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The Journey To Pregnancy

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Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva 88% (81 ratings)
DNB (Obstetrics & Gynecology), DGO, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  18 years experience
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Hi friends,

I am Dr Sheetal Sachdeva I am a practicing gynecologist in Delhi, Pitampura.

Today I welcome you all to the journey of pregnancy, I am sure one of the happiest moment in the lady's life is when your urine pregnancy test returns positive. There are so many questions which run through your mind, when should I visit to doctor, what all medicines I should be eat in, what all foods to avoid during pregnancy, what all activities to pursue or not pursue.

Today I would like to clarify few doubts of yours, let me start you from the time, let's begin from that time actually when you start thinking about starting a family. Once that thought croses your mind you should start your folic acid, should get some basic investigations done with your doctor, avoid the x-rays, eat write, whenever you fall sick tell your attending doctor that you are thinking about starting a family, so the appropriate medicnes are written or avoided.

Once you have urine pregnancy positive in front of you then visit your doctor she will advise you folic acid, Folic acid is a vitamin which is supposed to prevent the birth defects in the coming pregnancy. It's good for your baby, it's good for the development of the brain of the baby, after that a few investigation would be done, the your doctor would be giving you some medication for excessive nausea or vomiting, if required.

The ultrasound would be done at the appropriate time, we counted the weeks and we count from the first day of your last menstrual period. We know you are never conceive on that day but to standardized the issues, we count weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. In the first trimester in the fall of visits your doctor would be helping you out with the weight gain as far as the weight gain is concerned there is an average of 1 kg weight gain in the first 3 months. So you don't have to eat too much, eat what you find is appropriate, is present to you avoid outside food, don't eat raw food there is no specified fruit which should be avoided from our side.

Coming to the second trimester, the 4th 5th and 6th month of pregnancy you will start feeling the baby's movement. Usually by the end of the fifth month you are able to do so, it's little earlier in the patients you know who have conceived second or the third time, in the first pregnancy you might take a while realizing that these are the baby movements.

Your doctor would be advising you appropriate immunizations that would be against tetanus, T-dap and influenza vaccines, Iron and Calcium supplements would be started again as far as the weight gain is concerned there will be an average of 5 kg of weight gain in the middle three months of pregnancy. So eat what is right for you take lot of protein, avoid fats, take appropriate carbohydrates.


In the third trimester, that is the 7th 8th and 9th month pregnancy you will start feeling the movements on the better side, so you have to start counting your movements as well, you are the best judge when the movements are lighter or stronger on that day, in case there is any doubt consult your gynaecologist. On an average it's always better to lie on your left or the right side 1 hour after you take your food as an breakfast, lunch and dinner and then perceive your movements, babies are more active after you had your food. You will be continuing with the Iron, calcium supplements or any other medications if required.

There is an again an average weight gain of 5 kgs in the third trimester. Now regarding a few issues which sleeping posture to be avoided or promoted you can lie on whichever side you want left or right, in the first three months you can even lie on your tummy, but after that you won't be comfortable doing that. Second, as far as what are the foods to be avoided or eaten? Whatever is palatable to you, take high, good protein, take well cooked home cooked food, avoid food from outside because of the hygiene issues, which activities to pursue you can do basic yoga, you can do basic walk, its always good for you. Pregnancy is not a disease and you should be as active as possible unless and until your doctor advises against it.

I am sure and hopeful that I have cleared that some of your doubts have been cleared and I will happy to help you, I am doctor Sheetal Sachdeva, I will be available at my clinic in Pitampura, Delhi or you can consult me on Lybrate, Lybrate as well.

All the best for your journey.

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