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Niramaya Homeopathy, Ahmedabad

Niramaya Homeopathy

  4.7  (213 ratings)

Homeopath Clinic

No.114, Sidhi Vinayak Plaza, Vastral Road Ahmedabad
1 Doctor · ₹300 · 3 Reviews
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Niramaya Homeopathy   4.7  (213 ratings) Homeopath Clinic No.114, Sidhi Vinayak Plaza, Vastral Road Ahmedabad
1 Doctor · ₹300 · 3 Reviews
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Niramaya Homeopathy is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Nilesh Rathod, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Ahmedabad. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 106 patients.


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Dr. Nilesh Rathod

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How Homeopathy Can Help Treat Ear Problems?

How Homeopathy Can Help Treat Ear Problems?

No matter what kind of ear trouble you have, homeopathic remedies treat them very efficiently. Ear troubles can be experienced both by adults and kids, and homeopathic remedies are known to treat all of them.
Sometimes, as a result of ear problem, one might face acute dental troubles. Some of the most prominent symptoms of ear troubles are ear infections, ear ringing, acute pain and others. You must visit a homeopathic expert for getting the list of homeopathic medicines that work best for treating your respective ear trouble.

Homeopathic medicines that treat ear troubles-

Belladonna: Acute ear issues can be easily resolved by using this particular homeopathic medicine. Blood vessels can be highly protected, and on the other hand, you can get rid of unwanted ear symptoms, including pains, swelling and others. Necessary warmth can be provided to your ears so that you can get instant relief from painful conditions. You can apply the same at night in order to prevent the condition from worsening.

Aconite: This medicine is much more improved and effective in comparison to pulsatilla or chamomilla. Great sensitiveness, throbbing pain in the ears, stinging and other unbearable symptoms can be easily treated by applying this medicine. Due to sudden temperature change, your ears might start aching, and this ache can become quite severe if proper precautionary measures are not taken. In this case, you have to know the perfect application time; otherwise you will not receive the required results.

Pulsatilla: There are some special ear troubles that can only be alleviated by this medicine. It has got highest curative power as a result of which otitis externa can be effectively treated. Swollen, hot and red ears and be treated only by this medicine. Pulsating pain, severe darting and tearing are the commonest symptoms that can be well treated by the concerned homeopathic medicine. If you are facing ear-itching trouble, and you are thinking of using any toothpick, then you are absolutely wrong as you are recommended to use only this medicine.

Chamomilla: Infantile ear aches can be relieved by using this homeopathic medicine. There are many people who often develop different kinds of ear troubles, especially due to cold. In case of such problems, this drug is the best option. Ear nerves can also be treated with this medicine.

Homeopathy doesn't treat the disease but the patient. The types of medicines differ from person to person as per their needs. Hence, self-medication is strictly prohibited and consulting an expert homeopath is highly recommended.

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Best Homeopathic Remedies That Can Help Manage Back & Neck Pain!

Best Homeopathic Remedies That Can Help Manage Back & Neck Pain!

A pain in the neck or back can restrict movements and hamper your lifestyle. These are both common pains that may or may not be a symptom of a more serious illness. Neck pain can be caused by a number of factors including stress, whiplash, inflammatory infections, mechanical disorders and metabolic disorders. The main causes for a backache are vertebral column diseases, spinal cord infections, abnormal posture, heavy lifting etc.

Homeopathy is one of the most holistic forms of treatment that can be used to treat pain in the neck or back. Homeopathic treatment has no side effects and is based on individual mental and physical symptoms showcased. Homeopathy do not address the pain itself but treats the underlying cause thus ensuring that it does not recur. Some common homeopathic remedies for neck pain and backaches are: 

1. Calcarea Flour: This is used to treat pains that arise from the hardening of cervical glands. Such pain tends to deteriorate in cold weather and worsens when the patient is lying down. Heat can be soothing to such backaches and neck pains.

2. Bryonia: This is used typically to treat backaches that are worsened by any movement and for a stiff back. This sort of back ache is often relieved by resting or lying on a hard surface.

3. Arnica: Arnica is an excellent remedy for pains that follow an injury. When it comes to backaches and neck pains it can be used to treat soreness and straining of ligaments. It is also beneficial against the feeling of being bruised.

