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Stress And Sexual Life

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Hello friends,

Welcome once again. This is Dr Hitesh Shah on Lybrate looking after your sexual relationship & emotional health. Our today’s topic is stress & sex. Stress I believe is everybody’s experience right from a child to a teenager to a young adult a married couple or senior citizens everybody passes through some or the other kind of stress. A working woman has an extraordinary level of stress. So nobody can escape stress of today’s demanding life. Stress largely can be divided into 4 categories. One intra personal two interpersonal three situational & four environmental. The intra personal stress is due to our own nature. Many of us are programmed or by birth have a nature to invite trouble. We have a negative way of thinking perceiving & reacting in various situation & in various people. So the stress primarily also belongs to our own nature.

The 2nd category is inter personal. As a person as an individual we are happy at peace with ourself but when it comes to certain relationship we are not happy in a particular relationship. So that inter personal relationship strain also creates lot of stress in day to day life or emotional burden. The 3rd category is situational sometimes there are severe situations like financial troubles or somebody sick in the family or sudden loss of a loved partner it can be anything. So the situations are beyond our control. And they do give us certain kind of stress. And the 4th stress is due to environment. It can be chemical it can be electromagnetic it can be pollution or or of various nature.

So various kind of stress get generated in our system. In men women and as a couple. Now when we speak about sexual health sexual is an integral part of our entire being our entire health. So what happens to our emotional health our relationship health will ultimately reflect in bed on all our sexual health sexual desire or sexual performance. And hence it can result into lower desire lower performance men may not get adequate erection men may not be able to maintain that erection or out of lack of stamina may climax fast due to over excitement & lack of control. Women also tend to lose desire lose lubrication. So stress seem to affect a lot.

Now at different age we have different kind of stress. For example children is a different matter but teenagers for example teenagers & young adults they have stress of their careers studies establishing their careers or they have issues with their new relations or heart breaks which often happen in this age. Then young adults who are settling in their work job or in early part of their business or just before marriage they have a different kind of stress. So they have a stress of survival stress to cope up with situation stress to really grow further in life you know different kind of stress. And then as you grow as you have higher responsibility you have different roles different responsibility gives different kinds of stress. In corporate often you have a job where the time of coming to office is fixed but the time to go back from office is never fixed.

The long hours of work the global time bounds which you have to address to and lot of work pressure performance pressure you have time deadlines you have. If you are into business, business have different kind ecostructure and there are lot of other stresses regulations competitions the pricing the payments creating a market and a good business is not easy nowadays. So everybody have different kind of stress. Once you get married the issues in a relationship because as an individual you are happy like a free bird but now as a couple you have to adjust to each others expectations, you have to compromise with your own needs & expectations for the happiness of your partner which often doesn’t becomes easy.

There are temperamental issues ego issues emotional issues communication issues intimacy issues so couple passes through lot of stress of different nature day in & day out. Then things tend to unfold even in a love marriage often there are unexpected shocking occurrences is having in couples relationship. And ultimately when you are hurt when your ego is hurt but when your feelings are hurt you tend to loose your desire your passion you know for intimacy for sex and the desire is affected or if desire is there your performance with the same partner gets affected. So all these lead to a vicious cycle the more there is a stress emotional stress or work stress or day to day life stress it leads to lack of desire lack of performance which leads to another kind of stress and that is performance pressure performance anxiety because you cant perform in the bed you cant fulfill each others sexual needs. So again it creates another kind of stress.

You have lower self esteem you loose your confidence you become nervous you become unhappy. There are again further fights in the relationship so emotional problems spill over sexual health sexual problems spill over to emotional bonding. So its a vicious cycle where the couple go into a downward spiral. And its really very difficult to come out of it.

So what is the way out? How do you help this out? Well in this fast pace world in this fast pace life you need to take stock of the situation. Give a pause try to understand what happening with you whats happening with your nature whats happening with your temperament behavior perception reaction whats happening in your relationship what are the demands on you in your life. Be humane to yourself & to your partner all right and take help of the counseller and as a counsellar as a therapist we try to understand the stress which is affecting you in your life. So you are a working man working woman looking after entire family waking up early making tiffins and then going to work and then the work pressure the commutation & travel problems like in metro cities you reach workplace after travelling 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour in lot of traffic. And that itself takes away lot of toll on your system. You become fatigue loss of energy at the end of the day. Stress also leads to lot of stress disorders like high blood pressure diabetes cholesterol you tend to become addicted to tea coffee smoking alcohol and it is a visicious cycle that affects your sleep lack of sleep again leads to another kind of stress. So you are totally enveloped into this kind of atmosphere.

So we evaluate what kind of stress are affecting you how is it affecting your sex life your emotional state your quality of relationship your communication your mood & temperament. And also we do lot of medical test to rule out if there are any stress disorders which are developing in your system. And we assess the exact nature & severity of your sexual problem. Once this is done then what we do is that we have a very noble approach a very unique a very innovative approach. We help you very comprehensively very holistically we integrate various modalities of treatment. And the top of the list is homeopathy. Homeopathy is fantastic its nature’s boon mankind. It’s a healing remedy.

It helps to solve your negative perceptions you’re your negative emotions effect of stress on you and the stress disorders it helps you solve your sexual problems which are resultant of your stresses of various kind. With homeopathy we integrate counseling personal counseling marriage counseling relationship counseling and also we help you with the right kind of yoga meditation pranayama. And of couse lifestyle guidance related to your nutrition & exercise. So friends there is a way out you can come out of stress in fact sex is the biggest stress buster. And right now what has happened is stress has resulted into your sex life have gone for a toss. But we will help you to come out of it and we will fill you with new energy freshness happiness & harmony in your relationship. So wake up early sleep early and remember don’t become habituated to electronic gadgets do exercises take nutritious foods do meditation & prayanama be humane to yourself & partner and beyond this learn meditation & pranayama when you are suffering with any of these problems stress stress disorders or sexual dysfunctions.

Come to us we will help you with homeopathy integrate with various other modalities as described. And this will give beautiful results & you will experience a transformation in your system in your sexual health in your mental peace in your relationship. So friends lets take stress as a challenge deal with it proactively aggressively and in the right way and you will be filled with more and newer and better and bigger and greater energy and have a greater health & greater sexual health. Wish you good luck. All the best. So for more information yes you are always welcome to us contact us through Lybrate and solve your sexual emotional & relationship problems.

Thank you.

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