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Anti Cardiolipin IgG Antibody Test

Anti Cardiolipin IgG Antibody Test

also known as: Anticardiolipin antibody panel Antiphospholipid antibody panel Antiphospholipid AB ACA antibody panel, ACL antibody panel Cardiolipin antibody

The Anti Cadiolipin IgG Antibody test should be carried out only if a clinical symptom is followed by the presence of the serum anticardiolipin antibody. Thrombosis and fetal loss is the main symptom for the reference of the anti cardiolipin IgG Antibody. APS, Anti Cadiolipin IgG Antibody test is an autoimmune disorder which causes miscarriage as the body start treating the fetus as the harmful foreign object and try to eliminate it from the body. Normal: IgG < 15 GPL U/mL, IgM < 12.5 MPL U/mL,
Indeterminate: IgG = 15 – 20 GPL U/mL, IgM = 12.5 – 20 MPL U/mL,
Positive: IgG > 20 GPL U/mL, IgM > 20 MPL U/mL,

One 4 mL light blue-cap tube (3.2% sodium citrate) for the centrifugation. Stability (collection to initiation of testing): Ambient: Unacceptable Refrigerated: 24 hours Frozen: Unacceptable Plasma needs to be free from the platelets. Centrifuge red top tube 15 minutes at approx. 1500 g within 24 hours of collecting the blood. The ELISA assay test is based on the binding of the antibody with the calibrators. At the end of the test, the DNAs are lined according to the length and a conclusion is made.

Vascular Thrombosis: Thrombosis of vein, artery or any other vessel in a tissue or organ. To find the cause of abortions before tenth week of the pregnancy. Low positive result of the test indicates that fewer than 20 G phospholipids (GPL), A phospholipid (APL) and M phospholipid (MPL) Medium positive result 20 or more but lesser than 80 GPL, APL and MPL units. High positive of more than 80 APL, GPL or MPL units

Keep all the reagents in room temperature for them to reach the room temperature Do not mix the unused reagents with the original vessels of the respective reagents as it might increase the probability of the spreading of microbial infection Incubate the first sample of the blood with the reagents for 60 minutes at the room temperature After that clean the wells after removing the samples 3 times with 300 μL of diluted wash solution Repeat the same process and incubate the remaining of the first incubation for 30 minutes at the room temperature. Extract the sample and clean the wells once again with 300 μL of diluted wash solution Incubate the final sample for 15 minutes in a dark room at the room temperature

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Cardiolipin Antibodies - IgG
All age groups
Cardiolipin Antibodies - IgM
All age groups
Rs400- Rs 1800

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