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How To Deal With Headache?

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Dr. Harshita Sethi 92% (215 ratings)
MD - Ayurveda, CIY, Guru Shishya parampara, BAMS
Ayurvedic Doctor, Noida  •  22 years experience
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Hello! Myself Dr. Harshita Sethi. I am an ayurvedic physician, diet and lifestyle consultants.

Today I’m going to talk about common problem which is headache. We all experienced headache in our lifetime. It is very prevalent in all over the world. I have practiced in UK for 8 years and their I have also seen so many patients complaining about a headache.

We can classify headache in two different categories one when it comes in a full fledge form like migraines headache, sinus headache, cluster headache or tension headache and second when it is associated with some other underline cause like fever , hypertension , other eye refracted problems sinusitis, high intake alcohol and really intracranial tumors

I have seen headache running in the families . The people who have got more water in there body , who have got more water pre dominant body constitution , they tend to get less threshold so their nerves are little bit weaker . So as soon as they get the trigger,  their nerves start reacting or stimulating and they start getting headaches.  This trigger can be changed in routine, loud noise, change in temperature, change in heat or acidity, constipation etc. and there can be different kinds of pain which they can experience burning, throbbing, pulsating .

It could be pursing pain in Ayurveda also achariya‘s have mentioned different kind of headaches and very beautifully they have described this pain like a bhedak, sarak and lemon types of headaches are mentioned under shirorig by achariya- Shao sharod. So one variety is Wataj which is more related to gastric upset - when we have constipation we try to make more gas in our tummies,  then we tend have this wajach kind of shrerook .

Second is fitaaj - when we have acidity , then we have burning kind of headache . Then kafaaj shiroroo which is related to sinuses congestion or heaviness in head which happens to more accumulation of mucus. Then sunny pataj which is the mixture of all of them,  then there is raktaj variety, krimaj variety, shaiaj variety and ananat wata, arda bhedak, suriya wadh and shankath /

All these varieties are beautifully described in ayurvedic tests like anantwarta could be a correlated with, or dhao bedahak could be correlated with migraines clarity where we feel the headache pain in half side of our head is either right or left. It is written that it comes in 10 days or 15 days and there is another one suriyawrata which could be co related to sinusitis.

As the sun goes up , the pain goes high . As the sun comes down , then pain starts subsequently down so these are beautifully mentioned in ayurvedik text. Then there is another variety called shankhakh which happens in the terminal stages of cancer . Its usually difficult to treat but very beautifully mentioned in Ayurveda and different causes are mentioned in Ayurveda because once we know the cause , then we can treat according to cause and we can cure the disease. The causes could be long holding of natural urges then people are setting in the offices not going to the toilet at the right time , then they tend to develop a symptom when the people sleeping wrong posture when people take more cold drinks and food especially in night time then it could be one of cause we can say life style is not regulated.

There is no time to wake and sleep, then we tend to get shiro roga headache. Now we come to the chikitsa , so we have to treat the cause . Once we know the cause, whether its due to acidity constipation or stree full life, then we treat according to cause . We do various therapies , we do various ayurvedik formulation in the form of Decoption, tablets or liquids or powders and i tell my patients to do a very simple thing on daily basis which they can do at home or here we can do it center in the form of nasiyum therapy .

We put two drops of antails badataila shunbindtaula in the Noses tail which can nourish the nerves which can strength the nerves and i tell people you take almond oil when u know the headache is going to happen , u can put pressure on these marna points which can calm down your nerves and then nasiyum tharapy can be done 7, 8 times over here in any panchkana center and then this practice of anu taila intilation nostrils can be practiced on a daily basis at home . There are various herbs which we use like jhata mansi, molethi, wacha, jotish mati various kinds of oils we use in our chikitsa.

So, it is beautifully mentioned in ayurveda text so we can cure this problem and we can avoid this problem so you contact me through Lybrate or I practice ayurveda at two of my centers one is in noida another one is in gurgaon. So I run my practice with the awaidna ayurveda.

Thank you very much.

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