4. Fluoric acid: This can be used to treat rigidity and a feeling of stiffness around the nape of the neck. Such pain is often associated with numbness of the neck and forearm.

5. Hypericum: This is a useful homeopathic remedy for compressed injuries and nerve pain. It can be used to treat back aches caused by disc compression, canal stenosis, myelopathy and radiculopathy. Hypericum can also be used to treat jerking muscles.

6. Kali carb: If your back feels weak and you experience sharp pains, Kali carb may be help alleviate your pain. Such pain is usually associated with a burning sensation and causes excessive sweating. Kali carb is also suited to treating backaches during pregnancy.

Along with medication, try maintaining a good posture to help reduce neck pains and backaches. Avoid lifting heavy weights and travelling long distances. Applying hot and cold packs over the area can also help reduce the intensity of the pain.

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Body Weakness - How Homeopathy Can Help Cure It?

Body Weakness - How Homeopathy Can Help Cure It?

Homeopathy has made its presence felt in treating almost all ailments. With an expansive ambit, this branch of medicine has been increasingly preferred to others due to its holistic advantages and no side-effects. Due to the emergent lifestyle, general tiredness and fatigue has become a second nature of people. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative to adopt certain remedial measures and homeopathy with its many benefits becomes the obvious choice. 

Causes of Chronic Fatigue:


Prolonged stress.

Nutritional deficiency.

Iron deficiency anemia.

Low blood pressure (Hypotension).

Low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia).


Yeast infection (Candidiasis).

Infections such as mononucleosis.

Dysfunction in the immune system.

Hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue:

Extreme exhaustion.


Lack of energy.


Low grade fever.

Sore throat.

Muscle and joint pains that radiate without swelling or redness.

Painful menstrual periods.

Inability to concentrate.

Forgetfulness or transient loss of memory.




Visual disturbances.

Sleep disturbances.

Chronic immobility.

Homeopathic approach to Chronic Fatigue: 


Homeopathic medicines treat Chronic Fatigue not by annihilating viruses, but by strengthening the vital force, which is an unintelligible, zestful, spiritual, and instinctive force that vitalizes our body, that balances many functions and provides protection from illness. In case of an illness, the symptoms are the signals or the outcry of the Vital Force, asking for help.

Homeopathic medicines have shown an overwhelming positive response in treating chronic tiredness by producing the best results. Based on the hypothesis of "like cures like" and a deep emphasis on the principles of holistic medicine (treat the whole person), Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body's own healing power by introducing tiny doses of natural substances that enhances a person's immune system and defense system to heal itself naturally. Due to the individualized approach of Homeopathy, a remedy which matches all of your symptoms will stimulate your vital force to restore balance and health.

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe with zero side effects. Sourced from natural substances, the Homeopathic medicines help the Chronic Fatigue patients by increasing the body stamina and threshold for fatigue against a particular level of exertion. They also help in energising the body's immune system to come out of extreme physical or mental weakness and the person feels rejuvenated as a result.

Self help along with Homeopathic treatment:

Along with Constitutional Homeopathic treatment learning how to manage your fatigue may help you maintain good health:

1. Stay well hydrated.

2. Eat a healthy diet.

3. Avoid refined foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats.

4. Avoid mental and physical exertion during an acute illness. Get adequate rest.

5. Deep breathing and walking in fresh air can increase the energy levels.

6. Exercising regularly but without causing more fatigue.

7. Lifestyle changes - you can slow down and avoid excessive physical and psychological stress. This may save your energy for essential activities at home or work and help you cut back on less important activities.

8. Emotional support can help you and your loved ones deal with the uncertain outlook and the ups and downs of this illness.

Hence, eliminate all types of pathogens, strengthen your immune system, increase energy and combat fatigue with the help of Homeopathy.

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Incontinence Of Urine - Homeopathic Treatment Is The Perfect Bet!

Incontinence Of Urine - Homeopathic Treatment Is The Perfect Bet!

Urinary incontinence is characterized by lack of control over the bladder so that urine involuntarily leaks out. This leakage can happen when pressure is put on the bladder through actions like sneezing, laughing, coughing or lifting a heavy object. Urinary incontinence is common in people who are overweight, in pregnant women or women who have given birth recently, in people with urinary tract infections, cystitis and in older individuals.

