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Shivam Clinic

Ayurveda Clinic

Opp Bapunagar Police Station, New Bapunagar, Landmark: Near Siddhivinayak Temple, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
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Shivam Clinic Ayurveda Clinic Opp Bapunagar Police Station, New Bapunagar, Landmark: Near Siddhivinayak Temple, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
1 Doctor · ₹20
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Shivam Clinic is known for housing experienced Ayurvedas. Dr. Mahesh M Patel, a well-reputed Ayurveda, practices in Ahmedabad. Visit this medical health centre for Ayurvedas recommended by 56 patients.


09:30 AM - 01:00 PM


Opp Bapunagar Police Station, New Bapunagar, Landmark: Near Siddhivinayak Temple, Ahmedabad
Bapunagar Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Hi, I am 22 years old. I am suffering from lack of sleeping. Can I use low dosage pills? Is that ok?

Hi, I am 22 years old. I am suffering from lack of sleeping. Can I use low dosage pills? Is that ok?
Hi Ms Lybrate-User, I would first suggest you make sure to practice exercising/walking/jogging daily along with 15-20 minute meditation and breathing exercises. Simultaneously practice a simple tip of counting from 100 to zero backwards, when you go to bed. This has helped many. Only after you feel these things are not helping, you must think of pills then.

Hi, I am suffering from bad breath it is the coating on my back of tongue. so it is a digestive problem or bad bacteria in gut. what is the reason behind this and how to treat this?

Diploma In Cardiology
General Physician, Kolkata
Hi, I am suffering from bad breath it is the coating on my back of tongue. so it is a digestive problem or bad bacter...
Normally we have seen that if all systems works properly in your body doesn't occur. In most of the cases we have found the digestive system is the cause, bad breath can be familial or hereditary. So avoid fast or junk food, drink plenty of water, take plenty of rouphage, to keep your system clean.

Me pora try karta hon weight kam karne ko weight lose hi nhi hota me green tea your lime water sab try kiya par koi fakar hi nhi hai please tell me that how i'll manage my weight in age of 18.

Doctrate In Dietetics, Ph. D - Psychology
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Me pora try karta hon weight kam karne ko weight lose hi nhi hota me green tea your lime water sab try kiya par koi f...
Start with cardio exercise during the day. Take regular meal at every 2 hourly. Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be helpful. Plenty of water will be good to release toxins from the body. You can also check your body constitution for better and specific results as per your requirement.

Parental Depression - 7 Steps That Can Be Of Help!

Assistant Professor (PMCH), MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS, Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstretician, Consultant Gynecologist & obstetrician, Consultant Gynaecologist
Gynaecologist, Patna
Parental Depression - 7 Steps That Can Be Of Help!

Parental Depression is an aspect which affects the innocent child, right from the time it is in the mother's womb.

Maternal depression could be due to various reasons ranging from familial disharmony to poor health. Unfortunately, a depressed mother's pessimistic thoughts could pass on to the pure soul inside her. So the effect starts in utero. After birth, she may be careless and negligent towards a child whose most important requirement is love. And children of these mothers become victims of behavioral and cognitive problems and poor school performers. They may also acquire the illness of depression eventually.

A depressed father will display stress and agitation instead of engaging the young minds in interesting learning or other activities.

Hence, before stepping into parenthood, it's important to be mentally fit and not just physically healthy. Exercise and meditation is of great help and of course a happy home environment.

Supporting each other is the key to getting things on track again.

