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Prevention From Genetic Diseases!

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Prevention From Genetic Diseases!

HOW  TO PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF  Autism, Thalassemia, Muscular Dystrophy, Dysphasia, CANCER, DOWN SYNDROME  & other GENETIC DISEASES?
Rare diseases are a diverse set of over 7,000 different conditions that afflict an estimated 1 in 20 Indians and 350 million people worldwide, which are incurable with 40% mortality. Put simply, it means that every bus on the road with a full complement of passengers possibly has two people with a rare disease. : In terms of estimates of IORD [Indian Organization For Rare Diseases-with Indo American sponsorship] we have [in India] 10 million children/adults suffering from 700 rare diseases, which are incurable. Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Thalassemia, Parkinson’s Syndrome, Cancer, Brain & Spinal Cord affected Disorders, Down Syndrome, etc., are some such genetically transmitted incurable diseases. Only 10% of offspring may be affected by predecessor-victims. 
1. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by inattention and disorganization, with or without hyperactivity-impulsivity, causing impairment of physiological functioning. ADHD persists into adulthood in approximately 20 percent of individuals.
2. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are conditions in which people have difficulty developing normal social relationships, use inappropriate language, and behave in compulsive and ritualistic ways.
3. Intellectual disability (ID) is significantly sub-average normal intellectual functioning present from birth or early infancy, impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors. Rett syndrome.
4. Learning disorders involve an inability to retain, or broadly use specific skills or information, resulting from deficiencies in attention, memory, or reasoning which affects academic performance.
5. Rett syndrome is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a female child who had normal development in the initial 6-month period of her life.


Prevention & Remedy

A.  No sex with a pregnant mother after formation of the fetus in the 3rd month of pregnancy. Because, in coitus, there shall be severe vibrations in the mother’s uterus affecting the brain and spinal cord of the fetus in the offing. [7]. In the  3rd month of pregnancy, the fetus takes full shape and PRANA is infused by the Gods [BRAHMA, VISHNU & MAHESHWERAHA] through Brahma Randhra-an aperture in the middle of the head. What Indian Mythology says that @ that auspicious time, somebody must read out loudly epics like Ramayana, Bhagawata, Siva/Vishnu Puranas, Bhavadgeeta,etc. so that the 3 Gods shall be pleased to implant the best seed with “no genetically transmitted disorders” into the fetus in the offing. So that genetic diseases can be prevented. Mothers of other religions like Christians/Muslims/Jainism/Buddhism, etc., can seek benefit from Bible, Quoran, preachings of Vardhan Mahaveer, Gautam Buddha, etc., respectively.
B.  The first & foremost symptom is 'delayed mile-stones' in a growing infant/child. 

C. Instant Remedy for Delayed Milestones:
For any INFANT/CHILD/PET* ANIMAL- ACUPRESSURE RENDERS IMMENSE BENEFITS: Acupressure techniques may be applied safely to every human/animal, right from 1-day old infant to a 100 years old man. Acupressure may come to rescue infants/kids + growing children. There are more than 1000 acupressure points [remote control points to regulate the functioning of all internal organs/systems] spread on the human body. Take 1 or 2 tsp of Johnson &Johnson Baby massage oil/olive oil [til oil, mustard/soybean oil in winter], massage the entire body with your thumb & fingers and then give a bath with warm water. Acupressure is more helpful for infants/children suffering from ‘delayed milestones’ & all-around improvements [including constipation issues] can be noted in his/her metabolism. If feasible, any mother can do massage, a lady from barber’s community maybe engaged, since she is, genetically, trained. 
Benefits: All internal & external organs shall be grown up to produce handsome/pretty boys/girls with robust health. In India, women from Barber community are genetically trained to apply professional massages. 


Homeopathy is known to act on patients of different constitution, temperament and diathesis. There are many medicines in homeopathy which produce and hence cure various mental symptoms. Acting on such constitutions and affecting such mental state it can cure many neurodevelopmental disorders when given along with psychosocial therapies.

A. Agaricus Muscaris: These children are late in learning to talk and walk, but it is due to mental defect, a slowly developing mind. Other indications for giving Agaricus being, children with twitching and early fainting or nervous girls prior to puberty who have convulsions from being scolded, or from excitement and shock. Children are slow in learning, make mistakes and cannot remember. They are nervous patients who find out mistakes in writing and spelling after going over their own manuscripts.

B, Baryta Carbonica: These children are late in coming into usefulness, with their studies, to take on their activities and to do their work. They are late in learning to talk, to read, to make the combinations that enter into life; to take in images and form perceptions etc. They have late in learning how to walk, even with good limbs. Baryta carbonica, Borax and Natrum muriaticum, all three have “late learning to walk”  due to a peculiar kind of tardiness in the development of the brain, so that they are late in learning to do things; late in developing. But Baryta carbonica leads them in this late coming into the activities.

C. Calcarea Carbonica: These children have “Late learning to walk,” because the legs are so weak. Actually, it is not late learning to walk, but it is late walking. A child knows how to walk, but it can’t walk due to a defect in bone or weakness. Calcarea carbonica has very weak limbs, flabby muscles and poor bones, and hence he is late in learning to walk.

D. Calcarea Phosphorica: Here the child is losing flesh along with slow learning to do things and walk, or the legs are not strong enough to support the body, or it is due to defective mental development.

E. Medorrhinum: These children are rachitic, stunted in growth, dwarfed and mentally dull and weak. They usually have constitutional effects of maltreated and suppressed gonorrhea.

F. Natrum Muriaticum: These children have “late learning to walk” but this is actually because of brain trouble due to which child is late in learning to do things.

G. Phosphorus:  Phosphorus is suited to feeble constitutions, who have been born sick, grown-up slender and too rapidly. They are emaciated or are rapidly emaciating; especially children who are going into marasmus, and in persons who have a tubercular history.

H. Silicea Terra: These children are slow in learning to walk due to deficient nutrition not because the food is lacking in quality or quantity but from improper assimilation.


After using Homoeopathy for various acute and chronic diseases, we should focus on the present scenario of genetic and lifestyle disorders, where other systems of treatment do not have many roles to play. Homeopathy works well both as a therapeutic and constitutional approach. We may select different homeopathic medicine according to the type of developmental delay and cause behind it. Developmental disorders of few medicines and their probable causes have been described below in Table 1.

Table 1.Summary of various developmental disorders in different medicines and their causes

1. Agaricus muscarius - Late in learning to talk and walk, Due to mental defect3
2. Baryta carbonica - Late in learning to talk, to read, late in learning how to walk, even with good limbs. Tardiness in the development of the brain
3. Calcarea carbonica - Late learning to walk. Because the legs are so weak
4. Calcarea phosphorica - Slow learning to do things and walk. Legs are not strong enough and defective mental development3.
5. Medorrhinum Rachitic, stunted in growth, dwarfed and mentally dull and weak. Suppressed and maltreated gonorrhea3
6. Natrum muriaticum - Late learning to walk. Because of brain trouble3
7. Phosphorus - Born sick, grown-up slender, grow too rapidly, are emaciated or are rapidly emaciating. Tubercular history3
8. Silicea Terra - Slow in learning to walk. Due to deficient nutrition from improper assimilation

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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