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Know More About Pneumonia

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Dr. Hardik Thakker 92% (461 ratings)
MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
Internal Medicine Specialist, Mumbai  •  14 years experience
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A very good evening to all of you. I’m Dr Hardik Thakker. I am an MD physician and an infectious disease specialist practising in Mumbai. Today I would like to talk about pneumonia. As we know pneumonia is very common in a regular population and it is an infection of the lungs. The most common situation where you see pneumonia is in the infants or children below 12 years or in old people about 60 years especially those with diabetes and HIV especially people who have a very weak immunity. so talking about the causes how does pneumonia happen? Pneumonia is caused by different bacteria, viruses and the fungi which are found in the air. So when you inhale the air, these pathogens enter your lungs. Most of the healthy people have a good immunity and that fights of these bacteria or the virus or the fungi only those people who are immunocompromised or diabetics with high sugars or children’s who have a weaker immunity those are the people who are very susceptible to pneumonia and these are the ones who actually get it. So what happens in pneumonia, people get a fever, they get a cough, they get breathlessness and it can take a toll if not control in time. Hence it is very urgent for us recognize pneumonia on time and hospitalize the patients if required for the treatment. For more information on treating pneumonia in and for further treatment options, you can reach me for my online portal which is or you can go to my own website as well. Thank you very much.

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