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Tips for taking care of your skin

Dr. Aman Sharma 91% (344 ratings)
DNB (Dermatology), Fellowship in Skin & Lasers, MBBS, Masters of Dermatology (M.Derm)
Dermatologist, Gurgaon  •  11 years experience
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Tips for taking care of your skin
Hi, everybody. I am Dr Aman, I am a practising dermatologist. Today I would like to talk to you about skin whitening which is a very very common query amongst patients. We get a lot of patients who want a whiter, fairer and a more radiant or glowing skin. But we forget the radiance and skin lightening comes from inside. Skin is a reflection of our bodies. Anything goes wrong inside, shows outside. Based on this is the treatment plan. That is how we plan. We cannot just keep polishing our cars and forget what’s inside. So we have to treat our insides, our systems, our intestines, our livers, eat right and that makes a huge difference. So, I’ll just talk to you in very shorta bout the options we have for skin whitening.

For skin whitening, there are a whole bunch of applications, creams and gels and lotions, magic potions, one-day treatment. Putting that treatment, you will be bombarded with a lot of options. But before that, we have to understand that what is the cause. For a lot of people, we must investigate sometimes your doctor on the history only, just by talking to you can make out just by looking at the skin some things can be made out.
As to what is the cause of darkening and what is the cause of dullness?

  • Sometimes, it is only hormonal. If there is a lot of insulin production in the body that is not working well. It is working less and the body is making more insulin, that is another cause of dullness and darkening.
  • Sometimes a lot of people take a very high carbohydrate diet that is one of the important cause of skin darkening and dullness.
  • Smoking, too much exposure to pollution, too much stress, a lot of AC exposure such things can play a role and a major role in dullness and darkening.

So, when it comes to treatment options, we have a lot of external treatment options, we have beams and lasers and we have some of the latest and best laser technologies. For laser toning, we have ND Q- switch lasers. We have one of the latest, very mild, superficial laser light pills like Resurfex, a lot of such options and I can go on and on about the options.

But remember, there is no magic treatment. Anything that you get done on the skin only externally is going to come back. Your dullness will return. So, if you really want to glow a lighter skin from within. If you really want a radiant complexion from the body and the exposed areas, it has to come from within.
And based on all these information, you can always talk to your dermatologist or see me or seek an appointment over Lybrate or any other platform and reach out to each other.

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