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Sudden Heart Attack - 8 Things That Can Be Of Great Help!

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Sudden Heart Attack - 8 Things That Can Be Of Great Help!

Gone are the days when heart attacks were only experienced by people past a certain age. Today, a large number of younger people without any significant risk factors are affected by this condition as well. The changing lifestyle with highly stressful lives, poor eating and rest habits, and lack of physical exercise are all attributed as possible causes.

With everyone busy in their lived, there are increased number of instances where a person suffers a sudden heart attack at night, which goes unnoticed and the person dies unattended. The following are some tips to work at regularly, so that incidence of sudden heart attack is reduced.

  1. Understand the risks: Sudden heart attacks amount to a large number of deaths but these can be effectively reduced by the management of risk factors. Advancing age, being overweight, diabetes, smoking, family history, sedentary lifestyle and stress are all known to increase the risk of a sudden heart attack. It is very important to take note of these and act on these, so the condition can be managed. While age and family history cannot be modified, the others definitely can be.
  2. Weight management: It is very essential to maintain an optimal weight. The sedentary lifestyle that we all have become accustomed to has upped the risk for sudden heart attacks. So, weight management is of extreme importance in preventing sudden heart attacks.
  3. Watch what you eat: The increased consumption of processed, sweetened foods along with lack of fiber has led to poor overall nutrition. This is worsened by the use of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives. All these are significant risk factors which lead to heart attacks. A healthy eating habit has multiple benefits, with heart health being one of them.
  4. Optimal blood pressure: Blood pressure should be maintained at optimal levels so that fluctuations are minimized. These fluctuations, especially at rest, can lead to sudden heart attacks. Monitor constantly and keep a record to look for variations.
  5. Kick the butt: Smoking has multiple harmful effects on the health, and increased risk of sudden heart attack is one of them. Quit smoking and see your diabetes, blood pressure, and heart health improve. Avoid exposure to second-hand smoke where possible.
  6. Monitor and maintain cholesterol levels: This is a major reason for sudden heart attacks and needs close monitoring and maintenance.
  7. Sweat it out: Work out. Period, anything that works for you is fine, be it swimming, cycling, running, or jogging. Be active and see your heart thank you.
  8. Relax: Stress does not help, so don’t fret and chill. Once you do that, you are sure to see your overall health improve. Try yoga, meditation, music, or exercise – whatever does the trick for you.

With these measures, you can reduce the risk of heart disease to a large extent.

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