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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The Healing Power Of Yoga After A Stroke!

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Dr. Hiren RavalAyurvedic Doctor • 13 Years Exp.MD - Ayurveda
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Yoga is a spiritual practice combined with both mental and physical disciplines which for the first time emerged on Indian soil and later split into various schools but the actual fragrance of yoga remained same throughout the time. Nowadays, with increasing studies and researchers on various pre-Vedic traditions put an entirely new light on the practice of Yoga. While until now it has mainly been considered as a spiritual practice, a new study from Indianapolis University claims that yoga is a kind of practice which is not only limited to psychological phenomena rather the practice of yoga enables one to withstand the effects of stroke.

  1. After You Survived Of A Stroke: In most of the cases, strokes finally lead to prolonged disabilities. It is due to the fact that a stroke takes place when a part of a brain fails to get a steady supply of Blood rich in Oxygen. Apart from this blockage in a vessel may hamper the blood supply in the brain. Similarly, the after effect of a stroke entirely depends on which part of the brain is affected. So a stroke may cause dysfunction of normal speech or steady movement of arms and legs. It is why after a stroke one has taken recourse to rehabilitation with the aim of resolving life-long disabilities. The rehabilitation process includes certain exercises basically opting for movements and physiotherapy. Sometimes the effort of therapists bears fruit and sometimes all goes in vain
  2. Yoga As A Healing Power: The new research from Indianapolis has voiced in favour of adding yoga to stroke rehabilitation because it consists of poses, breathing and meditation. In this study, forty-seven male stroke survivours were divided into two groups and between these two groups, one attended yoga session for eight weeks. After eight weeks it has been seen that those who attended yoga session has successfully completed the rehabilitation session in a comparatively shorter period.
  3. Practice Of Yoga Increases Your Chance To Recover Soon: According to the researchers, the added advantage of yoga is that besides improving balance it improves the quality of life and reduce the fear of falling. If you or any of your family members has survived of a stroke, yoga is not the first step you would be advised to take recourse to rather the researchers say that at first begin the rehabilitation programme but add the practice of yoga with it. But before you add yoga to your checklist, you should consult it with your doctor whether the yoga would suit or not.
  4. Yoga Develops A Style Of Life: In conclusion, it can be said that recovering from a stroke is actually to prevent the second attack. So you need to ensure a proper lifestyle without those addictions like smoking and drinking which are harmful to you. Afterall yoga develops an upliftment in thinking which would further help you to maintain a healthy life.

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