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CD4 Absolute Count Test

CD4 Absolute Count Test

also known as: IHC Marker CD 4 Immunohistochemistry Blood, CD4 Count Immunohistochemistry Blood, CD 4, IHC Marker CD 4

The CD4 absolute count test otherwise called as the T cell test is a study of a specific kind of White blood cells called the lymphocytes. CD4 cell count is not the measure of all the CD4 cells in the body but the number of blood cells in a cubic millimeter of blood. It helps the doctor to determine the stage and outcome of HIV. This test is crucial because it gives a clear snapshot of the patient's immune system. The doctor decides what can be done to improve one's living based on the results.

For this particular test, there are no special preparations that are required. There are a few things to keep in mind before the test. It is required to inform the doctor about other medications or supplements that the patient is/was taking. Few drugs could alter the results, so the doctor might ask you to stop taking them temporarily. Drugs or therapies that could affect your test results include chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs/anti-rejection drugs. Recent surgery or a profoundly shocking experience could affect the result as well.

CD4 absolute count / T cell tests are primarily done along with HIV tests. Primarily for analyzing the immune system of a person and effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment. CD4 cells are the prime target of HIV cells. The number of CD4 cells decreases as the infection progresses. Therefore this test helps in understanding the severity of the infection. It helps the doctor foresee the complications and debilitating opportunistic infections that could occur. Sometimes CD4 tests are done along with CD8 tests to help analyses or monitor other situations such as organ transplantation, lymphoma, and DiGeorge syndrome. Monitoring CD4 cell counts is essential before starting the HIV treatment.

It's a simple blood test that's done by a lab technician. Just a small quantity of sample is required. The technician observes your arm for the veins visibility. Once he determines where he has to inject, he cleans the area with an antiseptic. An elastic band is wrapped around your upper arm for easy collection of blood. He slowly injects the sterile needle into the vein and draws out the blood. It shouldn't take anything more than a couple of minutes. Slight pain is caused while drawing blood. There could be multiple punctures if the technician is not able to spot the right vein at the first attempt.

4ml green top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
CD4 Absolute Count
All age groups
Rs 500- Rs2000

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