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Piles - Treating It The Right Way!

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Piles - Treating It The Right Way!

Some regular habits are just taken for granted and only when there is a problem do we realize the importance. Passing stool is one such habit. When it does not happen (due to whatever reason), then there is an accumulation of toxins within the body, which can have severe physical effects all over the body.

The anus, through which the stools pass out of the body, is about 5 cm long and is highly vascular. The blood vessels can get swollen and cause what are known as piles or hemorrhoids. They can be dry or wet. When there is no bleeding, they are known as dry piles. When there is too much pressure exerted, these blood vessels can rupture and cause bleeding. This is known as wet piles.

Why piles happen?

Stool formation and passage needs fiber, roughage and adequate water. With changing diet patterns, there is a lot of processed and refined foods. There is less of fiber, roughage and water. Difficulty in passing stools and bleeding are the most common symptoms of it. 

Ayurveda brings a holistic approach to treating piles, including food and lifestyle changes, topical remedies and increasing exercise.

  • The most important way to treat piles is to provide more roughage and fiber so stools are formed and easily passed out of the body. This requires eating more fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking lots of water. In addition, whole grains, dairy products, nuts and fruits should be consumed.
  • Refined foods and processed foods should be completely avoided. Also to be avoided are aerated drinks, sodas, pizzas, pastas, and other junk food.
  • While we do not realize how time flies when we sit at the desk, it can also lead to piles. Take a break every hour or so and reduce the incidence of piles. It improves blood flow and muscle movement too.
  • Get into the habit of passing stool first thing in the morning. It may take some time to get into this habit, but it is one of the best habits to have.
  • When the piles are active, try a sitz bath, where there is warm water in a tub to which herbal oils are added. This provides pain relief, dilates the blood vessels, and helps in treating piles.
  • Another great product from Ayurveda which has multiple uses is Triphala churna which is useful in treating and preventing constipation and piles
  • Psyllium husk consumed on a daily basis can treat piles
  • The bel fruit mixed with sugar, cardamom, and black pepper helps to control bleeding
  • A mixture of neem powder and turmeric powder mixed with aloe vera juice instantly relieves pain.
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