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Know More About Antibiotics

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Hello Everybody!

Greetings from Asta Medi Care. I am Dr. Virendra Kumar Raju.

I want to highlight a big problem that we are facing in hospitals and clinical practice - that is the resistance of the antibiotics. In general, everybody use antibiotics as a first treatment for any kind of condition of any dose , no matter what medicine they want if they are available.

So my request to everybody is - don’t take antibiotics without the prescription of a registered doctor that is a qualified doctor. Okay, because if you take the antibiotic at home at our own doses which may be two, which, if the antibiotics require three times a day dose, you take 2 time dose, antibiotic requires less a dose but if you take higher antibiotics that give the bugs, the bacteria, a chance to get exposed to the antibiotics at the dose which will not kill the bug. Later, the bug will get resistant to that antibiotics.

So next time you take the antibiotics, the bug will be more resistant to that, because of that your health will not improve, you will pay more for the antibiotics and you have to go to higher antibiotics and to the high hospitals for elements. So my request to everybody is that don’t take antibiotics by yourself. Consult a qualified doctor and on his advice take the full dose of antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. If the doctor says to take for five days, you have to take it for 5 days. Don’t stop the antibiotics.

Similarly the big scenario is coming the commonest infection which we are facing in India is tuberculosis. There is a big big problem to us. Nowadays tuberculosis is getting very very resistant to all the antibiotics, which we call multidrug-resistant or extreme drug resistant in which no matter what antibiotics you give, patient will not improve. So the cost and the effect is on our general public. So my request is don’t take antibiotic by yourself. Don’t go to chemist. Don’t go to unqualified doctor, and take their medicine.

Go to a registered regular doctor and take the medicine on his advice, secondly, another scenario which is coming up is the explosion of the chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and the cholesterol problem. The reason, nobody knows. 100% nobody knows why there is a reason. Why there are so much people are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol problems, thyroid problem. Research is going on on that. But till then, what we should do? You all know that prevention is better than the cure. So you have to go for prevention.

To prevent these conditions we have to maintain your lifestyle. Proper lifestyle. Go for a, at least for half an hour of exercise. Exercise does not mean you have to go to the gym. You can just walk around. You can do a jogging. You can go for swimming. That will do that. Half an hour or one hour of exercise can keep your wait under check, which is very important. Don’t eat anything and keep your diet balance. It should not be too much non veg, too much veg, too much fatty food, too much sugar, you have to be careful. If you are on an office job , you have to reduce your diet.

But if you are an athlete and you are going for regular exercise you can have some Liberace in your diet. Second is that, don’t smoke. If you smoke, you are calling for lot of diseases. From cancer to the asthma to tuberculosis to anything you name it. Everything can be because of smoking, including diabetes and hypertension also. Third is that keep your weight under check. Fourth, is very important, follow the advice of the doctor. Because these blood pressures, diabetes. Cholesterol problems they are not going to be treated they have to under check, because prevention is better than cure.

What we have to prevent? First you have to prevent them, this diseases but if you get this diseases then you have to prevent the complications because those complications cannot be cured. Remember this. And those complications are dreaded complications. They will give you a lot of cost. They will make your life miserable, if not prolonged, if not shortened, okay. So you have to follow the advice of the doctor. Early age blood pressure and diabetes in 30’s or 40’s. So that in your later part of life is 55 or 60 years you will be happy, that is my point.

Follow the advice of doctor and keep your lives healthy. Thank you.

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