Urinary incontinence is most commonly of 4 types and symptoms of each are different:

  1. Stress incontinence – Urine leaks out when there is a sudden pressure on the lower abdomen such as in coughing, sneezing, and heavy lifting.
  2. Urge incontinence - Urine leaks out as soon as the urge for urinating is felt.
  3. Overflow incontinence – Urine continuously leaks out due to the bladder being overfilled. Often people experiencing this type of incontinence may strain to empty their bladder or do not feel the need to urinate.
  4. Functional incontinence – Urine leaks out before the person is able to reach the bathroom because of some physical disability such as arthritis.

The causes of urinary incontinence depend on if incontinence is temporary or persistent.

Temporary incontinence:

  • Diuretics like alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee and tea
  • Artificial sweeteners and chocolate
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Vitamin C in large doses
  • Medicines for high blood pressure and sedatives
  • Very spicy or acidic foods
  • Persistent incontinence

Infections of the urinary or genital tract-

  1. In women, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and hysterectomy
  2. In men, an enlarged prostate
  3. Neurological disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s disease
  4. Tumors in the urinary tract or bladder that can block urine flow
  5. Obesity
  6. Age

Role of Homeopathy-
Urinary incontinence can be effectively treated with homeopathy which takes into account not only the physical symptoms of the disease but also the patient’s mental and emotional state, overall health, reactions to environmental conditions like heat and cold and food habits. Medicines like Cantharis and Sulphur 30c can be very effective for straining to urinate and pain during urination, whereas medicines like Causticum and Ipecac are useful for controlling leakage of urine while walking, sneezing or coughing. The medications prescribed are all naturally derived, which guarantees treatment without any side effects. Homeopathy not only treats the external symptoms of incontinence but also helps resolve the underlying problems and hence provide a permanent solution to this disorder.

Homeopathic remedies can thus offer a natural and safe option for treating urinary incontinence that can save people from a potentially embarrassing situation without any side effects.

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Sir can we take flex seed oil capsule in place of whole flex seed with our food. Does it has the same benefit?

Sir can we take flex seed oil capsule in place of whole flex seed with our food. Does it has the same benefit?
Take it. But you should do homeopathic treatment because it will make you stressfree peaceful and healthy.
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Please suggest I am heaving Leg pain in both legs. Every night. Please any medicine for that.

Dear homeopathy based on prakruti. Nature. When we are positive, happy, peaceful our body work at strongest healthy level so we can enjoy complete health but either in our life may be due to some stressful situation or disturbed state of mind ,our health may deteriorate. Sometime after some diseases our thinking gets negative. Our mind get disturbed. Which downgrade our health in worsening condition. Homeopathy will give peace and positivity to our mind and simultaneously also strengthen our whole body system like IMMUNITY metabolism, everything so we gets better health from both level physically and at mind level also. Thus any problem of body can be cured completely. Till body has regeneration capacity.

If There Is No Thoughts We Can Have Perfect Health!

If There Is No Thoughts We Can Have Perfect Health!

Zero thoughts possible nahi he, magar jitna vartman pal me rahenge utna zero level ayega aur svasth bhi banenge. 

Homeopathic treatment se mind ko shant kar sakte he. 

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Pcos Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Is Cured By Homeopathy!

Pcos Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Is Cured By Homeopathy!

Stressful life se hormonal disturbance bahut hote he. Homeopathic treatment se stressfree shant hote hi completely svasth ban jate he.

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Happiness To Health!

Happiness To Health!

Enjoyment comes only when combination of object to senses and only n only mind is present in that moment. 

If mind is out, whatever you have is nothing.

આનંદ માણવા વસ્તુ તેને અનુરૂપ ઇન્દ્રિયનો સંપર્ક થાય અને તે સમયે જો મન તે જ ક્ષણ માં હાજર હોય તો જ આનંદ માણી શકાય. 

આનંદિત અને સ્વસ્થ રહેવા તેમજ સ્વસ્થ બનવા માટે પણ મન જ સૌથી મહત્વનું છે.