  1. Talk to your spouse: Chat with your spouse, showing affection, doing things with them and encouraging them to get out of the house are important.
  2. Appreciate her but respect your family: Help her see that the family needs her and appreciates that she is expecting. While doing the same ensure that you respect the feelings of your family members.
  3. Opt for specialist care: Offer to see a therapist and encourage her to take medications. Getting the help of an expert helps get guidance to handle difficult situations.
  4. Be emotionally present with her: Go with her to as many antenatal checkups as you can, and make sure you are there for the ultrasound scans. This encourages a woman and gives her the satisfaction that her partner is involved.
  5. Compliment her and pay attention to her: Many women find it difficult to cope with the changes in their body during pregnancy. She may be worried about stretch marks, concerned about weight gain or just be feeling not much like her old self. Make sure to compliment her and let her know how much you love her.
  6. Be a shoulder for her to cry on: Listen to all of her concerns, and offer her the reassurance and support she really needs.
  7. Be there to help: After the birth, your partner will need time to recover. She will be exhausted, sore and hormonal, and will be relying on you for support. Help with the baby, and do as much as you can.

Hairloss - What Causes It?

BHMS, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) & PGDMT
Homeopath, Calicut
Hairloss - What Causes It?

Hair loss or baldness is one of the most common problems that people suffer from. It refers to the condition where you lose excess hair from either a part of your head or the entirety of it. Doctors state that, on an average, losing about 100 hairs each day is normal and the volume of hair you lose is replaced by new strands of hair. However, this is not always the case. The problem starts when you don’t regrow hair on the scalp. The medical term for this condition is Alopecia. Hair loss can gradually develop over the years or can happen abruptly.

Although hair loss can affect anyone, older men are more likely to be affected by this condition. About 65% of men experience baldness or hair loss problem by the age 60.

What are the causes for losing hair?
People typically shed about 100 hairs per day which is part of normal hair growth cycle. This usually goes unnoticed since new hair grows in at the same time. Hair loss occurs when this cycle is disrupted- when the hair follicle is damaged or scarred and fails to generate new hair.

Hair loss can be either temporary or permanent. Several factors are responsible for hair loss problems, the most common one being heredity or family history of alopecia. Hormonal changes due to thyroid problems, menopause or pregnancy can cause you to lose large volumes of hair. If you’ve been on medications or supplements for a long time, then you may experience hair loss or thinning of hair as a result of the side effects of certain drugs.

Aggressive radiation therapy used in cancer treatment often leads to excess hair loss and new hair may not grow the same way as before. Apart from these, an emotional or physical shock, stress, poor diet can also trigger hair loss and thinning of hair in people.

What are the symptoms?
Symptoms and signs of hair loss include- patchy or circular bald spots on the scalp, gradual thinning of hair on top of the head, scaly patches all over the scalp, loosening of hair etc. For instance, you may notice clumps of hair on the towel or in the drain after washing your hair.

Role of homeopathy in treating hair loss problems-
Depending on the causes, homeopathy offers a wide range of treatment options for hair loss. Unlike other conventional treatment methods, homeopathy studies the patient’s detailed case history in order to identify the root cause. Once the actual cause is evaluated, the patient is prescribed suitable medications for the condition. Certain medications prepared from extracts of all-natural components- herbs, minerals and others- are used in the treatment. Essential oils extracted from Burdock roots have been used for centuries to reduce hair loss problems. Homeopathy remedies that are derived from ink of cuttlefish, are very effective in dealing with hair loss problems faced by women post pregnancy or due to hormonal changes.

Alopecia or hair loss at a young age can be embarrassing for most people- you lose confidence in yourself, avoid socializing with people and may even slip into depression. So it’s strongly advisable that you consult a doctor if you encounter the symptoms mentioned above. Since homeopathy remedies are prepared from natural substances- living organisms, herbs, medicinal plants, minerals etc. - they are completely safe and do not adversely affect your health. Homeopathic medicines are easily available over-the-counter as well.

Weight Loss - 8 Homeopathic Medicines For It!

MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Ahmedabad
Weight Loss - 8 Homeopathic Medicines For It!

Obesity or excessive weight is a common problem for both men and women irrespective of their age. Obesity must not be ignored as it can lead to further complicated health problems like heart diseases and asthma. Different causes are responsible for excessive weight gain, such as hypothyroidism, depression or polycystic ovarian disease among many others.

