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Sexual Debility - How Unani Therapy Can Help Treat It?

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Sexual Debility - How Unani Therapy Can Help Treat It?

Sexual debility is one of the most common sexual problems faced by the individuals. Sexual debility refers to a situation where a person is unable to perform sexual acts properly. Though, often people consider sexual debility to be nothing but a moment's lack of sexual vitality; but in reality, it's a serious sexual issue that if left untreated can cause serious trouble in a relationship, and can lead to mental stress. However, this problem can be treated with the help of medication, with or without side effects. Unani medicines help treat sexual debility without side effects.

Why does sexual debility occur in a person?
While there is no specific reason that could be stated to cause the problem, lack of energy and malnutrition can excessively lead to the problem. Also, obesity and lack of confidence can also lead to sexual debility. Sexual debility can affect one due to injury to the genitalia, excessive indulgence in sexual activities, such as masturbation, and poor lifestyle habits, which include drinking, smoking, etc.

Possible symptoms
Some of the most common signs of sexual debility include lack of sexual desire, fatigue, impotence, and low level of energy or vitality. Sometimes, people with sexual debility, also suffer from nocturnal emissions, palpitation, premature ejaculation, and nervousness during or before engaging in sexual activities. People with sexual debility often tend to suffer from lower back pain, frequent desire to urinate, and weak kidney functionality. Remember, sexual debility is not infertility; rather, it is a condition where erectile dysfunction leads to infertility if not treated.

How can Unani help get rid of the condition?
According to the ancient Unani discipline, the human body has been created with seven natural components that are responsible for wellbeing and maintenance of the overall health. And keeping in mind this very concept, Unani medicines focus on learning about the various states of the body and restoring them to their original selves by strengthening, so that the body learns to heal its own problems. When it comes to treating sexual debility, Unani treatment delves deeper into the cause and then offers necessary medications along with various healthy lifestyle changes, if necessary. In the majority of cases, different combinations of different Unani medicines are used to treat sexual debility effectively. Therefore, it is advised to consult a Unani medicine expert before opting for these medications.

Often considered to be synonymous with impotence, sexual debility can be a serious threat to a happy life if not treated at its early stages. Sometimes, other medications can lead to certain side effects. As the approach of Unani diagnosis and medicine prescription is different, the method of treatment guarantees no side effects and hence allows a patient to lead a healthy life after the completion of the course of the treatment.

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