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Men: What Cosmetic Surgeries Do They Prefer?

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Men: What Cosmetic Surgeries Do They Prefer?

It is not only women who are concerned with their looks as popularly believed, men are as equally concerned about how they look. So, men are no strangers to plastic surgery. They turn to plastic surgery to stay at the top of their game as looking younger, masculine and fit means better chances of achieving success. Physical perfection is considered an imperative if one wishes to rise high in the corporate world.

Here are the top ten most popular cosmetic surgery options that men prefer:

  1. Rhinoplasty: If you have an oversized or flat nose, undergoing rhinoplasty will change the shape of the nose and restructure it completely.
  2. Hair transplant: This procedure is extremely popular among men with male pattern baldness.
  3. Chin enhancement: In this procedure, a silicon implant is placed under the chin to create a new chin shape.
  4. Gynecomastia: This surgery is also called breast reduction. Genetic problems or weight gain can lead to the development of extra fat tissues in the chest and nipple areas. Gynecomastia corrects this development.
  5. Abdominoplasty: Skin on the abdomen can stretch and sag if you lose or gain weight, especially if you are getting older. Commonly known as the tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is used to remove extra skin and re-adjust the skin that remains.
  6. Blepharoplasty: Blepharoplasty is done to correct the appearance and shape of the eyelids. Through this procedure, sagging lower and upper eyelids are tucked into place.
  7. Otoplasty: This plastic surgery is done to reshape the ears. Some people are usually displeased with the shape, orientation and size of their ears, for example, the ears might protrude too much.
  8. Liposuction: Formerly obese people who want to shed the last few kilos of unwanted fat usually opt for liposuction. The fat is mostly removed from the arms and belly.
  9. Neck or face lift: In this procedure, the sagging muscles around the jaw, neck and cheekbones are tautly pulled from certain areas, i.e., rear of the neck, under the hairline and behind the skull. Botox injections can also be used.
  10. Brow lift: Wrinkled forehead and sagging brows are signs of old age which are caused by loss of skin elasticity. To improve the appearance, surgeons may tightly "pull" the sagging skin, or use Botox injections. Botox freezes small segments of the muscle, thus immobilizing and tightening the skin.
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