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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Mango - 13 Surprising Health Benefits Of It!

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Dt. Seema ChalkhoreDietitian/Nutritionist • 28 Years Exp.PG - Diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition, PG - Diploma in Clinical Research
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Mango is one of the most loved fruits and is known as the king of all fruits. This fruit has different flavors along with fragrance and qualities that will prove best for the body in many areas. It is the seasonal fruit which is mostly found in tropics. It is the tress which is cultivated in different regions in India. It is the juicy fruit which has a unique taste that makes it different from other fruits.

Health benefits of Mango

  1. It has antioxidant compounds and is rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins.
  2. It is rich in potassium, which is best for the body and helps in the composition of cells along with body fluids that will help in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.
  3. It is rich in vitamin B6 along with vitamin E and C. Vitamin C will help in developing immunity, which helps the body in fighting many diseases.
  4. It contains some amount of copper that will help the body in producing red blood cells.
  5. It is also rich in Vitamin A which is important for the skin and keeps the person’s skin free from allergies or wrinkles.
  6. Consumption of mango will help you to protect from lung and oral cancer.
  7. It protects the women from breast cancer. Not only women, it protects men from colon and prostate cancer with the help of polyphenolic compound.
  8. It helps the body in losing weight as it contains nutrients and vitamins which are best for the body. It also contains fibre which helps in the digestion process by burning many calories.
  9. It is good for eyes; regular consumption will lead to good eyesight. It also prevents night blindness.
  10. Mango is also used as a body scrub by mixing it with honey and milk. The application of this mix gives smoother and softer skin.
  11. It helps in the reduction of kidney stones.
  12. It is rich in iron, which is best for pregnant women as it increases the level of iron in the body which makes blood healthy.
  13. It helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in the body.

The above-mentioned points are just some of the benefits a mango offers as fruit; there are many more. But before you consume this fruit, consult a doctor as they can guide you better because people with diabetes may have to restrict its consumption.


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