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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Not Able To Conceive? Low Ovarian Reserve May Be The Reason

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Dr. Abhishek S PariharIVF Specialist • 21 Years Exp.Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
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Women with low or diminished ovarian reserve often have to hear that becoming pregnant with their own eggs may not be possible and they may have to rely on a donor’s eggs. Poor or low ovarian reserve has always been considered to be an alarming ovarian condition among women. To have a better understanding regarding the seriousness of this particular condition, keep on reading the article.

What is a low ovarian reserve?
The term ovarian reserve refers to the pool of eggs that is present at any time in the ovaries of a woman. When a physiological decrease in the number of the eggs present there is observed, it is termed as poor or low ovarian reserve. The lower quantity of the eggs the lower gets the chance of conceiving or becoming pregnant. However, it doesn’t hamper the normal function of the ovaries in any way.

What causes low ovarian reserve?
The low ovarian reserve can happen due to various reasons. Some of the most common causes are the presence of genetic abnormalities, undergoing ovarian surgery, having aggressive treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy for cancer, leading life in an unhealthy way such as smoking or constantly worrying or suffering from anxiety.

However, one must remember that this physical condition is very common in women who are in their 30s or 40s. But those who have children already, the low ovarian reserve may not be a problem for them at all which is not so in case of others.

Symptoms to look for-
There are no specific visible symptoms for women who suffer from the low ovarian reserve. However, with the progress of this issue, women may find their menstrual rhythm to become shorter. For example, the cycle of 28 days may become a cycle of 24 days. Women who are near their menopause can experience signs of low estrogen, vaginal dryness, trouble in sleeping and missing out on their period dates as symptoms of low ovarian reserve.

Are there any treatment options?
It's true that there's no particular cure or treatment solution has been invented yet, but early diagnosis of low ovarian reserve helps women in having a better chance of conceiving with their own eggs. Once diagnosed with it, such treatments are offered that works towards making the conception time a faster one or cryopreserve the woman's embryos or eggs for future use. As long as the ovary responds to the stimulation, maximizing the number of harvested eggs is possible. Once the ovary fails to respond to stimulation, opting for the eggs of young women to get pregnant becomes the only option.

With more and more young couples now running into problems regarding conceiving naturally, the low ovarian reserve has become a serious threat to having children with a woman’s own eggs. However, by being aware and well-informed about this particular condition and its symptoms, women can better deal with the problem.

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