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Vaccinations are Not Only for Kids

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Dr. Ritez Kumar 89% (687 ratings)
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Vaccinations are Not Only for Kids

Dear readers
When was the last time you got vaccinated. 
Probably when you were a kid. Or after an injury you might have got a tetanus shot. 
However with evolving medicine vaccinations in adults have a major role to play. 
Who should take what? 
Well that depends on what other diseases you have like diabetes or respiratory conditions or kidney disease or liver disease etc. 
However routine adult vaccinations that almost any adult should take are
1. Seasonal influenza vaccine or flu shot. This saves you against swine flu and 2 other common influenza virus strains
Frequency- once a year
2. Typhoid vaccine - it has been around for some time. But there is a newer version. Which has much more effectiveness in preventing typhoid. 

Frequency-once in 3 yrs
3. Pneumococcal vaccine- the newer vaccine prevents you against multiple strains of pneumococci and as the name suggests it will prevent you from severe pneumonia
Frequency-once in a life time. 
4. Hepatitis b- if you have not taken it already then this the time to take. Prevents against hepatitis b. If hepatitis b occurs it can cause chronic liver disease and even liver cancer. The disease can even be spread by sexual routes or contaminated blood transfer. It is about thousand times more easily spread than compared to HIV
Frequency - 0, 1, 6 months. Booster dose after 10 yrs. 
In conclusion as we all know-how prevention is better than cure. 
Upcoming vaccine-dengue vaccine, very eagerly awaited.

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