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Thyroid Disorder

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Dr. Hemesh Thakur 88% (687 ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi  •  27 years experience
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Hello, my name is Dr Hemesh Thakur and I am practising Homeopathy since 1994 and I have clinics in Delhi as well as Gurgaon. So, today I would like to talk about a Thyroid problem, there are many Thyroid clients today in this world. People are developing thyroid problem so frequently nowadays, which is not earlier 10-15 years back to talk about. Indian taking medications for their thyroid problem solution from different doctors and doctors are giving the medications for their thyroid problem only not for the patients. That's why they are being advised to continue taking thyroid medications lifelong. And most of the patients are aware of that there are homoeopathy treatment available which can reduce the doses of their thyroid medications as well as in few cases if a thyroid problem is a recent origin, they can even medicine can be stopped with the help of homoeopathic treatment. Because even though if you are containing thyroid medication you are still having problems you are still having problems of hair fall, sleepiness, overweight, body pain, sadness, depression which are the common symptoms of Thyroid. So, with the homoeopathic approach, because homoeopathy is a patient-specific system medicine, we go into detail about the emotional and mental cause of the problem because I have experience in my practice for last many years that emotional factors play a vital role in developing the Thyroid problem. So understanding the emotional playing of the person can help us to find out a correct remedy to treat the Thyroid problem. It is not the Thyroid to treat it is the patient to be treated with the Homeopathic medicines. So I would like to invite you the place which is thus my clinic for Thyroid problems in confidence and I will help you to find out the real cure.

Thank you very much.

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