Homeopathy offers many effective medicines for weight loss; they are as follows:

  1. Antimonium Crudum: This medicine is advised to children or young people suffering from excessive and inappropriate weight. If symptoms like thick white coat on the tongue, discoloration of nails, craving for salt, irritability are noticed in a child or young person, then the doctor may recommend this medicine.
  2. Calcarea carbonica: This medicine is recommended if fat gets accumulated in the abdominal region. It helps to lose fat from the abdomen region. It is also given to a person showing the symptom of excessive perspiration.
  3. Lycopodium: It is administered to people showing symptoms like depression or excessive craving for sweets. It helps to lose weight from the thigh or buttock region.
  4. Graphites: This may be advised if you show symptoms like fatigue, weakness or depression. It is mostly suggested to women.
  5. Nux vomica: This may be recommended if you have gained weight due to inactiveness. If symptoms like constipation or sensitivity to cold air are noticed, then this may be advised.
  6. Ignatia: Ignatia is generally advised if you gain weight due to depression.
  7. Natrum Mur: This medicine may be advised to lose weight from the thigh and buttock region. It is given to people showing symptoms like depression, sensitivity towards heat or sun.
  8. Phytolacca: This is one of the most common medicines suggested by doctors for weight loss. If you show symptoms like swollen glands, pain in the ear or feel dryness in your throat, then this may be advised to you.

The Relationship Between Addiction To Smartphone And Depression!

Fellowship in Neurological Rehabilitation , P.hD in Psychology , PG Psychology, PG Clinical Psychology , M.Phil - Psychology
Psychologist, Nagpur
The Relationship Between Addiction To Smartphone And Depression!

The Smartphone addiction has got all hooked. With millions of apps catering to your different needs, smileys, emoticons and memes instead of relying on words to express what you feel and getting to know the whole world at one tap, you feel severely addicted to your Smartphone. But, is that a healthy sign? On introspection, you will probably find that you spend more time over the virtual domain through social networking sites rather than having a heart-to-heart with your family and friends.

Of late, smartphones are being held responsible for causing depression as a result of increased isolation. Let’s find out whether the theory is well propounded or not.

  1. One of the major signs of depression is lack of adequate sleep. Sticking to your smartphone till the wee hours of the morning affects your level of concentration, resulting in anxiety and a bad temper.
  2. When you spend a lot of time on the gadgets, you slowly compromise on your thinking capacity. You take everything internet serves you as granted without clarifying. With every piece of information available on the internet, there is nothing left for you to imagine or create.
  3. Addiction to social networking sites is taking away all your creative potentials; and on one fine day, when you discover this, you might feel increasingly disillusioned, resulting in depression.
  4. One of the worst causes of depression is cyber bullying. The virtual world might welcome you with all kinds of threats and humiliation and this happens majorly on the social networking sites. As a result, you feel your self-confidence is at stake, resulting in severely low self-esteem and subsequent depression.
  5. Abandoning your smartphone completely is utopian because they serve needful purposes as well. But, what you can do is limit the time you spend on the device and replace it with something creative. Otherwise, it might not be too late before you start silently sliding into depression.


Pain Management During Cancer - An Inherent Part Of The Treatment!

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery
Oncologist, Agra
Pain Management During Cancer - An Inherent Part Of The Treatment!

With every passing day, there are new advancements in the field of medicine, and cancer care is no exception either. A condition that still frightens the mass has come a long way in terms of cure and management. Cancer is life threatening but when diagnosed in the early stages, can be cured with proper medical intervention.

Many cancer patients experience pain which is caused as a result of the disease or as the result of the treatments for cancer. When the cancer spreads or the malignant tumor increases in size, it puts pressure on the surrounding (bones, tissues, etc.) which intrigues the pain. The cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery may also cause pain in the patients.

