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What Are The 4 Reasons To Visit Your Gynecologist?

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What Are The 4 Reasons To Visit Your Gynecologist?

There is this general idea regarding gynecologists that one just needs to consult them when you are pregnant. Other than pregnancy, most women need the help of a gynaecologist, general specialist or a family doctor for managing certain womanly issues. Gynaecological problems are of various kinds and are not just limited to pregnancy or postpartum health conditions.

A point by point discussion, carrying out the required tests alongside the right treatment are done by your gynaecologist. It can assess your health status and make it better.

Here are some reasons to visit a gynecologist:

1. Menstrual irregularity: In case of menstrual irregularity, you should visit your gynaecologist quickly. Abnormal bleeding from the uterus may indicate many a disease such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic infection or the presence of polyps in the uterus.
Visit a gynecologist when:

  1. Your periods are irregular and far away.
  2. You have repetitive periods, which return in a range of 21 days or less.
  3. There is bleeding in between the periods.
  4. Your periods keep going over 7 days
  5. You have exceptionally postponed periods
  6. Your periods are unnaturally heavy.
  7. You miss your periods.
  8. Abnormal cases of menstrual bleeding.

2. Vaginal problems: Problems in the vagina may lead to infection in the urinary tract. A gynaecologist should be consulted who would prescribe OTC medicines. In case of problems in the vagina, a gynaecologist should be consulted when:

  1. The frequency of your urine increase abnormally without any specific reason.
  2. There is pain or burning sensation during urination.
  3. Urine is accompanied with blood.
  4. There is an abnormal discharge coming out from your vagina.
  5. You have itching sensation in your vagina.

3. Problems with the breasts: Any kind of problem in the breasts needs the attention of a gynaecologist. In case of breast issues, you should visit a doctor when

  1. A certain amount of discomfort is experienced in the breasts during periods.
  2. A lump is felt in the breasts.
  3. Discharge material comes out from the breasts.

4. Pain in lower abdomen: An abdominal pain can cause tumors, fibroids or even ovarian cysts in women. On the off chance that you encounter insufferable abdominal pain alongside menstrual irregularity, discuss the signs and side effects with your gynaecologist. Visit the doctor when:

  1. Pelvic pain is experienced occasionally along with great discomfort.
  2. Menstrual cramps occur.
  3. Pain in lower abdomen occurs after having sex.
  4. A lump develops in the abdomen accompanied by pain.

Pregnancy is not the only reason for visiting a gynaecologist as a gynaecologist looks after many other issues in women. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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