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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - Possible Reasons Behind It!

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - Possible Reasons Behind It!

Recurrent pregnancy losses happen to a very small fraction of the population. Only 1% of couples are affected by it. Nevertheless, it is a very difficult and serious process to deal with due to the sensitivity of the issue. A woman is said to have recurrent pregnancy losses if she has lost 3 or more of her pregnancies. Although the exact reason for recurrent pregnancy losses are not known, there are several suggested reasons.

Reasons why it may happen

  1. Anomalies in the uterine lining such as polyps (abnormal tissue growth, usually in the cervix), or fibroid tumors can result in miscarriages if left untreated.
  2. Hormonal factors such as thyroid malfunctions or pituitary problems can cause an imbalance in the luteinizing hormone (a hormone which triggers ovulation) resulting in miscarriage.
  3. Age is also an issue one must keep in mind while addressing pregnancy losses. Women over the age of 35 are more likely to experience recurrent pregnancy losses. As women get closer to menopause, their bodies produce reduced levels of hormones and eggs which cater to a pregnancy. Therefore, due to the reduced levels of hormones, an older woman is susceptible to losing a baby as they have elevated levels of hormones and therefore are more fertile.
  4. Lifestyle factors also have been linked to recurrent pregnancy losses. Constant exposure to toxic chemicals can result in pregnancy problems. Along with that, constant drug use, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are some of the lifestyle choices that can cause recurrent pregnancy losses.
  5. Infections such as syphilis, malaria, measles, herpes simplex etc. can cause recurrent pregnancy symptoms if left untreated as they can obstruct and complicate the growth of the baby, resulting in premature development or pregnancy loss.

Management of Pregnancy Loss

  1. Polyps and fibroid tumors are complicated disorders which should be given immediate medical attention. Although surgical methods are available, the best way to treat polyps and fibroid tumors is through the intake of progestin hormone pills which shrink the size of the polyps/cysts.
  2. Eating a healthy diet to ensure the prevention of diabetes is highly recommended. Fruits, leafy green vegetables and whole grain cereals are a prerequisite for the complete growth of the baby as well as arming the body with the necessary strength it needs for pregnancy transitions as well as a stronger immune system.
  3. A regular workout routine is also advised for pregnant women as it ensures a healthier and stronger immune system.

Although recurrent pregnancy loss is very emotionally debilitating for a woman and her partner, there are several means and measures to overcome this tragedy. One should not be disheartened by such an occurrence and get the required help needed. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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