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Effective Ayurveda Medicines for Mouth Ulcers Treatment

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Effective Ayurveda Medicines for Mouth Ulcers Treatment

It often happens that one or more tender areas inside your mouth make eating, drinking, or talking painful. They might deprive you of a spicy meal or of the pleasure of drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Little sores (know more about the mouth sores) that come in the way of your otherwise content life are mouth ulcers.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Mouth Ulcers 

Mouth ulcers are white or yellow open sores with an itchy red ring around them. They can appear on your lips, at the base of gums, on the soft palate, at the sides of your tongue, and in the hollows of your cheeks.

They are formed on non keratinized mouth tissues and can create a constant burning sensation. Ayurveda treatment focuses to improve a person's health through a diet regime, the use of herbal compounds, and the implementation of health practices which are mostly unheard of.

This traditional branch of ayurvedic medicine can prove to be very effective to treat mouth ulcers if tried out under the supervision of a reliable practitioner. It is because of its usefulness, governments of several countries across the world endorse researches in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.

6 Effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Here we create a list of ayurvedic remedies that can be helpful to treat mouth ulcers and sores whenever you face mouth ulcers then you can try out one of these ayurvedic remedies which will give you instant relief and available in your kitchen.

  1. Use a decoction of leaves: It is good to gargle with the liquor of a few kinds of leaves; certain leaves can relieve you of the burning sensation. In Ayurveda, Leaves of the guava tree or Mehendi and amla leaves can be boiled in combination with alum to extract a thick decoction. Washing your mouth repeatedly with this decoction will help you to treat ulcers.
  2. Remedy constipation: Constipation (know more, how to get relief from constipation) has been steadily associated with mouth ulcers. To remedy this problem one can take Triphala Choorna.
  3. Avoid anything piquant: Compromise on taste and turn away from hot and spicy food. Not having anything hot and peppery results in immediate relief. Tea, coffee, curd, pickles, and even tobacco or alcohol should not be consumed during this period.
  4. Try Licorice: This ayurvedic medication useful for mouth ulcer, chewing a piece of licorice can help you in getting rid of oral ulcers. Licorice is known to counter any kind of mouth decay. It also benefits the health of your teeth. When this is boiled in water, you can sip on to the resultant sweet drink and almost forget pain.
  5. Try Chebulic myrobalan: In this ayurvedic treatment for severe mouth ulcers, chebulic myrobalan needs to be consumed in its powdered form. You can add honey to soften the powder. The use of this compound will surprise you with is effects.
  6. You may apply Irimedadi taila:  This ayurvedic oil, you can apply directly to mouth ulcers and it can be of great use.

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