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Low Sperm Count And Motility!

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Low Sperm Count And Motility!

Infertility in men means the quality of sperms in the semen and their ability to make their way through cervical mucus of the women and attach with eggs. Many a time, it has been noted that one in ten men faces problems with low sperm count and motility. Low sperm count in men means that there is a lesser number of reproductive sperms in the semen of men. This is determined by evaluating the fluid from the men. There are cases where sperm count is very low and absence of sperms in the semen results in infertility. On the other hand, sperm motility means that the sperms in the semen of the men are not able to move in the reproductive tract of the women. The ability of the sperm to swim through the waters of the female body and attach itself to the eggs will result in pregnancy.

Causes of Low Sperm Count and Motility-
There are some factors that affect the sperm quality in men. The main reasons for low sperm count in men are the use of steroids, use of tobacco, smoking, obesity, and use of harmful gases. However, these factors do not affect only the sperm count but also diminished the motility of the sperm. Low sperm motility in men is another concerning factor when it comes to fertility. The motility can be caused due to damage done to the testicle in some accidents, where sperms are stored. Sperm motility can also be caused by genetics and environmental factors.

Diagnosis of Low Sperm Count and Motility-
The doctors test the condition by obtaining fluid samples from men. The computer testing tools do the sperm count analysis in the labs. The sperms are counted in the one milliliter fluid of the sample given by the patient. If the test results in less than 15 million sperms per milliliter semen sample, then it means the patient has a low sperm count. The doctors test the sperm motility with two samples from the patient. It is essential that the sperm is fresh and should be submitted in more than 40 minutes of ejaculation. If less than 40 percent of the sperms are motile, then the patient is suffering from low sperm motility.

The diagnosis results determine the treatment of infertility in men. However, with the change in lifestyles, many men have increased sperm count and motility within the year of diagnosis. Some of the successful methods to treat low sperm motility in men is to take sufficient supplements. These supplements should be taken with the advice of the doctors. And if the problem persists due to lack of hormone levels, then opting for the course of IVF method can be obtained by the patient, whereby fertilization is done outside the body of the female and then implantation of an embryo in the women. Couples who have been trying to conceive for 12 months and more are advised to consult a doctor at an IVF clinic for directions. Tests and evaluations of males and females are recommended at this stage.

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