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Problems Of Hernia

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Here are some problems related to hernia

Dear Friends, I am Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta, I am consultant laparoscopic and robotic surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. I have my own clinic with the name of New Life Clinic in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Friends, I will be talking about a very common problem today, which is Hernia. So we all sometimes hear about it that someone has got Hernia and got operated.

 what is Hernia? Hernia is basically, whenever the content of the abdomen comes out through an opening, which is an abnormal opening or a normal opening and present as a swelling or a lump over the tummy. So whenever such sort of a swelling appears in the abdomen, patients get worried, what this type of swelling appeared over their abdomen. These hernia is usually present whenever patients walks, coughs, sneezes or strains, these swellings come out through these defects and whenever patients lie down these swellings go down into the tummy, so these are the initial symptoms and as the time passes these defects gets increases in sizes and more and more internal component like intestines or fat comes out through these opening and hernia swelling sizes keeps on increasing day by day.

What happens in hernia is that It can occur in any part of the abdomen, the most common site for developing these hernias are basically belly buttons and in the groin region. If a patient has undergone some surgery, some operation for some intestine or something like that in the abdomen, this is the weaker side and from this side a hernia can appear. So initially the symptom is like there is a lump, which comes out and goes in once you press or lies down.

The chances of complication can occur and the complication are initially irreducibility, it means that it doesn’t go inside the abdomen and remains there because there are some additions in between the content of the hernia and the abdominal wall and the second complication is the obstruction, it means, that intestine has come into the hernial sac and there is non passage of any content like food or any fluid through the intestine and patient gets started vomiting, there distinction of abdomen and pain, the third complication is that whenever the blood supply of this intestine gets disrupted then there is strangulation, it means that it can lead to gangrene of the intestine. So these complications are like an emergency complication and one has to go and get operated as early as possible so that one doesn’t develop any gangrene of the intestine.

The treatment for Hernia is basically surgery. Whenever one sees such hernial swelling, one should go and contact a surgeon so that he can advise you when to go for surgery but the earlier the better. One should not wait and watch to get the complications to occur.

Nowadays, the surgery for hernia is basically a laparoscopic surgery, it means that we make three holes which is like pencil size holes through which we put a mesh which is a polypropylene or a bio degradable mesh and put this mesh over the hernia defect and fix it with multiple tackers.
Nowadays, the chances for recurrence is quite less because of formation of application of these mesh over the hernial defect.
There are few precautions one can take. There are some precautions which a person can take, like one should not sneeze too much or cough too much so that these hernial swellings do not increase in size and don’t get impacted into the defect.

So friends i have told you about hernia swellings today and if you have such problems then you should go and meet a surgeon or if you want to come to me, you can come at Ganga Ram hospitals, which is in central Delhi or you can come to me and meet me at my clinic which is in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad or you can talk to me through Lybrate, you can chat me or you can text me through

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