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Stress- This Is How Homeopathic Can Help!

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Stress- This Is How Homeopathic Can Help!

Stress can be caused by a number of factors including trouble at work or family problems. When the body feels threatened, it reacts by releasing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol making the heart beat faster, increases blood pressure and quickens the pulse rate. This is known as a flight or fight response. When within limits, this increases the person’s strength and stamina, sharpens focus and speeds up reactions. However, excessive stress can be harmful to both the body and mind. Stress affects each person in a different way and can cause as well as worsen conditions such as depression, eczema, indigestion, heart problems and reproductive issues.

Homeopathy has proven to be very effective in managing stress and its symptoms. This is because homoeopathy looks at both the symptoms presented and the overall physical and mental health of the person. Some of the most popular homoeopathic remedies for stress are:

1. Argentum Nitricum
Stress caused by prolonged mental exertion can be treated with argentum nitricum. Other symptoms that may be affected by this type of stress are indigestion, bloating of the abdomen, diarrhoea, anaemia, an increased urge to burp frequently and an increased desire for sweets. It can also be used to fight stage fright and examination stress.

2. Arsenicum Album
Stress caused by worrying about health and financial troubles can be treated with Arsenicum album. In such cases, the patient may feel unsettled at night and fear for their own security. Being left alone can increase their stress and depression. These people may be termed as perfectionists and may even seem selfish to others.

3. Gelsemium Sempervirens
Stress that causes migraines, headaches, weakness of the muscles and general anxiety can benefit from the use of this homeopathic remedy. In such cases, the patient may also complain of temporary paralysis and affect a person’s confidence.

4. Phosphorus
Phosphorus may be used to treat people who are impressionable and who startle easily. In such cases, stress can make them extremely sensitive to sounds and smells but simultaneously indifferent to their surroundings. People who benefit from the use of phosphorus to treat stress usually enjoy cold and spicy foods.

5. Ignatia Amara
Ignatia is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for spasms and convulsions triggered by stressful situations. In such cases, the person may have an increased urge to cry and may isolate themselves from their friends and families. This homoeopathic remedy is often used to relieve grief felt by the loss of a loved one.

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