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Is GM Diet Actually Helpful In Losing Weight?

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Is GM Diet Actually Helpful In Losing Weight?

There are a lot of diets that are popular with people for a variety of reasons. Some of them are easy to sustain, some of them have instant effects and some of them have long-term effects. There are a few diets that combine all of these traits, and the GM diet happens to be one of them. The GM diet first appeared on the Internet about four years ago and has had a loyal group of followers since. 

Let's see what the GM diet is all about.

What is the GM Diet? 

The GM Diet is a seven-day diet plan which was supposed to have been created by General Motors for their employees. It was rumoured that they paid a hefty sum to a research lab to come up with the ultimate diet plan. But General Motors soon released a statement where they denied any involvement with the diet plan. But the name stayed on and the diet was soon circulated via emails and forums all over the Web and more people tried it out with different results.

Let's see what the diet looks like. 

  1. Day one of the GM diet begins with consumption of only fruits. Any fruits work except bananas. Water melons are highly recommended on day one. Day one is supposed to prepare your body for the rest of the week. 
  2. Day two has to start with a baked potato for breakfast. This gives you your morning dose of complex carbohydrates. Through the rest of the day, you have to eat raw or boiled vegetables and you can eat to your heart's content. You can also have vegetable soup. Make sure you avoid coconut and oil in the preparation. 
  3. On day three, you have to eat only fruits and vegetables. Avoid fruit juice or vegetable juice. Avoid the morning potato and avoid oil. Avoid bananas on this day. You can use herbs and natural taste-makers in your preparations. 
  4. Day four is a tough one. On this day, you may have only bananas and milk. You may have up to eight bananas and about 3-4 glasses of milk on this day. You can also have the special GM soup on this day, which helps break the monotony of the bananas and milk. Also, have up to 8-10 glasses of water on this day. 
  5. On day five, you can binge a bit. On this day you are supposed to have just lean beef and tomatoes. You can again eat as much as you like on this day. You can replace beef with lean chicken meat or a mix of vegetables like beans, lentils, and tofu. These replace the proteins you get from beef. Make sure you consume plenty of water. 
  6. On day six, you should have a mix of lean beef and vegetables. You can also have the GM Special Soup on day six. Vegetarians should have a mix of the vegetables from day five. You may also have sprouts in place of beef. 
  7. And on the seventh day, you can have brown rice, vegetables and fruits. Fruit juices are also allowed on this day. This wraps up the GM diet plan. You can return to your regular diet from the 8th day, albeit with caution. 

This diet is supposed to make you lose anywhere from one to five kilograms on the eighth day. The diet also plays a detox role by cleaning your body of its impurities. No alcohol is supposed to be consumed during the week. You are allowed to have tea and coffee, but you must avoid adding milk and sugar as this adds unnecessary calories. Also, ensure that you consume adequate water during the diet. Try and avoid working out while you are on this diet as it is possible you may experience fatigue.

Is the GM Diet Effective? 

Different people have had different experiences with the GM diet. While most people rave about the diet, some feel it is not effective in the long run. The GM diet helps you in losing between one to five kilograms by day eight. The diet is also important for detoxifying and cleaning your body of impurities and toxins. The GM diet has proven to be effective for quick weight loss.

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