Here is an account on managing pain during cancer:

Treatment for Cancer Pain:

Cancer pain can be dull, sharp, or achy. It can be constant or intermittent and can be mild, severe, or moderate. There are several over-the-counter or prescription medicines available in the market which can reduce the pain caused by the growing tissues or the treatments/therapies. A few such pain relievers include aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

Treatment According to Severity:

For pain which is mild or moderate, you can opt for Non-opioids which are anti-inflammatory medicines and can be bought without the prescription from the drug counters. If you are having moderate to severe symptoms of pain, then you may be prescribed opioids like hydromorphone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, etc.

For burning and tingling sensation, antidepressants like imipramine or the trazodone, etc., can provide relief. You must not confuse antidepressant with medicines for depression; these are for pain management as well. You can also opt for the antiepileptics drugs which can reduce the burning or tingling sensation of cancer and have it doesn’t refer that you get seizures. If there is swelling, then steroids are the option for you to control the swelling and the pain caused from it.

Ways to Take Medicines for Cancer Pain:

Most of the medications that your doctor would prescribe you have to be taken orally if not directed otherwise. The medications are usually in the pills form. If the patient, for any reason, is not able to take the drugs orally, then he/she may have to take them as rectal suppositories and even transdermal patches.

It can also be injected into your body through an intravenous opening in which the needle with the medicine is inserted directly into the veins. There is also a subcutaneous process where the medicine is injected with a small needle just under the first layer of your skin.

Studies report that often cancer pain is under-treated. A common reason is the reluctance of the patients to speak about the pain. Other reasons for not opting for pain medications are the fear of addiction and side-effects.

Cancer pain management is indeed an important part of the cancer treatment, and the goal is to manage the pain at a bearable level. And, the best part is that the goal is often achieved.

Adolescent Anxiety - 10 Must Know Things About It!

Counselling Psychologist
Psychologist, Thane
Adolescent Anxiety - 10 Must Know Things About It!

Anxiety is a common issue with growing teenagers. It is not the typical anxiety before exams or academic projects. It is more than that. Anxiety may be the result of the hormonal changes, which predominantly affect the adolescent years of growth. While your body copes with different changes, your mind tangles between the future liberty and present restrictions. Knowing certain facts about this anxiety trail can help you to cope with it.

1. Anxiety is not always a disease: Anxiety is not always a disease. It is a normal phenomenon among adolescent teenagers. However, in certain cases it may be severe for some teenagers. They may feel crippled with anxiety. Under such cases, one would require psychiatric help.

2. Talk to someone: A great way to relieve yourself from stress due to anxiety is to speak with someone. It can be a friend or someone close to share your thoughts. If you know the reason of your anxiety, share it, discuss it. You will definitely feel better.

3. Take a break: Entertainment and break from academic work and schedule is necessary for teenagers to lower anxiety traits. However, if the anxiety is due to peers, you may even take a break from them and engage in family.

4. Cry out loud: It is not a silly thing to cry when you are stressed under anxiety. Crying is an emotional outburst which essentially relieves the stress due to anxiety and lets you control the emotional disturbed state of mind.

5. Good sleep: Sleep is necessary for both mental and physical rest. You need to overcome from the fatigue of routine works, stressful events, peer factor, etc. Catching the essential 8 hour sleep is a great way to overcome anxiety issues.

6. Don’t be conscious: Anxiety is a common factor among all your peers. You are not the only one coping with anxiety stress. So, take it light. Relax and don’t be conscious about your anxiety problems. Consider them to be temporary.

7. Be confident: Losing confidence under the stress due to anxiety can be even more disastrous. The effects will never be better. So be confident about whatever you do, whether right or wrong. Every person learns from his own activities. Whether right or wrong, everything will give you a lesson. So you will never be a loser, you will win a lesson.

8. Don’t feel stupid: Being stressed with anxiety is not abnormal or stupid. Everything is okay with you, and you are not the stupid fellow out there.

9. You are not weak: Anxiety is not a sign of weakness. You can rather make it your strength. Fight it back and keep your energy and enthusiasm high.

10. Anxiety is temporary: As you move ahead of the adolescent period, anxiety will faint. You will be more confident and matured, able to tackle anxiety. So consider it to be an affair of a few years.

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