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How to prevent Back Pain?

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MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, DNB Anaesthesiology, PDCC - Pain Management
Pain Management Specialist, Mumbai  •  12 years experience
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I’m Dr. Sidharth Verma and I will tell you in this video, about back pain and what to do if you have back pain. So, the back pain is fairly common and it affects most of us at some point in our lifetime. So, if it starts having pain in your back. By back, I mean upper, middle, or lower back. what would you do? If you have a pain for 2 to 3 months, then you did not go to the doctor immediately, you can also follow some simple steps and this can help you in getting relief from the back pain. These steps are first of all you should analyze whether have had any injury. Because injury means that there must be some sprain or strain or maybe some ligament tear or which has resulted in this pain because is a protective mechanism of the body. So, a body is trying to tell you there is something wrong somewhere so you have to pay attention to it. If you have a short-lived pain with the  injury then I strongly recommend that you should go to a doctor and get yourself examined.

This is especially true if you’re having other symptoms also like you are having some tingling or numbness or weakness or maybe some urine disturbances or maybe some other symptoms like severe pain which is intolerable. However if there is no history of injury and you are having a back pain which you think may be due to some stress or some strenuous exercise or you are not sure of due to what reason it’s happening then you may follow the steps which I will tell you and you can have a good amount of relief from your back pain. So, The first step is, we make a great mistake of resting as soon as we have back pain, so, by resting, I mean that we will often call our office and tell Okay I am not coming for 5, 7 days and maybe I will not even drive, not move. So, we immobilize ourselves but however this is not required in most of the cases as if the pain is muscular, it is likely to even worse by your immobilization or you’re giving a total rest to your back. So what to do if not to do a complete resting? So the first and foremost thing which you need to do is to correct your posture or your activity which has led to this back pain. So You can start by analyzing your daily posture, you can start with analyzing with our daily work, you can start by analyzing your diet if you are overweight you can start by analyzing your weight and then you can probably have a relief from this bask pain as well as preventing the worsening of your symptoms. Another possible thing which you can do or try at your home is and it’s very simple, you can improve your sleeping bed or where you sleep in the night. Often, I have seen patients that, they sleep on greatly cushioned bed and as soon as they lie down the mattress just compresses and they fell very fluffy and very nice, but it is not good for your back.your mattress should be hard enough, so, that it is now easily compressed and when you lie down on it. You can easily lie on it comfortably but it should not be very compressible.

This is important because you lie down your body and your mattress should be able to maintain the normal curves. Your back has normal curves so if you can maintain them while you are lying down you will be good and fine. Another common thing which you can do is to increase your water intake. If you are having a less water intake, then, you are dehydrated. You have more chances of worsening your back pain. Now come to some common painkillers which usually people take in their homes or in their offices or their workplaces if they have this back pain. These painkillers are drugs which actually meant to give you short-term relief from your pain and they should not be taken for a  prolonged period of time without medical advice. Although they are available over the counter, that means they are available to you without a prescription but you should better avoid them because excessive use may lead to harm and this may affect your systems like the renal systems and that is the kidneys or the hepatic system. So, what kind of painkillers can you possibly take? You can start with the paracetamol or crocin and the dose should be 650mg once a day. The role of this paracetamol is now very questionable and some people have advised that since it will not help in the long run. So, it should be better avoided. Another common drug which people take is are some sprays which consist of a drug known as declo-finnick the common brands names are Bellini, dr.gel, or dynapower, so, they actually defuse through your muscles or through your skin and then they reach your muscles and the surrounding tissues and they help to decrease the inflammation and help you relief from your pain. Another thing which you can try is if there is a strain or sprain or something. In acute condition like if you had an injury today and then you can apply cold on the region and if you had this problem say 3,4 days then you can try applying heat and this helps you to recover and there are certain things which you should take care of these things are there then you should immediately seek medical advice. These things are also known as red flags, so if you are having back pain and you are having any of these things then you should go immediately to the doctor. These include a fever and neck rigidity, that is stiffness in your neck muscle, any nausea, vomiting, any weakness in your lower limbs or any part of the body. If there is any urinary symptom or bladders symptoms we also call it and as well as any difficulty in passing the stools so if you if there is any seizure that is if the patients are having seizures then also you should immediately try and visit the nearest doctor. Now if you don’t do that then there are chances that the condition will increase and it will result in maybe increased damage over a period of time. To know more you can visit library website on, and you can also visit my website at Thank you.

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