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USG Scan - Third Trimester Test

USG Scan - Third Trimester Test

Ultrasounds during pregnancy are done thrice: in the 12th week, 24th week and the 36th in the first , second and third trimesters respectively. A lot of people choose to skip the 3rd trimester but it is the most significant out of the three for the following reasons:

  • monitor the fetus’ growth and position (breech, transverse, cephalic, or optimal)
  • determine the baby’s sex
  • confirm multiple pregnancies
  • check for congenital abnormalities or birth defects
  • examine the fetus for structural abnormalities or blood flow problems
  • monitor the levels of amniotic fluid
  • determine if the fetus is getting enough oxygen
  • diagnose problems with the ovaries or uterus, such as pregnancy tumors
  • measure the length of the cervix
  • confirm an intrauterine death
  • the umbilical cord was seen to be around your baby's neck in an earlier scan
  • the amount of amniotic fluid is more or less than it should be

While preparing for USG Scan, the mother can keep in mind the following pointers:

  • The mother can wear clothes which are comfortable and suitable for an ultrasound.
  • They can most preferably wear loose fitting two piece clothes. It is a final check on one’s baby which can give various insights as stated above so one has to be mentally prepared for any kind of news.
  • In the third trimester one does not have to drink water as the amniotic fluid around the baby will help create the echos create an image and moreover the baby is almost grown in the mother’s womb.

As it is mentioned above that the USG Scan – Third Trimester is the most significant out of the three scans which are done during pregnancy. This is very important because it can help in informing the parents about the following things: The USG scan can help the parents know about the baby’s development in the final months and if there are any complications. It gives them a chance to consult the doctors and seek help before it’s too late.

The procedure for a USG Scan is as followed- While the mom-to-be reclines on an exam table, the technician applies water-soluble gel to her abdomen. The technician moves a small device called a transducer over the abdomen. The transducer sends high-frequency sound waves into the body, which reflect off internal structures, including the baby. The transducer receives the sound waves or echoes that reflect back and transforms them into pictures on a screen. These pictures can be printed out.

Rs 450- Rs 1500

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