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Prevention and Treatment for Cough and Cold Due to Weather Change

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Dr.Aruna Sud 89% (4204ratings)
General Physician, Chandigarh  •  47years experience
Prevention and Treatment for Cough and Cold Due to Weather Change

One thing that a weather change brings about is lung infections - most commonly cough and cold. Most people dread the change of seasons from one temperature to another because of the fear of how their body will react to the weather change. Be it extreme hot or cold, most people end up with a cough and cold. The more affected age groups again are the children and the elderly. However, all it takes to prevent this is to plan a little so that the body can get used to the change and not react with a cough or cold.

Prevention: There are few things that can be done which can help avoid catching cold.

  1. Avoid sudden exposure to cold, from a heated room to the cold outdoors, especially in the evening and morning. Those who are used to a morning and evening walk may have to change the routine.
  2. Avoid cold food items such as cool drinks, milk shakes and ice-creams.
  3. Having a warm bath, early morning and late evening is advisable.
  4. Avoid foods such as sour stuffs, pickles and fried foods.
  5. Eat small, frequent meals that are prepared fresh are nutritious and of moderate temperature.
  6. If there are infected people in your neighborhood, avoid being in close contact with them as you might get infected as well.
  7. Wash your hands enough to keep them free of germs
  8. As much as cold weather does not make you thirsty, push enough fluids so that your body stays hydrated. If water is not appealing enough, drink warm water or tea or lime.
  9. Ensure the house, especially kitchen and bathroom are clean and disinfected.
  10. Avoid exposure to dust and pollen as they carry lot of germs.
  11. Avoid staying in a poorly ventilated room, enough circulation ensures germs are not concentrated in one room
  12. Timely vaccination against flu

Treatment: Despite these measures, once the cough and cold has set in, the following are some easy remedies:

  1. Steam inhalation, preferably with eucalyptus oil added to it.
  2. Having warm soup with ginger and garlic added to it to soothe the throat
  3. Ginger and other spices like cardamom and cinnamon can also be added to tea.
  4. Lemon and honey can be added to a glass of warm water. This will soothe the throat and help fight cold.
  5. Chewing Tulsi leaves can be beneficial
  6. Yoga exercises such as Pranayama and Jalneti can be done to cleanse the nasal cavity, prevent sinus congestion, and clear mucus
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