gums don’t remain tender for long and return to their normal form after delivery. But during these three months, make sure to use toothbrushes with softer bristles and being gentle when flossing.

3. Congestion and bleeding of the nose: In addition to making your gums tenderer, hormonal changes also bring about the swelling of mucous membranes that line your nose. These changes can lead you to have a stuffy nose as well as may even cause your nose to bleed very easily. To clear any nasal congestion that may occur during this period, you should use natural methods or saline drops obtained from a chemist.

4. Hair growth: Pregnancy also sees your hair growing rapidly due to the action of the hormones on the hair follicles. Additionally, you also experience hair growth in places where hair is sparse. To remove unwanted hair, you should stick to tweezing or shaving, waxing and the use of depilatories aren’t recommended by medical experts as they aren’t considered safe for the baby.

5. White vaginal discharge: White vaginal discharge during this time is very common. The discharge ensures that harmful yeast or bacteria don’t breed in your private areas. But if the discharge takes on a foul smell and a green or yellow colour, you should immediately consult a gynaecologist as you may be down with a vaginal infection.

6. Leg cramps: A very common occurrence during the second trimester, leg cramps usually last through the last leg of pregnancy, which is the third trimester as well. The reasons behind their occurrence may be hormonal, weight-related or deficiency of magnesium and calcium.

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Hi Doctor. My girlfriend is very short than me almost 1 feet small. My girlfriend said me that she feels pleasure and also kind of uncomfortable in her vagina when we have sex. We already have sex more than 60 times but still she says sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable but at the same time she feels pleasure too. And also my penis is curved to the left. What may be the reason? Overall is feels pleasure but also feels uncomfortable. Is it because of my curved penis ? Or what do you suggest us to do?

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Hi Doctor.
My girlfriend is very short than me almost 1 feet small.
My girlfriend said me that she feels pleasure and...
Pain during intercourse in a female can be due to various reasons like cervical infections, vaginismus, malignancies etc. Pain due to curved penis is less likely a cause for pain. If pain is persistent do ask your partner to consult a gynecologist for a detailed examination.
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