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Massaging - Reasons Why It Is Best For Your Baby!

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Massaging - Reasons Why It Is Best For Your Baby!

Are you looking for ways to relax with your baby and bond with him/her well? Then giving him/her a massage every day can be the best way to ensure normal growth and development of the infant along with nurturing him/her. Everyone is aware of the fact that massaging is an important way to bond with the newborns but there is even more that a soothing massage can do. It goes beyond the generic inventory of systemic strokes and has been proved a necessary component for the overall improvement of the baby. Ayurvedic massage is an Indian system of medicine which is concerned about the holistic healing of human beings and is over 5000 years old.
Regardless of whether your baby is a just a month old or several years, an Ayurvedic massage can help in engaging with the baby mindfully and connecting with him/her in non-verbal ways along with proffering several other benefits that include:

  1. Improvement of sleep: In a study conducted at the Touch Research Institutes of the Miami School of Medicine, it was found that babies and toddlers who were massaged for 15 minutes prior to sleep received good sleep and showe less sleep delays as opposed to toddlers and infants who were told a story before going to sleep. Ayurvedic massage with almond or coconut oil aids the child in sleeping deeply and more soundly and needless to say that the parents would sleep better if the child is sleeping soundly.
  2. Stimulation of growth hormone: Numerous underweight babies are born in the hospital each day resulting in longer hospital stays and increasing medical expenses. But many pieces of research have proved that if underweight babies are massaged for 15 minutes about 3 to 4 times a day, it could result in 47 percent more weight gain and they could leave the hospitals about 6 days earlier than others who were not massaged. If a baby can be discharged from the hospital almost a week earlier, it could lead to significant amount of savings without compromising the health of the child, and not to mention its emotional benefits on the parents.
  3. Boosting the function of the gastrointestinal tract: Constipation, gas, and colic are the three main physical distress that all babies do go through no matter how healthy they are. It is also very disturbing for the new parents who are not able to understand how to calm the baby. But the good news is that easy to learn massage techniques can aid in moving along digestion and the gas that is creating discomfort for the child. It could yield significant results in just a few minutes of massaging with mustard oil. There are some families where there is a tradition of using ghee for massaging babies.
  4. Relieving the pain and stress of teething: Teething is one of the most difficult times for both the infant and the parents but fortunately, there is a special facial massaging technique that can boost the release of endorphins which are the natural pain reliever in the human body. It also aids in lowering the levels of cortisol in the baby so that the stress levels are decreased along with the pain of teething.

Thus, you should massage your baby every day in order to help him grow happily while establishing a strong bond with him until he becomes 2 years old. You may also consult an Ayurvedic expert who can educate you on the correct method of massaging your child. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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